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Saturday, 31 March 2012

SATURDAY SALE – 31st March 2012! Ends Midnight - Sydney time!

TEMPLE OF BALANCE the book by Lee-Anne Peters – SECONDS SALE!!

We have about a dozen second’s copies of Temple of Balance the book to offer to you at a discounted price!
Regular retail price is AUD$24.95 – Second Sale price is AUD$19.95 – Included is FREE shipping worldwide!! Available until SOLD OUT or midnight 31st march – Sydney time.
Please note: these books are only seconds because they may have a mark, spot, small scratch on the cover. The content is still perfect – it’s just on the surface!
 Easy to read and relate to, Temple of Balance the Book showcases a treasure trove of information and wisdom from Lee-Anne's personal experience. Her grounded, heart-centered spirituality is a gift to the world. Inspiring and uplifting, it will encourage the reader to step into the light of their own truth, or bolster them on the path they already walk.”  Kristin Radtke, USA

‘Temple of Balance the book’ is Full of Practical exercises and tools to help empower you and bring more peace, freedom and balance into your life!

From stay-at-home mum to a well respected visionary artist, healer and teacher, Lee-Anne is the founder of Temple of Balance and has been passionately serving our planet and people around the world since 2005.

Written by Lee-Anne Peters, an author releasing her first book, ‘Temple of Balance the book’ contains a passionate woman’s approach to life and the subtle realms of spirit, as Lee-Anne embarks on the greatest journey of her life! Are you ready to be inspired?

Lee-Anne takes you on her journey and talks about various exciting topics, including;
* Building her online self-help business!
* Working with subtle energy, colours, sound, the chakras, crystals and your hands for self healing!
* Learn tools to help you let go of the past and live more fully!
* Connect with Lee-Anne’s wisdom and experience regarding Twin Flame relationships!
* Discover ways to keep yourself grounded and balanced.
* Reconnect with and learn how to listen to your body.
* Including TEN life changing practical exercises to empower you!
* And so much more...

If you have been looking for inspiration and help to get back on track in your life, or to reach a deeper spiritual understanding then ‘Temple of Balance the book’ is the book for you!

How to order your copy:
To take advantage of this Seconds Sale please email your request for a paypal invoice to (payment only accepted via paypal) 
Send your AUD$19.95 (please make sure it is in Australian Dollars) to paypal account  - Payment must be made when ordering.

Temple of Balance the book details:
ISBN: 978-0-9870708-0-7
Title: Temple of Balance the book: Are you ready to be inspired?
Author: Lee-Anne Peters
First Release: 30th May 2011
Page count: 190
Size (height, width, spine): 20.5cm, 13cm, 1cm
Weight: 231grams

Author: Lee-Anne Peters
Artist, Author, Teacher, Mentor and Radio host, Lee-Anne Peters (nee Willson) was born and still lives on the heart shaped island of Tasmania, off the South Coast of Australia. She shares her life with her beautiful husband, son and daughter. 

Lee-Anne’s first book; Temple of Balance the book kick started her writing career in early 2011. Not long after the completion of Temple of Balance the book, her second book; Aligning with the Speed of Light was written. Later in 2011 Lee-Anne released her first deck of Oracle Cards: Temple of Balance Oracle Cards which features guidance from our friends in spirit.

A born entrepreneur Lee-Anne has always been an ‘action girl.’ Lee-Anne describes this as ‘acting on her intuitive impulses.’ At the age of 19, Lee-Anne started her short hairdressing career and at the age of 29 she founded Temple of Balance.

Lee-Anne’s ability to draw is a natural talent and the only formal training she had was during art class in high school. Lee-Anne’s unique art is highly sought after and hangs in homes and businesses around the world.

It was Lee-Anne’s passion as a mother, that gave her time to spend with her children, which then led to amazing opportunities opening up for her. These days Lee-Anne loves working on a wide variety of personal and partnered projects. She loves to spend time in nature, drumming and sending love to the Earth. Spending time with her children brings Lee-Anne great joy, as she shares her gifts of art, creating and living a simple life, without the need for the shiniest possessions.

