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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Together we shall RISE from the ASHES and REBIRTH this world!!!

Together we shall RISE from the ASHES and REBIRTH this world!!! 

By Lee-Anne Peters

This has been a massive twenty-four plus hours, I am going to share from the beginning and what my focus has been so get comfy this could get long.

Who wants to live like this?
Yesterday in the early afternoon I fell asleep and was knocked out for several hours. This rarely happens to me; however I knew I had gone somewhere that was important. I was dreaming of the future – and not too distant future where the world was like a prison. The people were all in uniform apartment-like living quarters – the air was manufactured (as the outside was unbreathable), nature was destroyed and those people remaining where slaves to a small few dominating the world. I can tell you, we really are not many steps away from a world like this. Many laws and things have been put into place for the past one hundred years to set this all into place and we are reaching a point now where they almost have it all, ready to implement full control. If you would like to hear the real truth that the mainstream media don’t cover, and what I feel every person needs to know, I highly recommend the recent movie release ‘Thrive.’ You can learn more here:
Skipping forward a few hours... I was feeling for some solution. Something that would make me feel like I was contributing, making some difference to the world. I couldn’t just sit back and watch the finish of this final life time (of mine after an eleven thousand year mission)! The more I chose inaction, the sicklier I started to feel. I felt like a negative force was pushing down on me and making me feel claustrophobic and I knew that action needed to be taken – and action taken immediately!

My husband and I had been talking about this for a few hours and we both come to the conclusion that we would work on doing a massive clean out of the toxic energy in this world straight away. I created the event, spread the word and then focused. 

This is what happened for me:
After some physical cleaning and removal of garbage, my husband and I went outside, it was late afternoon – a small fire was lit and we started our focus on cleansing the old energy out, so the new could come in and stay.

This would be MUCH better!
I drummed and sang, and saw a vision of a massive fire ball being created by many people joining us in spirit and beings from spirit. We built the energy up to a perfect level, and then the fire ball travelled into the core of the earth. Then it popped up from the earth and into Egypt - here the ball of fire burnt and removed all toxic energy, while everyone holding similar intentions of peace, freedom etc in the area helped build the momentum of energy. The fire ball continued like this rolling around the globe – to every part – every corner. I felt a lot of amazing people doing their best to help change the world and gathered their energy into the collective fire ball for change.

Once the fire ball had travelled around the world it entered into the waterways and oceans – removing all toxins, poisons etc. After it was done there I focused it on the air – clearing our atmosphere (interesting that a chorus of birds starting signing all around me at this point). The energy then flowed down into the earth, and then radiated out into the Universe. Then I focused on the energy of LOVE.

The energy shifted and I felt like I needed to groom the Earth Goddess or Gaia. I combed her hair, painted her nails as she was in two places... within the womb preparing for rebirth, and was also giving birth. Both are huge tasks, however to do both at once is pretty massive. So I spent some time giving to her, nurturing her and holding her hand through this journey. I drew this picture of what I saw – I drew it in the dark and had no idea which colours I was picking up, so it was very interesting to see the colours that manifested and the image that was created.

We are the Change!

It is the next morning now for me, and the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness has subsided, I feel more optimistic that we (as humanity and the earth) can change this all around. The most important message I am receiving is the importance of NOW!! When you feel an urge to act – take it NOW! When you feel an urge to create – do it NOW! When you feel that you would like to stand up and say something – do it NOW! We really don’t have any more moments to waste – THIS time is critical and I feel deep down we ALL know this!

Thank you so much for reading and connecting with my thoughts, vision and experience. Together we shall RISE from the ASHES and REBIRTH this world!!! The world WE choose – not the world that others choose for us! WE ARE THE CHANGE!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne focuses every day to be of service to the world, humanity and our planet. She does this tirelessly every moment and is one of today’s Goddesses out on the leading edge! You can learn more about Lee-Anne at
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  1. Lee-Anne I was so happy to find your event notice yesterday and join in, especially as we were already in the midst of a massive house clear out ourselves .. the timing was just perfect and when meditating that night the energy was so powerful it was amazing.Thank you, this article is so positive to read .. we really are the ones we've been waiting for .. we really are the change. :) Much love. xxx

    1. Thank you Fay, I appreciate you reading and your commend. Much LOVE Lee-Anne

  2. Lee-Anne, I was able to join from office as it was daytime from India. But it felt good being able to meditate and connect to the world energy, even if for a short while... Thanks for your effort in coordinating this movement.. The more we do, more remains to be done..