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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Message from the Sun - 1 March 2015

Sunrise - 1 March 2015 - Lee-Anne Peters - SE Tasmania - no filter

Sunday 1st March 2015
Lee-Anne Peters

This morning the sun inspires gratitude and determination within us as we gently move out of a recent rut or stagnation of activity. Genuine gratitude is a space we choose to move into ourselves. It is a choice we have to turn wallowing into appreciation, ‘unfortunate situations’ into positive or challenges into opportunities. With all of these things, it takes a ‘turning of the tide’ - usually in the form of gratitude to make the ‘turn’. Determination envelops some of us this morning as we sense a new time of awakening, birthing the new and feeling appreciation for the ‘old’ journey that has led us up to this moment in time.

This is a guide only!

Sunrise - 1 March 2015 - Lee-Anne Peters - SE Tasmania - no filter

Lee-Anne is an Independent Author, Artist, Speaker, Motivator and is the founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance. Since as long as she can remember Lee-Anne has had a love for the sunrise, and she also has a love for nature and all things Shamanic. Now she is combining these to bring you these messages from the sun! You can connect with Lee-Anne on her weekly Radio Show, at live events internationally, by reading her books, listening to her meditations or connecting on Facebook.

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