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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Holding your centre during a drama storm!

Holding your centre during a drama storm!
By Lee-Anne Peters

Being caught in the drama, or in the storm in our lives can be an everyday occurrence for many people.  Either pulled in by others or maybe even creating the drama ourselves (often unknowingly) can have tension strong, stresses high and sometimes communications running extremes – from excessive negative verbal attacks to no words said at all – the silence treatment comes to mind. Usually during the silence treatment our minds are so active with negative thoughts, assumptions and attacks, that it really can affect people around us and ourselves. 

So how can you hold your centre during drama storms?

To hold your centre, you must first GET INTO CENTRE! When you are centred, you are also grounded and balanced – are you feeling any of these right now? Have you ever felt centred? If not, can you imagine what it would feel like to be centred?

Breathe to find and hold your centre!
Energetically, we have a major source of energy that runs up and down our centre, or our spine. Some people call this the kundalini and it runs in alignment with our seven major chakras. One of the best ways to get you focused on becoming centred again is your breath. Breathing consciously and imagine drawing the breath up from the souls of your feet, up through your body to your crown... and then back down and out through the souls of your feet. Some people struggle to visualise this, so just do the best you can.

Sometimes our mind and aura are so clogged up with negative thoughts and debris that some aura cleansing may be helpful first. To do this you can use your imagination, however using incense or a smudge stick can do the trick (alternatively, a feather, leaf, crystal, your hand etc). Now sweep the smoke over your aura, and pay special attention to the area around your head if you feel mentally pressured or negative right now. Breathe deeply and let your worries go.

Stand tall and feel your feet on the floor, and now attempt the deep breaths again up and down your centre. If you feel you want to, you may like to stand out under the sun, or the moon and feel the elements in nature help clear your worries away and recentre your being. The wind can also be helpful as it can blow away things that are holding us back or that create burden.

Allow the elements to help you!
Retreating and stepping back from a drama storm can be beneficial too, so see how you personally feel. When you feel calmer you will need to do your best to HOLD YOUR CENTRE. This can be a challenge if you are living in a dramatic situation or constantly around people or situations that pull you in. However, you can hold your centre and stay within the ‘eye’ of the storm.

One of the best ways to do this is to monitor your energy and your thoughts. As soon as you start feeling ‘drawn in’ – step back, draw some deep breaths and maybe pop a protective crystal or other tool in your pocket. Be careful not to get caught into a verbal attacking, but to hold your personal power and your truth and respond instead of react. Unless you have your own insecurities you will not need to justify or defend yourself – so do your best to pay attention to what is going on in your mind, body and emotions and explore anything further that comes up for you – as in for yourself healing.

If you require help letting go, please scan through my blog articles as there have been a few of these over the past few months.

Do your best to hold your centre, however if you lose it from time to time, then don’t be too hard on yourself. Just learn from your actions or inactions and continue to stand forth in your truth. Remember to be a living and breathing example of truth doesn’t mean you have to convert everyone to your way of thinking. Your truth will be expressed through your words, your listening and your actions, those who want to hear it will!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is the author of three books including Aligning with the Speed of Light – a wonderful book to help you align with your truth and the high energies right now on our planet. Learn more at
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  1. Lee-Anne, this is a timely message. A recently had a verbal altercation with someone who I saw commit a crime and lie about it. I stood up for the victim and stood my ground and it became one big quagmire. I have been working on releasing the anger, pain and hurt that I felt over the unethical actions of others. I realize that I am only hurting myself when I hold onto anger and replay it in my mind. This article reminds me to stay focused on my truth and to remain calm and level-headed in the process. Thanks so much. Tamara

    1. I am so glad it has been helpful for you Tamara ~ Thank you for sharing and all the best :) Lee-Anne

  2. Hi, I just read this message again today. Boy oh boy did I need to read it again. Thank you so much for your kind words of wisdom. Something was bothering me a few moments ago and I logged onto the computer to write in my journal. I don't know how this blog post showed up on my screen, but it did. Now I know why! I thank our Mother and the Angels of power for giving me a message that I need at the right time for me. Blessings, love and light. Tamara :)