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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 16 June

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 16 June – Sydney time (GMT+10)

Today’s Special – SPIRIT GUIDE DRAWING – ONLY AUD$100 + shipping (SAVE up to $60)

Would you LOVE to build a stronger and more personal relationship with one of your spiritual teachers? Maybe you are interested or have thought about having your spirit guide drawn.

Lee-Anne teaching a Spirit Guide Drawing Workshop
Melbourne 2011
Your artist: Lee-Anne Peters (L.Willson)

Lee-Anne has been channelling and drawing spiritual guides after she had a dream that she painted an Indian one night about a decade ago. That very next morning Lee-Anne got out her sketch pad and drew the Indian she dreamt of. This would be an influential spirit guide that stayed with her for the following 9 years, teaching her so much about spirituality, healing, shamanism, healing art and more.

The magic of a spirit guide drawing - Many people are overwhelmed when they first see their drawing. Many people report of the eyes of their guide following them around the room, that they smile or nod when the drawing is communicated with.

Spirit Guide drawn for a client overseas in 2012

Building a connection with your spiritual guide - To get the most out of the relationship between you and your guide it is recommended that you communicate with them as often as you can. With your drawing you can meditate with it by placing it in front of you. You can take a copy of yours and put a smaller version in your purse. You are only limited by your imagination and what you can do to connect with your spirit guide.

Spirit Guide drawn for a client in 2012

Benefits of your spirit guide connection - Enjoy a more rapid spiritual growth, development in most areas of your life, fine tuning your life’s purpose, increased self healing capabilities, enhanced meditations and a more enriched life.

Types of guides who may come through in your drawing - Healers, shamans, everyday common people, star beings, ascended masters, power animals, angels, children, male, female, various nationalities, some who have lived on this planet before and others who haven’t and more...

Spirit Guide - Dia - for a lady in Western Australia, drawn 2012.

Allow Lee-Anne to help you build a more solid connection with your spiritual guides. If you are feeling an inner ‘pull’ to get a spirit guide drawing done, then please take action. So often the guides come forward in such excitement to be ‘finally’ drawn.

Learn more about Lee-Anne’s Spirit Guide Drawings HERE

Please order This Special at our website HERE

Order Schedule:
First 5 to order will be completed on Tues 26th June
Second 5 to order will be completed on Mon 2nd July

You Pay AUD$100 + shipping (see below) – Usually $160
Shipping within Australia – extra $10 | Shipping outside Australia – extra $20

This offer strictly ends at midnight tonight (Sydney time)

Payments ONLY accepted through paypal and must be paid immediately.
Please order your Spirit Guide Drawing at our website HERE

What You will receive: A unique soft pastel drawing of your spirit guide. 51cm x 63cm. Full of colour and love. Name and brief details about your spirit guide emailed to you before you receive your drawing.

Lee-Anne requires: Your full name, date of birth, one question and your postal address. Please forward to
Your drawing will arrive safely in a postal tube.

Everyone has many more than only ONE spirit guide – are you ready to further your connection with yours?

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is a professional artist – drawing and illustrating hundreds of drawings a year. Her work is highly sought after and can be explored further at
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