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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Temple of Balance to the next level!

Hi everyone,

This is Lee-Anne Peters here, founder of Temple of Balance. If you follow any of my facebook pages you will know that I have applied for a very special small business grant for $5,000. We are still sitting in the top 10 for the people's choice award, which is a huge achievement, however we need more VOTES to get to #1 one and win this.

If I win I will be overflowing it back to you, my wonderful customers and friends.

It's so easy to VOTE, all you need to do is click this link
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You can do this from any internet devices (iphone, pc, laptop, ipad etc) from home / work every 24hrs.

This is the last 24hrs of this weeks vote and the winner will be drawn on Monday. There will be one last round of voting after all votes are reset in 24hrs from now (Friday afternoon Sydney time).

We have worked so hard all week holding place in the top 10, and we just are putting it out to you to help us get over the line...

EVERY vote counts, and EVERY vote is appreciated!

Thanks so much for your help, it means so much to me!!

If you can click on this link and select vote, then email me at to let me know you have voted and shared, I will send you a BALANCING YOUR TEMPLE Mp3 meditation to enjoy!

All my LOVE, Lee-Anne

Temple of Balance all the way!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Goodbye Wheel of Karma!!

Goodbye Wheel of Karma!!
By Lee-Anne Peters

It wasn’t too long ago (years wise) that we (as individuals) were kind of ‘trapped’ on the wheel of karma. This wheel of karma would have things occur in patterns – we would find ourselves in similar situations, with similar people and going through those same things again and again. Wondering if there was any relief at all – our request for this was recently granted. 

The wheel of karma!

As little as 15years ago we have had MORE opportunities than ever (and it becomes easier every day) to free ourselves from karmic ties / chains. This is a huge relief for many of us, especially if we are ‘in the know’ because it means for the first time in a VERY long time we can productively heal ourselves, let stuff go that has been holding us back for eons, and finally enter into the Spiral of Grace!

Approximately 5 years ago I was told clearly that karma has ended and that there was no new karma being created! When I voiced this, there were many who got very defensive, so I learned to keep that sort of truth to myself unless someone asked. What I do know is that we now have the power of choice – we CHOOSE if we continue to suffer through the wheel of karma or IF we want to free ourselves from that ‘cause / effect.’ The CHOICE is ours!

I see that we are still clearing residual old hurt and pain, however it is the NEW karma that we are NOT creating – unless we believe we are! Letting go of the old stuff can be very challenging, I wouldn’t be the first person to tell you this, and I am sure you know this for yourself anyway – however it does become so much easier. 

From my understanding and experience I see that our soul wants us to be free and expand, so it continues to present situations, scenarios and people into our lives who reflect our deepest darkness. The more we ignore and resort to the same reactions or denial, the louder this opportunity will become (many wont see it as an opportunity - but more a challenge).

The BALANCE of nature!

Look at nature – it is a perfect example of BALANCE! With man’s influence aside, if there is too much of something, then nature creates something to balance that and reintroduce harmony. It is the same with the desire from your soul – on those higher levels the greater / larger part of you wants to be BALANCED and in harmony with itself. Are you in harmony with you?

It’s time to look at your beliefs and let any limiting ones go – they will likely hold you in this wheel of karma! It’s time to let go (I mean deeply let go) of your hurt and pain – thus lightening your energy vibration! It’s time to CHOOSE your freedom as you EXPAND from the wheel of karma and exist in the ever-expanding SPIRAL OF GRACE!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne has been working on herself and others for many years helping free their old hurt and pain. A passionate woman who loves to inspire others to self-heal and recognise their greatness, Lee-Anne can help you one on one (over the phone) with your letting go needs – if you need an extra boost of support or assistance. Learn more about the Intuitive Energy Healing at
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Monday, 28 May 2012

Guidance for the week | 28 May – 3 June 2012!

Guidance for the week | 28 May – 3 June 2012!
Every Monday! By Lee-Anne Peters

Let’s look at the week ahead... 