During this journey Lee-Anne has learnt to completely trust her inner guidance, passions, creativity and the moment. All whilst maintaining balance in her body, mind, emotions and spirit!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Come out from those closed doors!

Come out of Hiding!
By Lee-Anne Peters

It’s time… it’s time to come out of hiding. It’s okay out here in this big vast world. It is safe for you to freely be you and to practice your ‘craft.’ Allow yourself to be heard, and step out of the cupboards and onto the stage. The stage is not based on glory, fame or ego - this is your stage, the centre point of your life! The place where you stand tall, while patting yourself on the back and being proud of all you have accomplished, and especially of all of that brilliant work you have been creating behind closed doors.

Illustrated by Lee-Anne Peters
To be included in:
Ascension Mastery Series Part I:
I Am Shaman: Let go and Allow flow!
For years I have been guilty of this! Drawing, writing and creating behind closed doors, only stepping out when I started working online, however still not stepping fully out. For me, I have learned that what I do is perfect for me, in the sense that I don’t need to have validation from anyone. Whether I want to speak in public, walk down the street in the clothes I feel comfy wearing or pinning my business card around the area – I know now that I can do this! When I continue to step further out of hiding amazing things have opened for me, and my self-confidence expands greatly!

What do you do behind ‘closed doors’ because you feel safe there? What do you fear that is outside those closed doors? Maybe attack, punishment or ridicule? Push past the fear, write down how you feel and openly share what you do feel with others who you feel safe to be with. We cannot make a difference in this world if we are trapped behind closed doors in fear of our safety! We MUST be fully living our purpose to co-create this beautiful world many of us envision! 

Everyone’s purpose is different and unique, and does not involve a ‘final outcome.’ YOUR purpose is living every moment to its fullest, in your truth and integrity! It is time to wake up, step out of the hiding place and be counted for. THIS is a critical time, these moments are essential to push past your fears and limitations and full reclaim your personal power! 

There is a great force of energy behind this right now; step out of hiding, take appropriate steps to heal, let go and reclaim your power.

Are you ready to conquer YOUR world?

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is a passionate Goddess out on the leading edge! Please learn more about Lee-Anne at

Announcements for today:
{Temple of Balance in good book & metaphysical stores!  - we heard from our distributor yesterday and three of our publications can now be ordered across Australia – please keep an eye out for these titles ‘Temple of Balance the book’ – ‘Aligning with the Speed of Light’ – ‘Temple of Balance Oracle Cards’ – if you don’t see them, please ASK at the counter about TEMPLE OF BALANCE – we are very new and may not be heard of yet in the shop. If needed I can call the shop owner, so please let me know}

{Saturday Sale – HERE on our blog every Saturday! Keep an eye out for our super special announcement tomorrow!}

{Soul Activation Series: Awaken your spirit  – MELBOURNE – 6th – 12th October 2012 - Early Bird Tickets (up to 20% discount) ends tomorrow on the 31st March 2012 – Learn more / book your tickets here: }

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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Introducing you to your CHAKRAS!

Introducing you to your CHAKRAS!

By Lee-Anne Peters

Illustrated by Lee-Anne Peters
Included in Healing Energy Cards!
Working with your chakras most days can help you in so many areas of your life. You may think it is only helpful for connecting to spirit however this is not the case at all! Each of the seven major chakras cover everything connected with our physical world, the emotions, mind and spirit!

I began working closely with my chakras over a decade ago, and it evolved into a valuable resource I use for myself, my clients and event attendees every day. It took a little while for me to learn about them, however that basic information has formed a wonderful platform which invited me to explore what the chakras mean to me. I do a lot of diagnosing of my client’s energy via consulting and feeling what is happening in the chakras and these are ALWAYS spot on!

So, what the heck are the chakras? Well, chakras are vortexes of energy that draw in life force and are situated within the aura of our being. We are not just made up of the physical that we can see and touch, we are far more expansive than that! We have hundreds of chakras residing on different levels of frequency, however today we are mostly focusing on the seven major chakras that run in line with our spine and are the closest in vibration to our physical body (residing on the first layer of our aura). 

