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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 23 June

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 23 June – Sydney time (GMT+10)

Today’s Special – MP3 Meditations – Buy 1 and get 1 FREE! (Only AUD$2.50ea)

With 29 highly sought after meditations to choose from, you can double your connections with every 1 you order you get another of your choice free. You can order any amount – so if you 10 interest you, then buy 5 for AUD$12.50 and get the other 5 free.

 Lee-Anne has been hosting and sharing meditations for over a decade now. Facilitating local meditations in groups, being a guest meditation host, creating meditations ‘on spot’ during her national events and on her weekly internet radio show – you are sure to find several at least that can really help you.

There are meditations that help balance your body, to help you step into your mission, to connect with your spiritual guides and animals and to bridge the gap between you and your Twin Flame.

Loving to meditate with the guidance of animal medicine there are many animal focuses you can connect with like: dolphin, eagle, phoenix, elephant, wolf, bear, snake, bat, panther, caterpillar, magpie, whale, elk, ant and owl. Each of these amazing creatures have something quite valuable to share with us.

Lee-Anne highly recommends two very intense meditations. ‘These are the most powerful meditations I have ever recorded’ says Lee-Anne – as she highly recommends 10. Awakening to Pyramid Power & 27. Face your fears with Bat Meditation.

All of these meditations are all or partially guided – which means Lee-Anne will guide you with beautiful music in the background and will lead you on your meditation journey. The partially guided ones will also have some time within the meditation to help you explore using your own intuition.

If you have been considering taking your own meditation commitment to the next level – then this may be your opportunity to embrace meditation.

“Meditation to the mind is like pure water to the body” ~ Lee-Anne (from her soon to be released book: Meditation: Simple & Effective!)

Learn more about Lee-Anne’s MP3 meditations HERE

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To Take advantage of this SALE read below:

See the full list of available meditations on our website HERE

Order what you want on that page (payment MUST be made immediately and only through paypal) HERE

After you have purchased and gone through checkout – please send Lee-Anne an email at specifying the details of the BONUS meditations you wish to enjoy with the ones you paid for.

This offer strictly ends at midnight Sat 23rd June 2012 - Sydney time (GMT+10) - if you are unsure about this sale being active or not - please email and ask.

A reminder – pay for 1 – get 1 free OR Pay for 5 – get 5 free etc

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What You will receive: A .zip file secured by a password for every meditation purchased and the bonus. This will be forwarded to your email address provided with purchase (paypal email).

Please note: we are not responsible for any possible issues with downloading based on your computer’s software, operating system etc. It is very rare for people to have issues, please know we provide all of the basic information you need to download your .zip file and start enjoying your meditations straight away.

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne hosts regular meditations via internet radio at  

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 16 June

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 16 June – Sydney time (GMT+10)

Today’s Special – SPIRIT GUIDE DRAWING – ONLY AUD$100 + shipping (SAVE up to $60)

Would you LOVE to build a stronger and more personal relationship with one of your spiritual teachers? Maybe you are interested or have thought about having your spirit guide drawn.

Lee-Anne teaching a Spirit Guide Drawing Workshop
Melbourne 2011
Your artist: Lee-Anne Peters (L.Willson)

Lee-Anne has been channelling and drawing spiritual guides after she had a dream that she painted an Indian one night about a decade ago. That very next morning Lee-Anne got out her sketch pad and drew the Indian she dreamt of. This would be an influential spirit guide that stayed with her for the following 9 years, teaching her so much about spirituality, healing, shamanism, healing art and more.

The magic of a spirit guide drawing - Many people are overwhelmed when they first see their drawing. Many people report of the eyes of their guide following them around the room, that they smile or nod when the drawing is communicated with.

Spirit Guide drawn for a client overseas in 2012

Building a connection with your spiritual guide - To get the most out of the relationship between you and your guide it is recommended that you communicate with them as often as you can. With your drawing you can meditate with it by placing it in front of you. You can take a copy of yours and put a smaller version in your purse. You are only limited by your imagination and what you can do to connect with your spirit guide.

Spirit Guide drawn for a client in 2012

Benefits of your spirit guide connection - Enjoy a more rapid spiritual growth, development in most areas of your life, fine tuning your life’s purpose, increased self healing capabilities, enhanced meditations and a more enriched life.

Types of guides who may come through in your drawing - Healers, shamans, everyday common people, star beings, ascended masters, power animals, angels, children, male, female, various nationalities, some who have lived on this planet before and others who haven’t and more...

Spirit Guide - Dia - for a lady in Western Australia, drawn 2012.

Allow Lee-Anne to help you build a more solid connection with your spiritual guides. If you are feeling an inner ‘pull’ to get a spirit guide drawing done, then please take action. So often the guides come forward in such excitement to be ‘finally’ drawn.

Learn more about Lee-Anne’s Spirit Guide Drawings HERE

Please order This Special at our website HERE

Order Schedule:
First 5 to order will be completed on Tues 26th June
Second 5 to order will be completed on Mon 2nd July

You Pay AUD$100 + shipping (see below) – Usually $160
Shipping within Australia – extra $10 | Shipping outside Australia – extra $20

This offer strictly ends at midnight tonight (Sydney time)

Payments ONLY accepted through paypal and must be paid immediately.
Please order your Spirit Guide Drawing at our website HERE

What You will receive: A unique soft pastel drawing of your spirit guide. 51cm x 63cm. Full of colour and love. Name and brief details about your spirit guide emailed to you before you receive your drawing.

Lee-Anne requires: Your full name, date of birth, one question and your postal address. Please forward to
Your drawing will arrive safely in a postal tube.

Everyone has many more than only ONE spirit guide – are you ready to further your connection with yours?

