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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

From Lack to Abundance – Massive Giveaway revealed!

From Lack to Abundance – Massive giveaway revealed!
By Lee-Anne Peters

I am bursting with excitement with my
New Release - From Lack to Abundance!
I am bursting with excitement because my third book (fourth publication released in one year) is about to be officially launched on our facebook page!

You may recall in a blog I shared a few weeks ago of the book’s arrival and my personal process of manifestation. If you missed it, check it out HERE ... Now we are only two days away from our launch and I am buzzing with enthusiasm, motivation and drive! This energy is what encouraged this book in the first place, however taking it to the next level, hearing feedback from happy readers already and just being in absolute joy is incredible.3

So today, in fact NOW, I am announcing a super special giveaway!

For one lucky person who has ordered a copy of From Lack to Abundance and when this person registers (see below), you will go into the draw to win my original drawing CRYSTAL BEACH (more information below)! This drawing is valued at over AUD$170 and will also be included in one of my upcoming oracle decks called Speed of Light Oracle
CRYSTAL BEACH - Original Drawing going to ONE lucky winner! Read below to find out HOW you could win it!

To enter: You MUST have ordered a copy of From Lack to Abundance – either in the past or before this prize is drawn (at the end of Friday 4th May). Order online HERE

After you have ordered your copy of From Lack to Abundance, please send me an email to and in this email tell me that you would LOVE to go into the competition to win this drawing and that you HAVE ordered your copy of the book.

You MUST follow ALL of these instructions to qualify.

ENTRIES CLOSE: At 8pm Friday 4th May 2012 – Sydney time – GMT+10 (the end of our facebook launch). 

WINNER announced on a LIVE Ustream - at 8pm Friday with links available on our facebook page HERE

You have to be IN it to WIN it... so investing in AUD$14.95 + P&H for the book, may turn into an over AUD$170 investment!

Drawn by Lee-Anne Peters (Willson) on the 8th Feb 2012 – Landscape – Using pastels & charcoal on TEX texured art paper - Size: 55cm x 75cm 

CRYSTAL BEACH came to me in my dreams a few nights before drawing. The water so luscious and the land so Sacred. It felt like it was in another world, which is evident by the 4 moons. 

The LUNAR energy is strong in this drawing, reminding us of cycles, feminine energy and emotions.
The WATER represents your emotions and flow, reminding us to calm and centre our emotions when we retreat physically or using our imagination.

The enclosure of the beach represents a SAFE SPACE for you to be you... to receive healing... to reflect or to simply BE.

One of the most Sacred aspects of this drawing is the sandstone pillars to the left. These were very clear in my dream, as they taper back, being quite tall, but narrow. These are white sandstone, like the white sand, and these pillars I feel, hold much Sacred Knowledge. I see them as standing through time. They may represent record keepers - keeping your records from your whole existence.

The beach is lined with crystal and sparkling fragments of mineral. This represents the power stored here... the power that you can access through your intentions.

By the water to the left are green plants that look like Aloe Vera - and I feel they are very healing for old wounds.

This is a wonderful place to visit in meditation or your imagination for healing, reconnection with self, the honouring of your feminine energy and your creative flow. It is a sacred safe place for you to remember!

This special drawing will be a card within the Speed of Light Oracle deck - due for release in Dec 2012! Holding onto the Original from this deck could be a valuable investment in a few years to come, as this Oracle Deck spreads around the world!

Entry details above – GOODLUCK!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne’s third book is already getting rave reviews as the first books have started arriving to their destinations. From Lack to Abundance will help you spark new ideas with confidence! Learn more online at
{From Lack to Abundance – facebook launch event! By author, Lee-Anne Peters this little book will help align you with abundance immediately! Facebook launch – Fri 4th May HERE {2 days to go} Order your copy of this long-awaited book online at }


  1. Julie Littlejohns3 May 2012 at 21:39

    Gorgeous beach! I felt its memories pull me in quickly, rather an interesting experience that was! Namaste xxxxx

  2. absolutely beautiful bella <3