I have selected two Temple of Balance Oracle cards and two Healing Energy Cards (1st edition). 
Let’s look at these closer...

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards
By Lee-Anne Peters

DOLPHIN | EMOTIONS – There is opportunity for emotional healing this week – which is not always pleasant. The best thing you can do is to ride the wave! The more you butt heads with your emotions, the harder it will be. Let go of all forms of control, insecurity and fear and go with the flow! Be real about those feelings you have and please LISTEN to them. (Temple of Balance Oracle Cards)

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards
By Lee-Anne Peters

CATCHER OF DREAMS – New ideas are likely to be loud this week – especially being born from your dream state. Pay sharp attention to your dreams and what inspires you from them this week as you work out what is being called to be followed through with and what is not. This card shows little manifestation, so this is purely in the energetic / ethereal state and it will take a little work if you wish to birth these new ideas into form. (Temple of Balance Oracle Cards)

Healing Energy Cards
By Lee-Anne Peters
13. MEDITATION – It will be a wise decision to add extra meditation to your schedule this week, as it will be important to help bring clarity to your mind and emotions. Meditation will help you switch off to the external pressures and calm your mental state. Trust  maybe an surface issue this week – so be on the lookout for any blocks there. (Healing Energy Cards)

Healing Energy Cards
By Lee-Anne Peters

19. MENTAL HEALING – As if emotions weren’t enough, there is likely to be some mental energy entangling within those emotions – as both tend to feed off each other if we are in the right ‘mood.’ There maybe some mental / mind chaos, and people / situations that just do your head in! Grounding and spending time in nature will be a valuable asset to you this week, and within the chaos of this mental healing energy is great opportunity for expansion of your mind. Some mind blowing occurrences are likely this week! (Healing Energy Cards)

Well, we are in for likely an up and down week! I can hear you sigh... well, with the emotions so high and the mind energy (worries, concerns, fears etc) so loud and entangling with the emotions, it is likely to be an up / down week for many. Your new ideas will be a welcomed break from the ‘drama’ occurring and meditation will also be a delightful way to bring clarity and mind calming. Do your best to go with the flow this week, go gently and spend time in meditation. Don't allow your worries to get you down!

Have a wonderful week of FLOWING & MEDITATION!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is the creator & illustrator of Temple of Balance Oracle Cards and Healing Energy Cards – both accurate, highly energetic and sought after card decks for our current times. 

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Waiting... waiting... what comes next?

Waiting... waiting... what comes next?
By Lee-Anne Peters

Many of us are feeling flat, lost, sad and uninterested in things. These feelings remind me of the transition between 2010 – 11 where the energy was held and it was like a great pause, where there was little motivation, little action and little progress – the energy is quite similar at the moment. We may have work to do or things to do however, in general we are feeling unenthusiastic about it!

Pause - The Suspension of Time!
By Lee-Anne Peters
Speed of Light Oracle
These times of ‘pause’ happen – this isn’t the first time, and it certainly wont be the last time, so what can you do during this time?

* Your body may be calling for nourishment and nurturing. If you feel disconnected from your physical body or your physical world right now, you may like to set aside some focused time and ask your body what it needs to feel whole again.

* FLOW – I know I talk about this a lot however this is something that will potentially help you greatly. The more angry, rejecting, resisting etc you hold, the more conflict you will be at within yourself and towards others / scenarios. If you can let go of that aggression and control, and slip into the flow it will make this whole PAUSE period so much smoother for you.

* Gently does it – take your time, go gently, keep yourself warm, drink lots of fresh water and approach your moments gently right now. Your body will guide you with this, so please listen to it.

* Old stuff again? Oh yeah, you may also feel like you are turning back the clock and wala - same stuff that you thought you had already cleared and dealt with. Go gently and be REAL about these issues or blocks - then use the tools / resources you have and know to help heal yourself. Dust the ashes off and don't allow stuff from the past, other people or situations get you down.

