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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Unwavering LOVE

Words of Wisdom

Unwavering LOVE
Urgent Message

19th March 2011

Good morning everyone!

Please bear with me, it is almost 2am here and things have been happening that many may have not seen. I am not going to go into the details, however I will just say that a small ‘army’ of us warriors of the light are working tirelessly to uncover the truth and I can tell you we have evidence that we discovered which blows our mind! For the next few weeks this data is being gathered and we will then look at ways to fully expose the truth. In the meantime if you are interested in learning more, we are revealing a lot of it on facebook. Please follow me ‘Lee-Anne Peters’ ~ ‘Bill Ballard’ ~ ‘Love the Truth’
The information we are finding needs to get out, and to get out now, and that we are doing through facebook and anyone interested in receiving emails. You did not sign up for this newsletter for that type of stuff, so if you want to receive anything, please reply to this email or follow any of us on facebook!

Beaming LOVE & TRUTH unwaveringly from my HEART! Beam with me please...

Right now, it is very important to me that the truth be revealed, uncovered and exposed. the detective within me is being activated right now, and I am loving it.

I only went to bed 2hrs ago after spending around 6hrs gathering data as events were unfolding. Upon waking only minutes ago I was experiencing a very interesting dream. A dream that is very significant as I decipher its message or warning.

My dream was about my husband and I getting up in the middle of the night to find or look at something. The stars were out, yet there was an eerie silence. Like there was a lot was going on in the darkness, but nothing that we could see. We continued on. I was looking for a bathroom when we stumbled across two suspicious men around the back of a truck. They approached me and I called my husband over to stand with me. One was ok, the other proceeded to attack me, by scratching all over the tops of my hands. I was trying to protect myself, and then locked him in the bathroom. But I was capturing footage from something that happened in the past (according to my dream) and I knew he was building strength and would break through the door. The tops of my hands hurt, but I was determined to not allow these attacks to take place. I woke here to a knocking. I felt the tops of my hands and they were sore.

I then reflected, knowing it was a dream and suddenly I felt this huge beam of LOVE pour onto me. The most beautiful and serene LOVE and intense light beamed straight into my crown chakra, flowed down into my body and when it reached my heart it reflected out like a prism, as a rainbow in every direction. Then I realised, which is why I am awake and here typing to you now at 2.22am, that WE as a collective are so much stronger in our light and LOVE than whatever forces who are out there who seek control and world domination. Our combined LOVE, even our individual LOVE is incredibly strong otherwise they wouldn’t want to work so hard to suppress it.

If you are feeling strange, but cant explain why. If you are hearing about things – the truth, that may be hard for you to accept. If you feel out of alignment. Or maybe living more in fear than LOVE, then I have a few tips for you which I also received a short time ago from the beings of the light who are helping with this whole situation right now.

I was told and have been doing this automatically in these last few days anyway to keep smoky quartz with me. Heres the properties that we use for smoky quartz: Helps with elimination and detoxification at all levels. Relieves fear, lifts depression, brings calmness, positive thought. Treats radiation related illness or chemotherapy. Aids acceptance of body, strengthens virility, cleans base chakra. Grounds spiritual energy, neutralises negative energy and geopathic stress. Helps with nightmares, manifests dreams.

We have really stepped fully into survival mode. For many of us we are remembering ancient times when something very similar was happening. And those times didn’t turn out the best (Atlantis & Lemuria). We are on the edge, it could go either way, it is important to remain aligned with LOVE and Truth (as much truth as you can handle) and release all fear, that’s ALL fear!

The smoky quartz is helping us on so many levels, and I am sure you resonate with several from the list above. For me I feel like I am personally working with mine to help detox our planet from radiation, which includes people affected.

Another thing that I was told by spirit that is very important right now is the frequency of the earth, which is 7.8Hz and do everything we can, if this resonates to connect with this frequency. You can do this in several ways.
1.    I am working with my tuning fork which resonates with that frequency so I can hear it, and my aura / body picks it up.
2.    Chant OMmmmm.... any variety is fine. The OM is the same frequency of the earth.
3.    Spend some time in nature connecting, feeling and allowing. Take your shoes off and put your feet in the sand or dirt. Breathe in the beauty of that place.
4.    Work with your crystals for grounding to help you. Some include: smoky quartz, black tourmaline, tigers eye, petrified wood, red garnet etc... basically any stone you feel drawn to at the moment. Grounding ones (which are also very protective) are usually brown, black or red.
5.    Call forward your spiritual helpers to help you. Know they are there. Know they will keep you safe always. Know that they will help beam that high vibrational LOVE and light into your body so you can share it around the world with LOVE.

