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Sunday, 3 June 2012

When is enough – enough?

When is enough – enough?
By Lee-Anne Peters

The twists and turns on a grand old tree! The construction of the human body! The microscopic life within an inch of dirt! The creation of galaxies! Wow, so much mystery that can really have our mind boggle at the mere thought!


You know quite often in our life – with its day to day pressures and scenarios we become overwhelmed by what may be. The Universe in all of its mystery is in such perfect order – like an orchestra playing a grand classical piece. Everything in its vastness is in harmony. When things become overwhelmed we often wonder what went wrong – what happened along the way for us to reach that conclusion!!

Anything could have happened to reach this space however it’s usually our approach and our need to control that halts the harmony in its tracks!! When we try and push uphill or try and go against the flow we butt heads against the natural flow. Whether this is a situation, a person or maybe something you are exploring about you – if it becomes too complicated, overwhelming or stressful it may be safe to say that the harmony has got lost somewhere.

Sometimes we put up with expired situations and people in our life for too long – maybe thinking something will change, expecting an external factor to correct it, or perhaps imagining things to be the way they used to be – these are all forms of denial of the truth. However until you are completely ready to see and hear the truth, you may be happy to keep waiting and tolerating things to be.

Things to look for, which may help you know when enough is really enough?
* Health deterioration
* Added stress and pressure
* Things don’t seem to go right
* You seem to be saying the same thing all the time
* Why do the same sorts of people / experiences come into your life?
* Excessive tiredness / exhaustion
* Feeling disconnected, lonely or separated
* Lack of creativity, imagination and motivation
* Loss of enthusiasm for the mystery of life

They will give you a general idea. If you can tick most of those then there maybe something in your life that isn’t working for you that is trying to get your attention. 

Are you ready to say that enough really is enough, and journey towards your happiness?

Your pained self – that part of you who has old wounds from the past – loves to hold you in pain, so it wont want you to be free. On the other hand, your higher self – that part of you that desires freedom, expansion and love – will want to help you out of this slump. Which ‘self’ will you listen to? 

Take action today to choose when you have had enough. Do you still want to be living like this for another 5 or maybe 10 years? Do you love and respect yourself enough to say that you have had enough – and then to follow through with action? Be real about how you feel and KNOW you have the support of the Universe and your higher self as you commit to your freedom!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Learn more about Lee-Anne at  

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  1. My dear Lee-Anne:

    I can tell you that I am understanding more and more about my obsession for controlling people and situations. This revelation has been quite shocking. It takes me to my childhood, to the moments when I started this polluted habit, toxic habit. I can actually understand why I started to do this. It is all Ive ever seen at home, with mom and dad. I assumed it was the way to live life, and it became like I said the way I behaved, and still do sometimes when Im not paying atenttion to myself, when Im not connected to my higher self. Thank you so much for your words, this is a confirmation that I AM UNDERSTANDING MYSELF IN ORDER TO LOVE MYSELF. GOD BLESS YOU DEAR!

    1. Wow... how amazing Goddess... This is HUGE and you are moving through it fantastically, congratulations!! I know it is not always easy, but it will be worth it xxx Lee-Anne

  2. I have experienced some tragic things in my life lately. Reading this was like looking into my life from the outside. My recent life lessons are making me re think some things going on. Things that I have let happen an allowed others to do. I am having an eye opening moment, an need to take control of my life!!

    1. I am so glad it help you!! Keep your chin up and KNOW you can get through this, one step at a time xx Lee-Anne