* Little bits at a time – if you have projects to finish, work to do, then do your best to go at your own pace and do little bits at a time. If you put the whole thing off you will likely end up feeling overwhelmed, so over-estimate how much time to allow, and then go at a nice slow and steady pace. This will help you feel like you are ‘doing’ something, even if you feel unmotivated.

* Be a support and allow yourself to be supported! It can be easy to go about our day craving support from others, however it can be more difficult to actually receive that support that we crave. When it doesn’t come it often leads to disappointment. The best person who can be a support to you – IS YOU! Be proud of what you have achieved and where you are in life.

* Communication differences – these may be loud right now, as many people seem to be on different ‘wave lengths’ even though we thought we knew these people so well. Do your best to avoid verbal or mental attack, but to either discuss your concerns with the person, use your journal to express your concerns or speak with a trusted friend about the issues. 

This is a great time to catch up on some reading, to rest, to just patiently ride this wave! Yes, it can get a little frustrating to be like this when there is much to do, but the more you notice what there is to do that you don’t feel like doing, then you are missing point 2 about (FLOW). 

It’s not even about impatience right now... it’s about TRUSTING the FLOW of DIVINE TIMING. The timing right now is paused, so be as welcoming of that as possible, and less resisting of that which is.

Please share, however please give respectful credit to Lee-Anne for this information, Thank you.

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne has been bringing you current energetic insights – called ‘words of wisdom’ for over 5 years now. Please learn more about Lee-Anne and her work at
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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 26 May

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 26 May – Sydney time (GMT+10)

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Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne has released four publications in one year! See more and upcoming titles at 

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Friday, 25 May 2012

What do I need to eat when I am devoted to spirit?

What do I need to eat when I am devoted to spirit?
By Lee-Anne Peters

Many people radically change their diets and exercise regime because they think that be being ‘spiritual’ you must only eat a certain type of food or do a certain kind of exercise. What about the myth about gaining weight when you welcome in more light? Let’s look deeper at this stuff and really BLAST AWAY all beliefs in this area.

My main recommendation here is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

Listen to your body - it will always guide you!
Your body is such a finely tuned instrument and it will know what you need and when you need it. You will have cravings for certain foods – trust these. You will have desires or see signs about exercise – trust these. Your body will let you know immediately if it is out of balance, not liking a certain food or exercise – so trust it!

My biggest food issue is the chemicals. I really feel that these are weakening the general individual’s immune system, DNA and whole system. Often the chemicals go back to the farm – to fatten up livestock, to spray potatoes with round up before harvesting, putting apples in gas chambers for longer life etc. These things happen every day and with almost all food we eat – yes, even so called fresh! Then things are made from these ‘fresh’ foods.

To keep your body, mind, emotions and spirit as healthy as possible, please avoid chemicals and look for natural or home-grown alternatives. You can taste the difference – again, trust your body!

Sometimes as we lighten our energy vibration we eat less ‘heavy’ foods – like meats, and more lighter foods – like freshly grown, chemical free vegetables and fruits, also nuts & sprouts. 

In my experience, as my energy vibration raises due to letting go and self healing, I find my body needs less food and can live more on LOVE, sunlight and conscious breathing. My meals are smaller and I ONLY eat when I feel hungry – I never eat according to set times!

My body knows best and I trust my Temple completely! When I first reconnected with my Twin Flame I needed no sleep and no food for ten weeks! I was living on LOVE and was thriving!

In regards to exercise, I feel that keeping our body active, moving it and using it as much as possible is beneficial. Stretching and moving my body as I breathe consciously every morning is something I LOVE to do.

In this case, there are no rules – so be cautious of creating any based on your belief system. Let the rules go, and TRUST your body. Your body knows, your body is your best ally during these current times on Earth. And don’t forget the most important part – TAKE ACTION!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is an advocate for self-healing and loving all aspects of the body, mind, emotions and spirit! You can learn more about Lee-Anne at  

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