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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Getting into Alignment!

Getting into Alignment!

31st July 2011


Thank you so much for connecting with these words and energies in this moment. These are hugely powerful moments right now, and I trust you are staying as aligned and balanced as possible. Remember our body holds important keys that help us get back into balance.

In honour of the launch of my 2nd book tomorrow, I have decided to share a snippet from Chapter 17 – Time Acceleration! I trust you enjoy it and it helps you in some way;

‘The illusion of separation is one of the biggest blocks for humans; this feeling of being separate from self, separate from others and separate from source. This separation propelled us into a quest to find our Self, however we would never find it, because we were looking outside of self. Others took advantage of this questing, and offered their gold decorated pedestals for you to gaze up at. They threatened you with punishment and judgment and constantly fed that separation imprint within the depths of your being. They made you all sit together and study the same way. They made you get into debt to feed your desire for more; which represented that which was lacking within.

This feeds your issues of separation while taking your power away from you. Why did this person treat me like this, or why did that happen? This is looking at separation from a ‘why me’ viewpoint, usually from your lower mind. This creates more splits within us, as we become even more disconnected from self; thus, feeding our separation issues.

When I was working intensely with my separation issues several years ago, I found a connection with my lifelong skin allergies and my fears of separation. Travelling back in time I remembered when my mother and father separated, I remembered when I had been separated from my Twin Flame – the eternal mirrored aspect of my Self, I recalled being separated from my home in the stars, and ultimately being separated from the creator. This was huge and was playing out in my life at the time, as I was noticing separations everywhere; in songs, numbers, people and situations. These all reflected to me that I had to work on my separation fears and issues and reconnect back with my Self. At first it was challenging, but then it became easier and easier. I learnt how to trust my body and flow with what felt right in the moment. I did a lot of surrendering and releasing and was restructuring myself from deep within my physical body, my mind and my emotions. I was completely changing who I was by healing my separation wounds. As the illusionary gaps and splits were being sealed and fused together, I was beginning to claim ALL of me back again.’ Aligning with the Speed of Light – A Guide to Ascension!

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Guidance from our friends in spirit

Created by: Lee-Anne Peters

Maria ~ Accept

‘Love and accept who you are. Love and acknowledge your inner and outer beauty. Self acceptance will help heal and resolve present relationships or ones from the past that may be challenging you at the moment (any relationship is a connection with someone; partner, child, parent, co-worker etc).’ Lee-Anne

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Tips to help you this week:
·        Listen to your body
·        Avoid toxins
·        Become the observer
·        Focus on Union / Healing Separations
·        LOVE who you are!

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'Let the rules go, let the habits go, let the running to time go. You can do this. It will challenge everything you ever knew or learned about your reality, but it is imperative that you get back in control of your life and to do this your body holds the key.'
Lee-Anne Peters | Aligning with the Speed of Light (book)

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Happy Aligning with the Speed of Light!

Founder of: Temple of Balance

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Aligning with the Speed of Light ~ Book Launch!!

It’s time to get up to Speed; and Align with the Speed of Light! Aligning with the Speed of Light was created to help you get into Absolute Alignment!

Aligning with the Speed of Light is written by Lee-Anne Peters; Visionary Artist, Motivational Teacher, Intuitive Healer and the author of Temple of Balance the book. Aligning with the Speed of Light is packed to the brim with Truth and Integrity, while magically interwoven with Love. Lee-Anne reminds us that we all have the ability to ascend in this lifetime as she offers practical ways to help you remain centered and balanced during the present time on Earth.

An easy-to-understand book covering fascinating topics such as:
* Simplifying & Clearing the Clutter in Your Life!
* Awaken Your Creativity & Your Lightbody!
* Time Acceleration & the End of Karma!
* Removing Fear & Replacing it with Love
* Activating your Heart while Balancing Your Chakras!
* Tapping into the Universal Mind & Following Your Dreams!
* The Ascension of Humans & The Earth!
* Learn how to Enhance Your Energy Levels
* Connect with the Stars and the Gateway of 11:11!
* Taking Your Place within Unity Consciousness
* Great Exercises to help you and so much more...

If you have been searching for assistance to reach  a deeper understanding of Ascension and Healing while maintaining your Personal Power & Truth, then ‘Aligning with the Speed of Light’  is a great place to find the wisdom you may have been craving.

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