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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Spiritual Art Series | MELBOURNE May 2012

Temple of Balance presents
Spiritual Art Series
For the Artist in You!

With professional Spiritual Artist; Lee-Anne Peters

2 day events
Sat 19th – Sun 20th May 2012

Would you LOVE to learn some new drawing skills while enhancing your expression via your heart?

Join professional artist; Lee-Anne Peters as she guides you into the realms of your imagination to help you call forth visions to be expressed on paper. 

Come along if you are new to expressing artistically; even if you have no experience whatsoever, however you want to stretch out and try new things. Maybe you are a professional artist who feels stifled creatively lately, this weekend may help you tap into your intuitive abilities and gently encourage you to take risks with your art. It doesn’t matter where you on this spectrum, all are welcome.

Day one helps you work with soft pastels and pencil, a guided visualisation meditation to help you work on your special Tree of Life drawing. This drawing will help you heal, balance and welcome ‘life force’ into your body, allowing it to flow out into your life. Lee-Anne will encourage you to create your Tree of Life as it unfolds for you.

Day two will see us focus on connecting with your Spiritual Teacher with a guided meditation, then drawing your helper in spirit onto paper for you to strengthen your relationship. We all have many spiritual teachers. Lee-Anne will take you through one step at a time as you bring your blank paper into life, she is also excited to help you with technical details.

“Enriching, lit up my soul, very empowering. An amazing teacher and guide. Am thrilled I have attended and would come again. Thank you.” Sarah, Vic 2011
All art supplies are provided. You take your creation home.

If you are eager to open up your artistic side, learn more about working with soft pastels or to step outside the box and explore your skills further, then this would be a great weekend for you.

Pre-Bookings are open until Mon 2nd April 2012. The Pre-Bookings will decide whether these events can take place – depending on numbers to cover travel expenses. On Mon 2nd April Lee-Anne will announce this event as confirmed or cancelled. If it is cancelled all Pre-Booking payments will be refunded within 7 days. If the event is confirmed, your Pre-Booking will count towards your event payment. The rest of the monies are payable at your suitability, with all monies due by Fri 11th May 2012.

Lee-Anne and her husband Cory will be doing private healing sessions on Mon 21st May. They both work together to help you move forward, release blockages or restore your energy levels. Your healers work very intuitively and have years of experience working with people from all over the world.

These events are held at Hotel Cavalier in Wantirna South, in Melbourne Victoria.
For more information please email:

Payment is accepted via paypal (below) or bank deposit. To pay via bank deposit please request information here:

Day 1  Sat 19th May 2012 TREE OF LIFE creating balance 9am – 5pm $250
Come to days 1 & 2 and save $50!  
Includes:        How to work with Soft Pastels & Pencils
                                    Guided Visualisation / Meditation
                                    Express yourself through art
                                    Discussions about Balance, Trees and the Connections with your Body
                                    Receive tips and technical help from Lee-Anne
                                    Take your creation home
                                    All materials provided
And so much more...
            You bring:       Lunch
                                    Paper / pen for notes
                                    Clothes / apron as pastel can get a little messy

Day 2 Sun 20th May 2012 SPIRIT GUIDE DRAWING WORKSHOP 9am – 5pm $250
Come to days 1 & 2 and save $50!
Includes:        Learn about spiritual guides and their role in your life
Your artist will help you draw step by step
Drawing will be done in soft pastels or pencil (all supplied)
You take your creation home with you
Receive messages from your spirit guide
See just what you can do, you may surprise yourself
All materials provided
And so much more...
You bring:       Lunch
                                    Paper / pen for notes
                                    Clothes / apron as pastel can get a little messy

Day 3 Mon 21st  May 2012 PRIVATE INTUITIVE HEALING SESSIONS – 2 healers 10am – 7pm (45min intervals) $125
Includes:        Focused / private energy work with your favourite Healers
                        Confidentiality is always assured
                        A safe space for you to heal and be yourself

These events are held at Hotel Cavalier in Wantirna South, in Melbourne Victoria.

For more information please email:

Payment is accepted via paypal (below) or bank deposit. To pay via bank deposit please request information here:
To learn more about your host / healers please visit:


Monday, 23 January 2012

The Beginning... sent with LOVE

The Beginning...
23rd January 2012


After such an intense four weeks, which felt like much longer than it was, the energy is starting to pick up as we start to really get our heels into this monumental year. Since the December Solstice in 2011, the energy has been scattered, we have become unhinged and stuck in a holding pattern. Many have experienced such different energy than they have ever been used to; exploring depths of pain that we thought were long gone! We have learned to get more in tune with our body, knowing that if it is simply not motivated, then we have other things to do or allow. Many of us lost our bearings while floating around on the wide open sea. We have experienced tests and the insecurities of others. We have travelled deeply into ourselves and wondered how on Earth we could ever bring light into these areas of darkness. But we did it, we proved how strong we are, how resilient we are, that we have tools and resources to help us and we passed the tests!

