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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My thoughts on the current energy – pressures! Intolerance! Balance! Connection!

My thoughts on the current energy – pressures! Intolerance! Balance! Connection!
Take 2!
By Lee-Anne Peters
‘What’s going on’ – many are asking me. So I felt I would share on a you tube movie with you, sat and shared with you for 25mins and the sound was just like a jackhammer – so delete. Are you noticing this strange negative SABOTAGE happening with things you are trying to do right now? It’s like we have great intentions and then WHAM – someone throws a pie in our face!

It’s like recently… I offered genuine – no expectation compliments and next thing I know I am being spammed on a mailing list or am being offered a free service to help me explore what I was complimenting about? WHAT? Are so many people still living in that old world of trying to compliment to suck up and get something in return? Really?
The pressure too right now is intense (in waves usually)… It’s like we are baking in a pressure cooker. Strange aches, headache pressures and this strange electric current in the air – why?
I feel strongly that the negative forces / powers that were are tightening their grasp right now – but why would they do that? Well, when the vibration of EVERYTHING starts to really raise and lighten the lower energies lifestyle and existence becomes threatened – so what do they do? They tighten their grasp, they dig in their heels like a child throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get a candy at the store. These forces FEED ON the negative – so the anger, the intolerance, the negative and doubtful thinking etc. So it’s sort of like they stir up trouble.
So on the bigger picture WE are moving into a very special NEW VIBRATION and I feel soon things will flip and we will be journeying on the other side of this great change of birthing heaven on earth.
Right now there seems to be a fine line of BALANCE in our DAILY life. It is no longer about becoming balanced weekly or monthly – NO WAY – we are getting down to the nitty gritty now – we are focusing on the moments and the day. So my question to you is – how balanced is your day? Consider your balance between work, rest and play. Consider your balance physically – are you nourishing yourself enough with great quality time with you daily? Consider your emotional balance – are you being as real as possible about how you feel (there is no one to fool anymore)? Consider your mental balance – keep your thoughts in check! And how much devotion do you have daily to your spirituality? Are you meditating, reflecting and connecting daily?
Because the BALANCE line is so fine right now we can easily get tipped off balance and then this throws us into a strange and exhausting wobble. So if you feel this – do everything you can (except being hard on yourself) to bring things back to balance again. Go gently, feel for different approaches and find it. Step back if you need to, retreat – but retreat into self!
There are deep shifts occurring in our blood – deep cellular changes that are bringing deep issues to the surface for shedding and are freeing up space for the new light that is shifting our physical bodies from 3D beings and into 5D beings. WE ARE BECOMING LIGHT. This is OUR great TRANSFORMATION! (like the butterfly)

The changes happening in our DNA / cells is echoing out through all lines of the blood past, present and future. You don’t need to think about this – feel it and allow.
Continue to allow yourself to EXPAND and to TRUST in your intuition. Be cautious in playing into OLD STORYS again. When you are on the phone or in conversation with a friend or family member it may be easy to slip into woe is me and old story mode. I KNOW what happened in the past may not have been pleasant at all, but it’s time to clear the clutter from the desk and create your NEW STORY. We cannot live in the new world in the old ways – it will not work! We must and ARE finding NEW WAYS of living, being and creating.
Some are asking when this phase will be over – this again is old story thinking. There is no date or time in the linear sense. It’s time to stop externalizing, and looking in the linear way. FEEL, FLOW and TRUST that it will unfold and flow forth in the most perfect of moments for you. The OLD STORY must leave. The OLD STORY is becoming more and more false – don’t you see? The OLD STORY of life, history, war, religion, mercury retrograde, etc is not being held as TRUTH for many any more – WE are writing our own NEW STORY.
My hubby and I were reflecting on the computer game market today and how strange it is that people buy into these strange marketing tactics many big companies have. I said that while people are buying into it the companies will keep that story going. It’s time for the INDIVIDUAL to choose not to support ways of living that aren’t nourishing. It’s time to stop supporting companies that work on greed, lies etc. Turn the tv off. We choose. If there was no one to buy these things – they wouldn’t exist.
This whole world is changing – changing for the good, but the OLD way of living MUST crumble. This creates a LOT of pressure in the world… Hold centre, hold balanced and WE – the LIGHTWORKERS out on the leading edge will help guide more forward. Return yourself to BALANCE first.
TIPS: step away, release pressure, play music, sing, laugh, cook, clean, bath, swim, love, retreat, nature, elements 
Please feel free to share, comment, smile :)
All  my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor and radio host. Lee-Anne is passionate about self healing, life, sacred experiences and the moment! She is highly motivated and easily inspired. Follow her teachings at

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