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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Unhinged - 14th January 2012

14th January 2012

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Great Blessings to you!

Please know everything I share here is a guide only and is my truth based on my intuition, what I am experiencing and what I witness other’s experiencing too. This does not make it right or wrong, just simply my truth in this moment. So just take on what feels right and discard the rest.

If you have been struggling lately, please breathe in the love and support from this message of LOVE to you.

This has been one wild ride!! Since the solstice on the 21st/ 22nd of December 2011 I feel we have been unhinged and sometimes feel like we are navigating blind. With motivation coming in and out... and at times feeling so vague that we don’t know which way is up, it is understandable that many people are crumbling and struggling to deal with this strangeness.

The crumbling is what is needed as we journey into unknown territory every moment. We must do our best to surrender and crumble that old energy, those old fears and beliefs AWAY. If they no longer serve your highest good and truth – let them go! The more we ‘hold on’ for answers, a turn around, things to improve etc ... the more hard a time we seem to have. Take note of any area of your life that you may have put your life on hold for, and do your best to let that grasp go and release it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is removed from your life. In fact, when we surrender and release like this, we free up the situation to unfold in accordance with our truth and the truth of any other person involved. Be aware of this and if you need extra help letting go, please reply to this message and I can send you an MP3 ‘letting go meditation’ as a gift (just mention that in your reply) –

Many of us have been feeling withdrawn and hermit like this whole month. Not feeling like socialising or being around people and I feel that this is okay. When we feel the need to retreat, then usually our body and consciousness is requested some reconnection with self time. This would be a great time to journal write, meditate or reflect on what is happening for you at the current time. At times lately this ‘hermit mode’ has been coming in waves, with the need to retreat for a few hours and then come back into the company of others again. NOW more than ever it is imperative that YOU trust your body and what you feel motivated to do in every moment.

For some what we are experiencing is a massive death of our old self; that self who was doubtful of our gifts and talents; that old self who struggled to be happy or who wasn’t in alignment with its dreams.  We are becoming unhinged from all of this... from the pain, the suffering, the duality, the conflict... everything that is not in alignment with our highest truth is being unhinged and it CAN challenge our very existence. It can have us feeling so lost, so alone and emotionally pained we may wonder if we can ever move through this. Well, like EVERY other time you have experienced a low, YOU have the strength within to move out of this, to learn everything you can, and to soar to new heights! I believe in YOU! Pull on those resources you have learned along your journey and USE THEM!! Scan through your meditation collection for one you may have forgotten that would be beneficial now in your life.

With so much of the OLD becoming unhinged from every conceivable angle, not only on a personal level, but a global level too; you may notice a louder presence of lower vibrating beings around you. Recognise this when it happens by strange dreams, animals around you acting strange or just a spine tingling feeling. Call forward your spiritual teachers or Archangel Michael is a great one to work with, and ask them to cut these entities free of your space / aura. Ask them to strengthen your protection shield and remove EVERYTHING that is not in alignment with your highest good. And KNOW it is truth and all is cleared. Even if you don’t sense any negative beings around you, it can be a great idea to call forward Archangel Michael and ask him to remove all cords and negative attachments you have to anything or anyone... freeing up your energy, by unhinging cords of unhealthy connections that have been made can help you in so many ways. If you are unsure, I suggest spending some quiet time with music and ask Archangel Michael (just through your intentions) to remove all cords and attachments from your aura and chakras, and then allow him to do what he needs.

My sense in these past days tells me that we, our planet are experiencing a pole tilt or shift. I have attempted to find some data on this, however unless we have a massive shift that everyone feels or notices, the data won’t come out for a few weeks or months, so I will keep an eye out and report back any findings when they come to light. I feel that since the massive alignment on the solstice in December 2011 that the Earth poles having accelerated in their wobble. This happens from time to time when the Earth goes through a rapid shift, and it can knock us humans around a bit until we get back into alignment with our planet. The wobble of the axis has tilted slightly and this makes us feel like we have lost our bearings in the middle of the sea. And in truth, this has been an amazing opportunity for many of us to look at and release much hidden or suppressed old hurt or wounds from the past that we had still be holding onto, possibly without even knowing it.

My recommendation is all of the above, plus, when you feel motivated to, step outside under the sun, stars, rain or wind and expand your aura and feelings to tune into our Mother Earth. She has made some big adjustments in this past weeks, so breathe and harmonise yourself with these adjustments. It’s time to recentre and realign with her. You may feel that you want to eat a little more right now – this is for grounding and aligning with the Earth. You may feel you want to swim in the sea, or spend time in the garden – just simply spending time with nature will help. And one of the best crystals to work with to align yourself with our planet when she goes through a big adjustment like this is CLEAR QUARTZ... I recommend keeping some on you (it doesn’t matter what form the quartz takes – tumble, point, wand, sphere etc) and allow this to help align your energy back with our planet.

Below are some words from one of my ‘in progress’ books coming out this year. It is part I of the Ascension Mastery Series called: I Am Shaman; Let go and Allow Flow! I trust you enjoy it.

You have found your bearings in the middle of the sea,
You alert your helpers, of your quest to be free.
With the sail out and your stance behind the wheel,
You trust the way you are going, by your instinctual feel!

Journey onward ~ Journey safe!
Take a risk ~ Follow your heart!
I am off... sailing on the sea of LOVE... journeying to the stars!!

I am grateful for all of my past experiences; however I set myself free from them!

I KNOW in my HEART that the UNIVERSE will only provide and support those parts of my journey that are THE BEST, as '2nd best' doesn't fit and won’t do!

It's only the truest I choose and that Universal support is mine... I Feel it is with me across ALL TIME!

~ Dedicated to ALL who are struggling to stand on their feet and reach for their happiness... Lee-Anne

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