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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Just Keep Swimming - 18th Feb 2012

‘Just Keep Swimming’
18th February 2012 


Good morning!

Such interesting twists of energy are occurring. I am seeing big trends in these past days and felt the urge to share with you, and as always, I trust these urges, for even if these words help someone in some way, then it has been worth it.

The words; perseverance, determination and focus have been very loud and clear for many who I have spoken with, and even for myself. As many feel as if we have been travelling for eons and that our destination is still so far away. 

When we climb a mountain and we first start our trek, we have enthusiasm, drive and plenty of energy to get a good start. Then our attention can become distracted as we start to get tired. So we take a little rest to charge ourselves up, and then we journey forth a little further. We continue to do this, and then after some time we start having thoughts of giving up and of stopping before reaching the destination. Enthusiasm dies and we sometimes become overwhelmed by the prospect of ‘a little further.’ These past days I am seeing many at this stage, ready to pack their bags and retreat back down the mountain, admitting defeat.

However there is a strong force of energy that is helping pick us up, showing us glimpses of the future and that destination we are so passionately striving for. Renewal in energy and motivation is picking up as we sort through our baggage, leave what needs to be left and bring forth that which can help us. We are lightening our load and gathering a new drive and passion to see this through till the end. The hardest part of a mountain climb is just before we reach the peak.

Don’t give up, don’t admit defeat... join us all in seeing this through and joining ALL in celebration when we reach the top! These words may represent many things in your life. Maybe your Earth Mission, maybe something you are working on manifesting in your life right now or perhaps something else. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ this is, it is about standing tall, recharging your batteries, taking action to increase your enthusiasm again and then stepping forth. 

Procrastination will not help you right now – establish your goals again, re-determine what it is you want to achieve, make plans if you need to and then follow through. It’s through ACTION that we get things done. It’s not through waiting for others to make a move, or waiting for others to save us. We need to step up to the starting line again completely focused, refreshed and determined and then take ourselves to the finish line.

I know you can do it, I know you can drop your old pain and baggage, to reassess what’s important to you, refocus and follow through with action. If you need to speak to someone to help express your hesitations, then please do... conversation and open communication about these things is likely to align you back onto track – I have seen this several times this week. Look around for people who you can talk to and act upon those thoughts you have. 

Stand tall – Be you – Act now – Take a bow!

'I hold my stance, I hold my gaze - I am determined to see past this phase!' Lee-Anne

You are doing fabulous work – keep it up!

Infinite LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Temple of Balance Membership - Month THREE

Temple of Balance Subscriptions
Month THREE of Memberships

Hi everyone!

Here is month three’s update, with more details about what is within each membership for this month. Within these messages are detailed descriptions about meditations, audio recordings, video and writings that are included in specific subscriptions this month.

Please look for direct links to them all as they come forth on this webpage:

This update will always be in alignment with you whenever you are within month three of your Temple of Balance Subscription! 

The general focus around month three of the membership is CONNECTION. 

Let’s look at each membership closely:

1. Healing Temple Membership (AUD$5.99p/m) – Includes; one unique healing meditation:
This meditation will take you on a journey into a Sacred room of white, where you are greeted by Archangel Raphael, who helps you let go and surrender feelings of disconnection, separation, loneliness etc from every area of your life. You spend some time with him and then take a special journey after you have released those pressures. This is a very freeing and healing meditation focused around your connections. This meditation is partially guided and has beautiful gentle music in the background, and lasts for over 27 minutes. (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 3rd  month membership)

2. Nourishing Temple Membership (AUD$11.11 p/m) – Includes; one unique nourishing meditation AND one nourishing video message:
The meditation aspect of this subscription will take you on a journey of healing and acceptance of your physical body, your emotions, your mind and your spirit. You are encouraged to bring these aspects of you together in all of your activities and actions; a journey of Self Connection with partial meditation guidance and gentle music in the background to nourish you. Your connections are likely to feel enhanced from this meditation! This meditation goes for 32minutes. (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 3rd  month membership)

The nourishing video for this month is especially focused around separation, and moving through separation and into connection / wholeness / oneness. It’s through this focus and the increasing of your personal power that you strengthen your connections in every area of your life. Includes an exercise to help you release your separations and increase your personal power. This video length is just shy of 17mins (This video arrives on day 14 of your 3rd  month membership)

