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Thursday, 12 April 2012

From Lack to Abundance

From Lack to Abundance!
By Lee-Anne Peters

In early October I had a dream! A dream to write a small book that would be FULL of important information to help EVERYONE live abundantly! Since that time I have worked hard, collecting data, writing, designing, editing, creating and saving! Now, on this day, this, my third paperback book has arrived from the printers! It is a few weeks early and is super eager to start helping everyone who needs it!

Going downhill...
I used to be very embarrassed of my financial past, although sadly a growing amount of the population have been bankrupt – it really felt like a dirty word! Going bankrupt was challenging and did change everything for me however I see that it changed my life for the better, because now – only eleven years later I am thriving!

There are many things covered in this book that people ask me about all the time, things like: how can I manage to do so much in my day, how can I turn my hobby into an income and how can I thrive like you? It would take me a book to explain it all - which is why I wrote one. But seriously, it really is quite simple. There are a few things to consider, like your beliefs and if you are setting yourself up to live in lack based on those thoughts, words and actions you take. Another thing to consider is building your self-confidence up one step at a time – this will help you grab the bull by the horns and go for what you want in life!

Grab that bull by the horns and
confidently follow your dreams!
A few weeks ago I wrote an article called: Waiting around for Universe to provide... Still waiting? READ IT HERE I find that this can be a massive block for people – I used to be like this too. Putting my good intentions out to the Universe and then twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to arrive - however, they rarely did. Anyway you can read all about my thoughts in that previous blog, and I do cover this topic in more depth within my new book.

Here are some pics of me opening the box with my new books and flicking through it... even though this is the third time I have opened a box of my own books, there is something so magical and very surreal about it...
Opening the box of goodies!!
Chapter 6: Balancing Your Day with Time Management!

A happy author (me!) holding my 3rd paperback book - From Lack to Abundance!

If you would like to stop chasing your tail financially, if you would love to have more time and to live abundantly, then From Lack to Abundance will be a wonderful tool to help you achieve your own personal success in life. You can get your copy in the next few weeks by ordering online at OR it will be available in all good book & metaphysical shops across Australia from mid-May 2012.

‘Lee-Anne says that EVERYONE has the ability to live abundantly – there’s no time to waste, it’s time to start activating ABUNDANCE in YOUR life today!!’

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping others live a happy and purposeful life and she offers easy to understand and practical ways to do this!
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