We are birthing Unity Consciousness. This is why it is so important that we consciously remain as aligned as possible right here and now. as I mentioned earlier, if the truth that is getting around is confusing or upsetting you, then don’t got there. You are better of not to know if it is worrying you, and remain aligned to LOVE. there are many of us working through this now, who are strong enough to remain aligned with LOVE, so don’t worry. If you ever want more information or feel ready, you will find ways to discover what you need to.

Everything I have mentioned above is a guide only, an urgent guide really otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here at 2.30am. but as always, please take on what feels right, and cast the rest aside. Be your own judge of what resonates by tuning into your body and trusting your intuition.

Please consciously remain as aligned possible with your heart at all times. This is sooo important.

No matter what happens, our banded warriors of light cannot be bought down. We are strong and hold strong in our LOVE. trust in this energy, and know that no matter what happens with you, no matter where you are, there is always someone sending LOVE... always! We are doing it right now for those who are struggling, and the same will be the case if roles were changed.

LOVE UNITES US ~ Fear divides us!!! Please choose LOVE LOVE LOVE...

More information will be shared when I feel the intuitive urge. I am also posting this in my new Words of Wisdom Blog. So please feel free to share any comments there or email me. BLOG

If you feel strong and detective like, like me and if you feel it is your duty to jump on board and help us uncover the truth, then please email me. Or learn more about what we are doing on facebook – link and details in top paragraph).

Breathe ~ slow down your breathing... breathe nice and slow and calmly... as the full mOOn beams from above, imagine it sending down to you the most amazing beams of LOVE imaginable. Your crown chakra may feel tingly right now as you tune into this energy vibration. Feel the beam of LOVE penetrate into your crown chakra and enter your body.

Breathe it in, allow it to soak into you and take whatever you require right now from this energy...draw another deep breath in and on the out breath see this light transform and prism into beams of rainbow light that extend from your heart in all directions... do this when you are ready... expand this rainbow light all around our planet. You also receive more LOVE from others beaming their LOVE out.

I am feeling an impulse right now to create a little You Tube meditation based on what I just shared. Check out my You Tube channel for the addition, HERE

Feel your being expand... feel yourself give and receive LOVE... We are doing this together... as Unity Consciousness! Step up to your Divine Role, follow your passions, your heart and your feelings... it is time!

Expressed with LOVE!

In wholeness and harmony,

Monday, 14 March 2011

Words of Wisdom - Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness

14th March 2011

Hello everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to connect with these words of LOVE to you. If you have been feeling flat or are struggling right now, please take some comfort from the energy here for you. You are not doing this alone, you have incredible love and support all around you. If anything contained within these words don’t resonate with you, just cast them aside, only absorb what does resonate and take what you require right now.

I certainly wouldn’t be telling you anything new if I announced that these times are very intense. I am sure you are no stranger to this. Since entering 2011 we have been experiencing waves upon waves of energies. Just when we feel we are having a rest for a few hours, they kick up again. Sometimes these waves of energy are overlapping which can quickly knock us out of balance or out of alignment.

Now more than ever before (and I have been saying this for several years now) it is so important to get back in tune with your body. Your body is such a finely tuned and sensitive instrument. Our body knows things often before we consciously do. When we are fully present with our body, then we are grounded and anchored into the now and we are completely in tune with our intuition or our internal guidance system. This is imperative right now. As many of us feel, and have felt for several months that we need to be prepared for survival mode (make sure we have some stocks of food, blankets, water etc), and many of us are questioning the agendas and greed from powerful corporations and institutions, as many of us see what is really going on below the surface. What is really happening when we turn of the television, turn off the mainstream media and turn off from the drama... we feel a world that is teetering on the edge. It really is time for us all to pull together, to gather our resources, to claim back our land, to claim back our rights as human beings.

