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Saturday, 7 April 2012

SATURDAY SALE – 7th April 2012! Ends Midnight - Sydney time!


ONLY AUD$75 - That's $50 OFF a full Soul Reading OR Intuitive Energy Healing distant session with Lee-Anne for today ONLY!

Your choice between:
* A Soul Reading
* An Intuitive Energy Healing

- these will be done via distance as a recorded (MP3) sessions for AUD$75ea (usually $125)

Soul Reading
Lee-Anne’s readings aren’t like a ‘usual’ psychic reading. Tapping into Divine Guidance and your energy, Lee-Anne will offer you insights into your life’s path, direction, messages from loved ones in spirit (not always), confirmation and possible future potentials based on your current situation and energy space.
Please DO NOT book a reading with Lee-Anne if you seek general psychic guidance or if you expect Lee-Anne to answer your every day life questions.

Lee-Anne has been Reading for others since 1992 and is now a professional Reader since 2000. Having read for other well-known psychics, at psychic festivals and for clients all over the world! Learn more about Lee-Anne HERE.

Lee-Anne uses a combination of Temple of Balance Oracle Cards and Healing Energy Cards – as tools, plus her highly tuned intuition and Divine messages from spirit.

See below how to book your Saturday Special Soul Reading 

Intuitive Energy Healing
Lee-Anne has been working with clients with this service for over ten years! The purpose of this connection is to clear stubborn / stagnant energetic areas of your body / life and working on replenishing your energy system! Great to help you let go, become grounded, balanced, aligned and motivated to step into the new areas of your life! 

This is a highly energetic session which is great for people needing extra healing or energy during this time.

An extremely Intuitive Connection!

See below how to book your Saturday Special Intuitive Energy Healing 

Only immediate payment is accepted for this special.
Send paypal payment of AUD$75 (please make sure it is in Australian dollars) to
Send an email to and request a payment request

All special orders will be completed within 2weeks from today. When complete Lee-Anne will send you a link to your MP3 soul reading/intuitive energy healing session.

Your full name, which service you are interested in, and anything else you feel you need to share. This is not a guessing game, so it is suggested that if you truly want help in an area of your life that you share what this area is etc with Lee-Anne.

Lee-Anne will email and confirm your payment and will ask for more information if needed. She will then give you an approximate time when your reading/healing will be completed, also what Lee-Anne suggests for you during your session.

Please send any questions about this sale or about the services to

Strictly at midnight Saturday 7th April – Sydney time.

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. In her third book, From Lack to Abundance Lee-Anne shares all about stepping into your power and breaking down these illusions that have good intention, but hold you back. Online pre-orders are now open at and later in May this awesome little book will be available in all good book & metaphysical shops around Australia.

Announcements for today:
{Temple of Balance in good book & metaphysical stores!  - we heard from our distributor yesterday and three of our publications can now be ordered across Australia – please keep an eye out for these titles ‘Temple of Balance the book’ – ‘Aligning with the Speed of Light’ – ‘Temple of Balance Oracle Cards’ – if you don’t see them, please ASK at the counter about TEMPLE OF BALANCE – we are very new and may not be heard of yet in the shop. If needed I can call the shop owner, so please let me know}

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