Here’s a brief rundown of the seven major chakras based on my experience:
  1.  BASE CHAKRA – at the base of the spine – our centre for grounding and survival instincts!
  2. SACRAL CHAKRA – just below your navel – your centre for emotional, sexual and creative energy!
  3. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – just above your navel – your centre for personal power, strength and courage!
  4. HEART CHAKRA – your centre for love of self, others and all creation!
  5.  THROAT CHAKRA – your centre for communication, expression and tru
  6. 3rd EYE CHAKRA – your centre for vision, intuition and trust!
  7. CROWN CHAKRA – your centre that helps you connect with the world beyond the physical
Each chakra is important to the next and when balance is achieved and maintained as often as possible, then all of the chakras work together in harmony.

Possibly the most commonly felt chakras are the Solar Plexus, where we get those butterflies or gut feelings – this signifies some energy moving in your power centre! The Throat chakra is also pretty commonly felt – as a tickle in the throat, change in voice sound or a lost voice – all signifying that energy is moving in your throat and maybe words need to be said or feel unsafe to be spoken!

Daily cleansing of your chakras can be of great benefit. You can do this by imagining your self standing under a water fall and feeling that energy wash through your whole body - maybe taking a physical shower and using that water to expand into this visualisation may help. You may even like to focus on the elements: the sun shining on your body to cleanse and charge your body – the wind carrying away all blocks in your chakras etc.

When you are Balanced within your body, mind, emotions and spirit – your chakras are balanced! Become sensitive to your body and how each chakra feels today – they can help you understand a lot about where you are stuck in your life and what you can do to make changes!

Helpful Chakra Resources:

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is a highly recognised healer and is very sensitive to energy. The host of the Soul Activation Series – a chakra activation series of events that will help balance and activate you in incredible ways! The next annual Soul Activation Series is coming to Melbourne, Australia in October 2012. You can learn more here:
Let's connect on:

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The HARD way or the HIGH way?

The HARD way or the HIGH way?
By Lee-Anne Peters

The HARD way or the HIGH way - the choice seems simple on paper however it can be far from simple in real life! Some people seem to be making choices that take them down that HARD path, while others seem to flow through life with relative ease as they take the HIGH path. It can seem like this HIGH path is above the obstacles and so out of reach – or so we think looking at others flying high above us, only to make us struggle even more!

I have done it tough throughout my life! I’ve been bankrupt with 2 young children and have come through the others side! I have done a lot of hard work to reach where I am today - sometimes people ask me why it is so easy for me, but let me tell you – where I am today did not happen overnight! Yes, I may learn things pretty quickly in this lifetime however I am no different to anyone else out there!

It’s when we COMPARE ourselves to others based on what we see on the surface that has us FEELING that we are tumbling around on a path full of obstacles! You know the saying that ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ this is very relevant here and in many ways disconnects us from our lives – because we want to be somewhere else and we assume others have it so much easier than us!

When we disconnect ourselves from where we are and what we are dealing with in our life, then things seem to go ‘wrong’ - all in effort to confirm what we feel – that we have a hard life! The law of attraction will continue to attract to you what you are focused on... so when you focus on what others have and what you don’t, you will get more of what you don’t want to have. When you focus on others living with such little effort and you are suffering with one thing after the next – then you will attract that suffering one after the other!

I am in charge of my happy life!

What can you do to focus on LIVING the HIGH WAY?
* Pay attention to your thoughts and where your thoughts are focused
* Bring thoughts into alignment with what you have now
* Focus on the small things around you in your life to be grateful for >> keep expanding on these good things
* Take steps to get your life back into balance and order – so YOU can be happy in your life now!
* Do your best to drop comparisons and start really living as fully as possible – as YOU in your life!

Don’t think that living on the HIGH WAY doesn’t have any obstacles – for it sure can! However it is how YOU see these obstacles that is important - are they a major setback in your view? Or do these obstacles present opportunities for you to learn more and grow further?

Be real about how you feel and do what you need to do to get back on track. Take one step at a time as you welcome subtle changes in your life and be willing to let go of old belief systems and thoughts focused around the HARD WAY! Believe in your self and your ability to fully walk on the HIGH WAY!!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne shares further about this subject in her third book – From Lack to Abundance! Pre-orders open now! Available in May online at or in all good books shops around Australia and New Zealand!

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