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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Twin Flame Q&A

Twin Flame Q&A
By Lee-Anne Peters

Twin Flames: Lee-Anne & Cory Peters
I am no stranger to the Twin Flame concept, in fact if you don’t know already my Twin Flame and I found each other a few years ago. We have an expanded purpose to help others in this area - however it’s not something we can focus a lot of time on these days. For us our larger calling right now is to help people let go, fall back in LOVE with who they are and follow their passions in life.

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Below I am going to answer some questions I have received recently about Twin Flames. I will do my best to answer, and these answers will ALWAYS be based on my experience, so please trust what you feel as my answer will be a guide for you only. If you would like to expand on anything or share your thoughts, please comment below.

Q. My heart is also longing for Love. How can I know, if my Twin Flame partner is alive in body during my life time? How can I find him?

A. I know too well of this longing for love, and you know it’s quite interesting because when I first felt this deep knowing that another part of me was out there, I convinced myself that he was in spirit. I am sure it was because I was fairly happily married at the time with two children. So I sort of ignored it and it was easier for me to pretend that this aspect was in spirit at the time. I did my best to get on with my life. I continued to expand my love for everything I did and follow my passions in life. To answer your question, I feel it is hard to know. I do feel that deep in our hearts we would know, but in many cases we might talk ourselves out of those knowings or experience wishful thinking. Your Twin Flame and you will find each other at the perfect intersection of your lives and not a moment earlier. You can even know your Twin Flame as a friend or acquaintance and still not know they are the one until that perfect moment. Listen to Dawn’s story on my Twin Flame Radio show last year! The more you search and come from that space of NEED the more likely you are to push the energy away. 

The BEST thing you can do is live EVERY moment like you are together, follow your passions, continue to let go of your old stuff and confidently step each step in your life.

Q. What is the difference between Twin Flame and Soul mate partner and how do I know which I could wish for myself during this lifetime?

A. Basically in my understanding a TWIN FLAME is an equal aspect of you. At some point when your spirit left the creator it split into two aspects of the ONE. There are many Twin Flames incarnating on earth at this time. Many people are reconnecting with their Twin Flame mostly to help anchor Heaven on Earth, but also to complete their earthly mission. The SOUL MATE is usually a relationship we have with anyone (gender, age etc) and these two people have come together to heal karmic based issues. The Soul Mate is usually more karmic based and can include many in one lifetime (Soul mates do not have to be lovers at all). The Soul Mate relationship will likely be more hot / cold, the people will press each other’s buttons and as painful as this type of relationship can be, it is an excellent opportunity for expansion for the souls involved – if they choose.

The Twin Flame relationship is one of equality, balance, respect and acceptance more than either has ever felt before. There is a deep connection on EVERY level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. There are different frequencies or vibrations of the Twin Flame, however I don’t need to delve into this deep topic now.

Q. If you have the spiritual connection and know your TF's energy, how can you tell who the person is in 3D?

A. This can be very tricky. Especially if we are slightly ‘desperate’ as anyone showing ‘aspects’ of our Twin Flame can turn that heart of ours on and have us convinced this person is our flame. We do have Twin Flame aspects that I have seen will manifest in someone’s life as more like a part Twin Flame. These souls contain a massive ‘part’ that reminds us of our Flame, however, in many cases this person is in no way connected to our Twin Flame. I feel this happens to help us open up deeper to Love and to heal some wounds that need clearing before reconnection with the True Twin Flame. 

Q. How can I understand, if I have met a person that I feel strong link - are we due to be partners? Are we soulmates or twinflames? 

A. The ‘link’ you will have with your Twin Flame is unquestionable. As my Twin Flame likes to say – if you have to ask, the person is not your Twin Flame! The knowing is so strong and so clear that you would change your whole life to connect with this person and they will feel completely the same. We can have strong links with Soul Mates, however at some point usually these relationships (if romantic) don’t go anywhere or a barrier between you will be revealed over time. 

On closing...
For anyone who has never experienced it, the knowing you may imagine to be like the knowing that the sky is blue – however it is so much deeper than that! The knowing is nothing you can describe to anyone, there are no words for it. It comes from an unquestionable part within that is all-knowing and knows more than any doubt, any insecurity and any fear anyone could have. If you haven’t experienced this, then the chances of you being with your true Twin Flame could be slim. However, remember spirit LOVES to play games and may have you be friends with your Twin for many years before you Remember your LOVE. The story will be unique, different and perfect for everyone, so please TRUST your inner guidance and the calling of your heart. Remember LOVE is all encompassing and is not blind. The deep LOVE felt between Twin Flames bursts forth from them and out to others and the world!

Twin flame clearing....
Two souls connected, Two souls who know,
Two souls whose purpose is, To find each other and glow.
Between you is a cord, that connects you through and through,
For a while this cord lay dormant, waiting for the perfect moment to pursue.