A huge focus right now is Unity Consciousness, and this has gathered even more strength and ‘togetherness’ since the 11th of March 2011. Many have slipped into the usual reaction of fear, however, I have seen more people than ever before Unite and try really hard to move from fear and into LOVE. Moving consciously from fear to LOVE takes commitment and perseverance, and that is what you are doing. There’s no need to be hard on yourself if you catch yourself fearing or worrying... and when you are aware that you are doing this, then you have the power... YES YOU HAVE THE POWER within you to stop that destructive thought and replace it with LOVE. Or consciously direct your focus back to your heart. You are so much more powerful than you may give yourself credit. And together – as Unity Consciousness we have the power to amplify this LOVE through our intentions into something so miraculous, so harmonious and perfectly in line with how we want to live, how we truly choose to live on this planet right now. Are your thoughts, words and actions in line with how you want to live on this planet right now? Focus on remaining aligned with your truth and LOVE.

Many have been feeling that what is currently occurring in Japan goes beyond what we see with our eyes. I am sure this is true and will be fully revealed in the perfect moment. Some are feeling the inner urge to explore this, which is great and others not, which is fine too. as long as we are always in alignment with our intuition, truth and LOVE, then we will continue to co-create perfect moments.

A lot of us are feeling the need to rest our bodies, while others of us are feeling boundless creative energy. I must say I am in the later space. I feel that we, yes WE are birthing the new earth right now. This is why it is so important to pay real attention to what you are thinking, saying and doing... WE are co-creating our planet.. the slate is clean... what would we LOVE our earth to be? Consider this for a moment...

Join hands with us all, as those who feel physically weak right now are held in the support and strength of those of us who feel strength. Those who are sad are held in support and LOVE by those who feel happy. This is Unity Consciousness, we ARE co-creating together. Gone are the thinking ‘small’ thoughts about ourselves. It’s time to stand together, United as One heart in One Love in United Consciousness. By being conscious I mean that we are awake... we live and breathe truth, we are fully present in the now, we live completely from our heart, we stand tall in our power as individuals, joining together as the power of the Unity Consciousness.

If you find that you become concerned about areas of the world struggling.. send LOVE... Here are a few things I shared this week on my facebook Temple of Balance page:

Are you prepared? If you have been feeling the inner urge to stock up on some food, or that you must do 'whatever' for your survival, make sure you trust your internal guidance! Yes, it may not effect everyone directly, however many ARE being effected directly, we see it! Get back to basics, simplify your life and know that no matter what happens people who are doing ok are thinking of you and sending you LOVE, just as we are for Japan and others right now! Make a conscious shift from fear into LOVE... UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS is emerging now! LOVE

Don't allow yourself to be pulled down right now... we MUST UNITE in our strength of Mastery and Creation! Breathe long and slow... and ignite your creative passions within you... This is it! The slate is clean, we ARE creating now!

Some ideas to help you re-ALIGN... why? Almost immediately after the earthquake in Japan yesterday I felt the axis shifted, now today we get many confirmed reports that changes have taken place within our planet. This can knock us energetically off balance, and quite easily...

Here are some ideas I have to help you re-align again:

1. Gather a crystal or two, especially clear quartz, these help align us to the vibration of the planet and the universe, aligning us.

2. Turn off the news, find something to focus on that nurtures you or that makes you feel good. Our ego mind can easily pull us into the drama and this automatically knocks us out of balance!

3. Light a candle, light some incense / smudge stick, soak up some sunshine or some time in nature. Feel how lucky you are right now, and how blessed you are with so many miracles in your life.

4. If you have a drum... DRUM... I can feel mine calling me now and am about to drum... I feel this connection with the drum and the earth and this feels important to me.

5. Breathe ~ Allow ~ Flow... always trust your inner guidance... if you need to prepare for your survival, if this feels important to you, then do it! Others may call you crazy, but who cares? Onlyhours before the earthquake my hubby and I did some food stocking up. Your heart knows... feel it!

6. Be creative ~ move your body, exercise, draw, listen to music, cook, write, whatever stirs that raw creativity in your life, take action with it...

WE are literally RIGHT NOW birthing our new earth, the way we want it to be... I am finding that my CREATIVITY is being stirred incredibly right now... and I really feel it is because we are in the birthing phase... WE ARE THE MASTER CREATORS OF OUR LIFE!

Written, Shared & Copyright by Lee-Anne Peters