It’s interesting because the December Solstice also saw the new moon for that month, and today, the start of the Chinese Year of Dragon, we see this next new moon. So from new moon to new moon have been experiencing intense challenges and opportunities for growth and expansion. With the birth of the new moon today, I feel a rising of energy. I feel that now we can really get down and dirty, and get into this new and important year! 

It is always important to be letting go and surrendering the old. Every day, every moment, do your best to be WILLING to let go of everything that is limiting you or holding you back. This will help keep you aligned with your truth and with the moment. You should have many tools and resources to help you with this, and if you don’t feel you know where to start, let me know and I can share some different resources with you.

So where to now? Now, we start our deep expansion further into ascension. As we raise our energy vibrations, as we drop the baggage and as we soar into our highest potential and mission on Earth! You may find that you are seeded with many new ideas, so work out which ones are important (maybe by making a list) and then take action on them. It’s time to become the masters of Manifestation this year, and it really is so simple. Simply, it is about moving energy from the ethers and into the physical. To do this, we must bring the energy through the layers of vibration until they vibrate at a frequency that brings form. It’s like that with ideas... the idea is inspired to us and is just like air, and it will remain like that or get lost if we don’t take steps to bring it into form. Writing down your ideas, talking about them with people you feel comfortable with, then start doing research and finding what you need to do and continuing from there. We ALL have the ability to manifest our dreams, our desires and the life we would LOVE to live. Welcome ideas into your life and continue to find ways to manifest. It’s like cooking dinner. We have the idea first, then we find the recipe, we make sure we have the ingredients as we place one ingredient in at a time, allowing the time needed to cook and then we have a meal to eat. It didn’t just create itself... through the creative manifestation process it was born into the physical world. You can adapt this process into any area of your life that you would like something new manifested. Of course, ACTION is one of the most important ingredients!

Now, more than ever before we are being called to start USING the resources and tools we have learned to enhance our lives. No more being superficial or ‘playing’ spiritual. It’s time to start living your truth within EVERY area of your life, and if you are not, then you may become disconnected and exhausted very quickly. To constantly ‘exist’ within higher frequencies of vibration, you cannot hold onto the illusion of unhappiness, it cannot exist there without pulling you back down to the vibrations around it. It’s time to live and deeply experience these resources and work out what works for you and what doesn’t. Just because some method works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Tap into that wisdom of yours that arises from your experience, not from what others tell you.

We are now starting to flow into this year with force and intense direction. Many who are not in alignment with their truth will feel like they are being left behind as they choose how to face challenges. Many who continue to let go, honour their bodies and step into their true and deepest happiness will soar!! It is our choice... and we have the experience, the resources and the strength to make the perfect choice for us... and to stick to it!

Lee-Anne Peters
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LADY ISA – Truth

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·         Commit and focus on what you want in life
·         Allow new ideas to come into your creative mind
·         Increase your gratitude of the small things in your life

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Awaken Your Spirit! The Great Mergence of the God à Goddess!
Melbourne, Australia - 6th – 12th Oct 2012
7 events over 7 days!
Basic info:
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Day 1 Sat 6th Oct 2012
Sacred Crystal Gridsa crystal healing day
Base chakra activation – physical / grounding

Day 2 Sun 7th Oct 2012
The Sacred Goddessheal and nurture your feminine side
Sacral chakra activation – feminine energy

Day 3 Mon 8th Oct 2012
            Awaken the Warriorstep into your personal power
Solar Plexus chakra activation – masculine energy

Day 4 Tues 9th Oct 2012
Balance Your Liferemember your ancient connections
Heart chakra activation – remembering

Day 5 Wed 10th Oct 2012
Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Coursenew & refresher tickets available
Throat chakra activation – expression, giving / receiving

Day 6 Thurs 11th Oct 2012
Enhance Your Psychic Talentstrust your intuition
Third eye chakra activation – intuition, trust

Day 7 Fri 12th Oct 2012
Expanding with Sacred Geometryraise your energy vibrations
Crown chakra activation – mass healing energy, oneness

Registrations are open now.
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