Your other part of self, that your soul is searching for,
Could be at the other side of the world, or tomorrow come knocking at your door.
However your destined meeting is, be sure and know this to be true.
That when your eyes meet and your hearts unite, you’ll know this is soul is the only one for you.

Allow your self to remember, of that one who holds you tight.
That one who truly understands you, and makes your entire being know it’s right.
Back in your time of separation, when love was all you sort.
But in the waves and waves of pain, this love began to distort.

The pounding seas crashed down, on that pure heart of yours.
As you sat within the boat, frantically searching for the oars!
Time began to take its toll, whilst crashing through the waves.
Always searching blindly for, the one you gave away.

Know within your heart of hearts, you had to experience the journey.
So you could both come back full circle, and find where you held the key.
The journey was long and painful, there’s no denying of that fact.
Your heart so cold and lonely, for the one you made a pact.

The connection never went, it never faded in the dark.
No matter how distant you may seem, you have never truly been apart.
Open your heart again, for the time is upon you now.
For the re-membering of the love, who long ago you took a vow.

You vowed you’d find each other again, no matter what obstacles in your way.
And one day, followed by your heart, this soul is here to stay.
United at last, beyond all things, the love you feel so strong.
For this was all because, no one can ever break your love bond.

Let your hurt and pain go, expand your heart and your knowing.
Fully surrender and trust that where you are right now, is just where you need to be going.
Clear all obstacles in the way, find a way around and over them.
Take action when you’re guided to, allow all old hurts to mend.

When the hurt and pain drop away, and the time is absolutely right.
You will be held tight in the arms again, and you can hold with all your might.
Whether the time is perfect to hold your love, right now or long ago.
Know in spirit love remains, that connection is never broken.

If one is ready and the other is not, this breaks the hearts of those,
For their choice has been to deal with pain, until the thorn turns into rose.
Then two hearts unite as One, together in perfect union.
A knowing, a trust, a feeling beyond words, that brings absolute free – dominion.

Together at last, the suffering gone...
Stand up, stand tall, this is YOU.
Two souls merged as ONE,
Your reconnection has just begun....
©Lee-Anne 1/6/09

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping you love and accept who you are and striving towards your passions in life. Recently interviewed on ABC Radio, cover of Spirit Magazine and in numerous newspapers, Lee-Anne is highly driven and is a Goddess out on the leading edge! Learn more about Lee-Anne and her work at


  1. I enjoyed reading your experience in finding your twin flame but I have to disagree a little with the fact that there will be no doubt when meeting your twin flame. I met my twin flame a year and a half ago and had no idea who he was. After a few meetings of course there became a very intense feeling of knowing him. I believe that my soul knew him from the beginning but that my conscious heart blocked it out. I have been seeing an angel therapist who has confirmed that he is indeed my twin flame. I have been on the fast track of an eye opening spiritual awakening that has consumed my life. It is so hard for me to believe that this can be happening to me. That I could actually have this much love and connection to someone. So, I have to say, that if you have never heard of the term twin flame,which I had not, you might not know exactly what has happend. I believe that the divine works on each person differently and each person will come into their own truth and spiritual wakening when the time is right...

  2. Mine is currently mad at me. I don't know why. I have felt nothing but genuine care and love towards the person. He has a lot of anger within. I pray for him that he heals. He is always on my mind and the chemistry is like no other I've experienced.

    1. You're in the 'Runner and Chaser' stage of your reconnecting. He will run if he still has baggage so you have to be patient with him. He will eventually be ready to move on to the next stage with you after he's come back.

    2. I'm sorry but there is no such thing as a "Runner and Chaser" stage. The sooner people stop trying to assign such nonsense to twin flame connections the better off they will be. Real twin flames would never do something so ridiculous. "Runner and Chaser" and any similar trendy term came from people that have no clue what twin flames are, and are used by people that have no clue what twin flames are.

  3. This TF poem is so beautiful and resonates with me so much. If I could write poetry this would reflect my experience exactly. I really needed to read that this morning. Have marked it to favorites to read every morning. Blessings to you!

  4. Thankyou for the beautiful poem on Twin Flames .Thankyou .

  5. I agree a lot of people meet their twinflame with so many doubts but deep down they know it to be true. She knew who her twinflame was but it's pretty clear she can't speak for everyone no one would come accords the term twinflames if they weren't on the twinflame journey where there is fuel there is fire

    Also her articles tend to be controversial so I'm not surprised

  6. There can be plenty of doubt
    The whole point is you have a lesson to learn you are on a 5th dimensional journey the twinflame journey has a infinite knowing the connection is always there but that doesn't mean you don't doubt there current emotions you know the connection is there 1000%

    But that doesn't mean when there is emotional discord because of old wounds that there might not be a longing for someone else to be your twin because of pain