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Sunday, 6 May 2012

A twist of LOVE & a squeeze of EXPANSION!

A twist of LOVE & a squeeze of EXPANSION!
By Lee-Anne Peters

Full Moon in Scorpio - 5:5:2012
What has been happening? Did the world shift overnight? I personally have been feeling a climax of energy building for the past six weeks and overnight – during the 5:5:5 alignment (5th May 2012) and the full mOOn something happened!! I am not the only one it seems, I am already receiving many reports of a shift!! Here’s what I am feeling...

I am feeling that the collective energy has taken a lift up to a new volume! This new volume is a jump in energy vibration for the collective WHOLE! Some people will be sensing this consciously and some unconsciously – either way it doesn’t matter. What this jump is specifically is not important, what is important right now is INTEGRATION and anchoring this heightened energy into our body and life – to really bring Heaven to Earth or Spirit to Matter.

There are so many different ways for you to integrate, anchor or ground energy and it will ultimately be governed by your body and your sensitivity to subtle energies.

Oak Tree Balancing its growth with its root system!
Why is integration so important? Imagine an old Oak tree that is growing its branches out and expanding further – if this same tree wasn’t equally balanced in its root system then it would topple over. The same can be said for us human BE-ings – we must focus on our connections to the physical, the earth, the moment to bring those higher vibrations here and to balance our BE-ing.

Our body is our biggest gift for integration and should never be ignored. Your body will likely want to eat more food, sleep more, exercise more or rest more when you are integrating energy into your life. Trust, honour and listen to your body and do your best to follow through if you are able.

Some integration / grounding tips:
* Gardening
* Housework – doing it mindfully and paying attention to every move you make
* Meditation – with intention to ground
* Crystals, Healing Energy cards, other tools – can be very helpful and can assist you to integrate energy into your life
* Being creative – crafts, cooking, art, music, dancing etc will help bring those higher energies into your life
* Spend time with people who make you feel good – can be very nourishing
* Exercise or body movement – helps you celebrate your body and your life, which in turn brings the energy into the physical

These are just some general ideas, but always trust what your body feels.

I feel that what is happening now is not just occurring as a raise in frequency for humanity, but also our earth. So this integration focus (if you feel inclined) will not only help you and others, but also our earth during this time of change. You see, we (as humans) along with animals and plants are ‘in charge’ of bringing those stellar and galactic energies down from the ethers and bringing them into the planet herself! Are you ready for the focus?

Please share your full moon, 5:5:5 or integration stories in the comments below. I look forward to reading them.

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is very sensitive to energy and often brings through information from out on the leading edge. You can learn more about Lee-Anne and her work at
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