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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 12 May

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 12 May – Sydney time (GMT+10)

Today’s Special

Temple of Balance the book – Seconds sale!

We have about a dozen second’s copies of Temple of Balance the book to offer to you at a discounted price!

Regular retail price is AUD$24.95 / Second Sale price is AUD$17.95 – Included is FREE shipping worldwide!! 

Please note: these books are only seconds because they may have a mark, spot, small scratch on the cover. The content is still perfect – it’s just on the surface!

“Easy to read and relate to, Temple of Balance the Book showcases a treasure trove of information and wisdom from Lee-Anne's personal experience. Her grounded, heart-centered spirituality is a gift to the world. Inspiring and uplifting, it will encourage the reader to step into the light of their own truth, or bolster them on the path they already walk.”  Kristin Radtke, USA

Temple of Balance the book is Full of Practical exercises and tools to help empower you and bring more peace, freedom and balance into your life!

From stay-at-home mum to a well respected visionary artist, healer and teacher, Lee-Anne is the founder of Temple of Balance and has been passionately serving our planet and people around the world since 2005.

Written by Lee-Anne Peters, an author releasing her first book, ‘Temple of Balance the book’ contains a passionate woman’s approach to life and the subtle realms of spirit, as Lee-Anne embarks on the greatest journey of her life! Are you ready to be inspired?

Lee-Anne takes you on her journey and talks about various exciting topics, including;
* Building her online self-help business!
* Working with subtle energy, colours, sound, the chakras, crystals and your hands for self healing!
* Learn tools to help you let go of the past and live more fully!
* Connect with Lee-Anne’s wisdom and experience regarding Twin Flame relationships!
* Discover ways to keep yourself grounded and balanced.
* Reconnect with and learn how to listen to your body.
* Including TEN life changing practical exercises to empower you!
* And so much more...

If you have been looking for inspiration and help to get back on track in your life, or to reach a deeper spiritual understanding then ‘Temple of Balance the book’ is the book for you!

How to order your copy:
Payment can be made now through our webpage HERE – Payment will not be accepted any other way. Payments are only accepted through paypal – immediate payment is required. 

Temple of Balance the book details:
ISBN: 978-0-9870708-0-7
Title: Temple of Balance the book: Are you ready to be inspired?
Author: Lee-Anne Peters
First Release: 30th May 2011
Page count: 190
Size (height, width, spine): 20.5cm, 13cm, 1cm
Weight: 231grams
Please forward your question after payment (reminder: you don’t HAVE to provide one) to

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping you love and accept who you are, while following your passions for life! You can learn more about Lee-Anne at
{From Lack to Abundance – Local Book Launch! { 6 days to go } By author, Lee-Anne Peters this little book will help align you with abundance immediately! Shambles Bookshop launch, Sorell, Tasmania – Fri 18th May at 6pm LEARN MORE – Order your copy of this book online at or in good & new age shops across Australia}

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