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is a professional artist – drawing and illustrating hundreds of drawings a year. Her work is highly sought after and can be explored further at
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Friday, 8 June 2012

Temple of Balance

Temple of Balance is out of office from the 8th - 15th June 2012.

There will be no blog posts or Saturday Sale during this time.

Please browse through our previous blogs for great articles.

We look forward to being back of service to you and our planet after the 15th.

Thank you,
Temple of Balance

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Following a Dream – Seeing it through!

Following a Dream – Seeing it through!
By Lee-Anne Peters

We all have dreams, many have lost or forgotten dreams – however we all have dreams. Dreams can be thought of as out of reach or just not doable – and there really are many that are. Becoming a pretty good manifestor of my dreams I am learning a lot about this process, so hopefully something I share here can help you see it through, reignite your passions or let it go.

Do you have dreams?

These past few years have been ones of waves and waves of amazing things coming into my life. It has been no accident, chance or luck that I am here sharing from this wonderful position. I have worked hard, I have stepped into the unknown, taken risks and have been on the verge of giving it all up many times...

In a little over 10 years I have turned my life around from bankruptcy and living in a caravan to being a multi self-published author who is thriving. It’s through a few simple focuses that I continue to build momentum...

Here are my top 5 tips to bringing your dream into reality:

* Don’t give up – however, be flexible. I have seen many a stubborn businessman / woman dig in their heels and feel they have failed if they don’t see it through. Use that common sense to see your dream through – if it has lost your enthusiasm, if your health is suffering or things seem to be collapsing – you may need to review your plan.

* Take risks – step out of your comfort zone – this is essential if you would like to really expand and be all that you can be. These risks don’t have to be monstrous, just ones that you would usually not do due to fear or feeling uncomfortable. Make that phone call, arrange that meeting or ask for help.

* One step at a time – don’t become too overwhelmed by the ‘end result’... break your larger goal down into doable, simple and manageable steps. One day at a time will bring you to your goal sooner than you think. If you are always focused on what you don’t have or that you aren’t ‘there’ yet, you will likely struggle – let it go and put one step in front of the other!

* Gratitude – being grateful for what you are receiving, enjoying and everything happening for you will in no doubt boost your energy and the momentum. Please note the gratitude must be genuine. Genuine gratitude will expand what you are doing in incredible ways. Be grateful for the small things, the large things and everything in between.

* Clear intentions – hold clear intentions about what you want in life. Make lists and decide WHAT you intend to do. If you have clear intentions, then things will come into your life that is clear. If you are muddled or confused with what you are putting out there, then that will come back. If you want clarity and clear direction, then BE clear!! You must ALWAYS follow through with ACTION too...  

Well, I trust one or more of my tips sparks something in you - something that may propel you further into your dreams. Maybe you had lost some hope lately – well, remember WHY you started following your dream in the first place and reignite those initial feelings to help you see this through. If you would like further help on this, I highly recommend my latest book – From Lack to Abundance – You deserve to LIVE an abundant life immediately! 

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is the author of three books which inspire you to self heal, to align with your quest and to enjoy life. You can learn more about these empowering publications at  

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Guidance for the week | 4 – 10 June 2012

Guidance for the week | 4 – 10 June 2012!
Every Monday! By Lee-Anne Peters

Let’s look at the week ahead... 
I have selected two Temple of Balance Oracle cards and two Healing Energy Cards (1st edition). 

Let’s look at these closer...

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards

INKA | PEACE – A welcomed peaceful energy with heightened intuition looks promising this week. No matter what you have planned or what occurs for you, remember to always take the peaceful path. This will help things stay harmonised. There will likely be great peace of mind this week and a stronger sense of freedom than you may have felt for over a month. (Temple of Balance Oracle Cards)

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards

AMEALIA | SPIRITUAL SURGERY  – Your body may call for some nourishing and care this week, so be mindful of the food, drink and any toxins put into your body. If you feel the desire, see if you can replace toxins with fresh alternatives. I feel that boosting your water intake could be a great idea too – keep your body nice and hydrated. (Temple of Balance Oracle Cards)

Healing Energy Cards

12. SPIRIT MESSAGE – Pay extra attention to messages from spirit, your higher self or loved ones in spirit this week. Through your meditation, reflection or dream time may be when your senses are heightened and you will receive clarity with what you are picking up. I feel that you may likely hear spirit whispers which will help call you into your dreams in the coming weeks. The spirit whispers may not be in your main language, so be open to receiving them in all forms and know they will reveal their core message at the perfect time. (Healing Energy Cards)

Healing Energy Cards

17. TIME TUNNELS – Some old baggage or issues you carry may peep their head up sometime this week. This is unlikely to be anything massive or too weighing down on your mind or emotions. Be willing to let go as things happen or surface and this will make the whole process flow much easier than if you resist. You may be visited by old people from the past – who see you in your glory, and you can finally close that chapter once and for all. (Healing Energy Cards)

A nice week of peace and calm energy is in store. There may be a need to look at your body and spend some time nourishing it. Little colds or flus may occur this week, so keep your fluids up and ride the wave. Your connections and your intuition are likely to work well for you, just be mindful of any old baggage from the past that wants to poke its head up, and quickly let it go so it doesn’t hang around.

Have a wonderful week of PEACE & BODY CARE.

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is the creator & illustrator of Temple of Balance Oracle Cards and Healing Energy Cards – both accurate, highly energetic and sought after card decks for our current times. 

{Temple of Balance will be closed from 8th - 15th June 2012}

{Soul Activation Series – Expand your spirit! Melbourne – 6th – 12th October 2012. Featuring the Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course. Annual Soul Activation Series information HERE – or tickets on sale HERE}

{Aligning with Abundance Retreat – Transform your ideas into reality! Sydney – 9 & 10 March 2013. Learn more or book HERE }