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Monday, 9 April 2012

Manifestation Jitters!!

Manifestation Jitters!
By Lee-Anne Peters

Book number three has just finished printing – I am still waiting for some photos from the printer and meanwhile I have the usual manifestation jitters!!

How will everything turn out?
Is this book the ideal size? Will the front cover layout be right? Did I do the font size correct and how about the colour? The biggest question of all is – will anyone enjoy this book!! These questions roll around in my mind from time to time as I prepare to hold my baby (before the questions - no I am not pregnant)! 

Many soon-to-be parents wonder similar things – what will my baby’s gender be? Will my baby be healthy? What sort of parent will I be? All very valid questions and these are in synchronicity with my question – What will my dream be like?

I have been working with energy for manifestation, transformation and empowerment for years now, so I know pretty well how this all works. We: have the idea spark (pretty simple), then the more challenging part of working out if this idea is a great one to bring into form, while then working out HOW to manifest it! If you know me, you may think I am writing books like they are going out of fashion. I have strong urges to create works of importance in this world - however it is still a process. Some may see it as very easy on the outside, when they see me full of such a driving force - I can tell you it is not as easy as you may think. Dreams take time to nourish and nurture, this is what makes it a little daunting when I wonder how it will all be!

Yep, my other projects manifested perfectly!
My trust is strong as I know deep within that all of the superficial stuff will work out – it has with two books and one deck of oracle cards in the past – in fact I couldn’t have been happier with every question I asked of these older projects above...

So WHY do I feel unsettled about this unknown dream manifesting again? I speak to other authors and parents who feel like this too, so maybe it’s not just me!

Maybe it’s the waiting involved... the long period between ending the creation and having it in in our hands! The desire is strong to rush and see this prematurely, however would that help us? Perhaps we need this extra time to reflect and pause in between this dream’s full manifestation into the physical world!

The closer our dream is to manifesting – whether it is a book, a new home, a new baby etc – the jitterier we become. This doesn’t mean that it will turn out to be a floppy mess – it is because we see so clearly the outcome – we feel it in our bones. It can be challenging to go through the physical motions waiting. It can be hard to watch a door close as another prepare to be open – but isn’t quite there yet!

Perfect Outcome Assured!
The more we have the manifestation jitters, the more likely whatever it is we are waiting for will be MORE glorious, MORE perfect and MORE life-changing than we may imagine right now! I am ready, yet waiting for the perfect moment for my next baby (my book) to arrive in my hands – THEN it will be CELEBRATION TIME! 

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne’s third book: From Lack to Abundance – keys to manifesting your success - is open now for pre-orders. This little book is full of loads of info about manifesting your dreams, time management, using affirmations to help you and so much more. What is holding you back from living an abundance life? Pre-order your copy today at
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