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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How to turn your Brilliant Idea into a Book!

How to turn your Brilliant Idea into a Book!
By Lee-Anne Peters

Last week I released my fourth publication in one year – my third book – all self-published! I am officially hooked on book writing and have three more being written now. 

There really is no stopping me! Below I will share the first steps to turning your vision into a book!

I am certainly no expert, however I do have experience and am continuing to get experience in this every day, and I have been inspired to help as many aspiring authors as possible through mentoring, creating seminars and blog articles like this. I also have a facebook page – Inspiration as you write your book – which you may be interested in!

Signing your own book is VERY exciting!

Where to start? Well, your idea will be the place where your vision is sparked. When you have this idea write it down, get everything that comes forth out onto paper, into your journal or on the computer.

Then you will decide what you will do with it... is it something you want to take to the next platform – would you like to see this vision in print?

If you would LOVE to hold your book in your hands then there are a few things you can do to help you not get too overwhelmed!
* Make a chapter outline of your idea
* Follow your idea through into the action phase
* Ask for help or seek a mentor if you need extra encouragement
* Refer to your favourite books to see how they lay it out, where they put things etc

I personally like to write my books in a Microsoft word document. I usually have an ideas, book outline file, and then I have my MASTER file where I write the actual book.

This journey is fun and very empowering. Remember though that many people don’t follow through and their idea falls by the wayside. If you are serious, remain focused and take action, you will likely enjoy reading your own book in no time!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is the author of three books: Temple of Balance the book, Aligning with the Speed of Light and From Lack to Abundance. She is also the author & illustrator of Temple of Balance Oracle Cards. Lee-Anne is passionate about her work and LOVES helping upcoming authors through various tools available. You can explore Lee-Anne’s publications at her publishing website:
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