3. Motivational Temple Membership (AUD$16.66 p/m) – Includes; one unique motivational audio recording; one motivational video message AND one writing words of motivation.
The motivational audio recording comes to you as an MP3 recording. I share with you for 17 minutes with a specific focus on connections and connecting with spirit. I talk about meditation, your connection cord, and the vastness of connections into every area of your life. We talk about the crown chakra and separations that may come forth for you. (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 3rd  month membership)

In the motivational video I talk about and highlight areas in your life where you may feel disconnected and using that information to bring about a feeling of connection. We explore, blocks physically, emotionally, with your creativity, sexuality, personal power, love, communication, trust, intuition, and spirit! This video length is 17 minutes. (This video arrives on day 9 of your 3rd  month membership)

The motivational writings are focused around being ‘plugged in’ and how you can stay as connected as possible through out your everyday life. (This writing arrives on day 21 of your 3rd month membership)

4. Multi Dimensional Membership (AUD$25.25 p/m) – Includes; Everything from above (1,2,3)

As you journey through your membership this month, please keep notes in your journal and do everything you can to clear those mind thoughts that are holding you back from living happily, freely and abundantly!

Please send any content questions to

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
Wednesday 15th February 2012

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Emotional Shifts - 14th Feb

Emotional Shifts
14th February 2012 


Thank you for connecting with these words today. I trust you receive something useful to reflect on that is right for you. If you are struggling right now, please take some comfort from these words.

The energy over these past weeks has been waving in and out, but I feel for many of us we have been in the slow moving and feeling flat phase. During this phase it is beneficial to step into the flow and feeling of your body, while doing your best not to be at conflict with the energy. Many subtle or behind the scenes energies are lining things up for us as individuals and as a collective consciousness – so times of integration and anchoring (aka: slow moving times) are needed. 

There is a strong emotional energy present at the moment - I can feel it in the air! I feel a WAVE of emotional / creative shift occurring for many, and this emotional shift may be difficult for many to move through - as often emotional stuff is.

This WAVE of emotion will bring forward a dramatic shift to the emotional well-being of the collective masses. This has to do with many things, however I am feeling that with the recent passing of Witney that many have gone into grieving, and when we have masses going into grieving like this, it brings through a huge emotional shift. We see this when there is an outpouring of emotion from the public. You may not even be affected by this star's transition into spirit; however we are ALL tapped into the collective consciousness, so on some level most people will feel this WAVE of emotion.

I feel that this is a combined WAVE of emotion and WAVE of creativity - as both energies hold at quite similar vibrations. So you may find that you have a surge or dive in your creative motivation, or you may find yourself swinging emotionally at the present time. You are not alone with these sensations.

My first guidance for today is to ALLOW yourself to feel. I know I say this all the time, but I see so many people still conflicting with their emotions and either rejecting them, ignoring them or pushing them aside. Our emotions are KEYS that help highlight areas of imbalance in our life / body etc. We ARE feelers, we ARE human, and I feel that our emotions deserve to be listened to, as they will help us.

'My emotions are powerful tools that are on my side.' ~ Lee-Anne

The other important information that needs to be shared is the 'drama' of situations / people that can pull us in. It's like a hurricane; representing a 'storm' - an emotional storm, and through this card we are guided to do out best to hold our CENTRE, and remain as aligned as possible within the eye (I) of the storm. It's within this eye where we stay centred and balanced; it is within this eye where we truly feel our emotions as clearly as possible. When we are caught in the dramas occurring externally from us, it can often stir up or overwhelm us with emotion mixed with worry / stress in the mind. It can also drain us physically as we look for ways to fix situations or to sort things out that we will never find in this chaos. It's when we are within the eye (I AM) that we find the answers, clues and solutions.

Be aware if you are being CAUGHT in an external drama... and do everything you can to move back into your space of alignment within the eye of the storm, within your I AM, or your heart (all the same place).

If you have been feeling surges of emotion, you may also feel surges of creativity too – and if you do so, then trust your motivational pull. You don’t have to paint a masterpiece to express yourself creatively. By simply doing something that you are comfortable with like: cooking, craftwork, dancing, colouring, gardening, designing etc... stir those creative juices and allow these new energies to settle into their place within your body.

In Wholeness and Harmony,
Lee-Anne Peters

Webstreaming / audio - video - May help you more with above information...
Message for this week from Lee-Anne – recorded – 14th Feb 2012 
(part 2): 
♥ I trust it helps
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