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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Temple of Balance Australian Tour

Temple of Balance Australian Tour

Dear Australian friends!
We’re very excited to be able to confirm our Adelaide and Perth legs of our Tour today. Unfortunately we had to cancel Brisbane, however on the positive our Sydney, Melbourne and now Adelaide & Perth are going ahead!!
A big thank you to all who have supported our tour thus far!
Each city will be host to two of our most popular and life-changing events. Including:
-- Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course, and
-- One-day Healing Retreat (wisdom of the modern shaman)
Cory and I are thrilled to be connecting with many of you in the coming months on our tour.
If you would LOVE to come to the Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course or the one-day Healing Retreat in any of these cities please have a peak on our website where you can learn more and book your tickets. You can also find flyers for each city and each event too.
A head’s up for Melbourne souls who may be interested in the Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course – we are down to only 9 x seats left in this moment, and this course often sells out. We have a tight schedule during our tour and there won’t be any extra courses added if sold out.
Keep an eye on ticket numbers on our website too.
Thanks for reading and maybe we’ll meet you real soon,
Stay tuned for my new video monthly forecast for February coming in the couple of days!
Much LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
~ founder of Temple of Balance

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Weekly Guidance with Lee-Anne Peters {20 - 26 January 2014}

Weekly Guidance with Lee-Anne Peters
20 - 26 January 2014
Greetings lovely ones!
Thanks so much for popping in. I am still awaiting my new video recorder after mine broke a couple of weeks ago. So for this week our weekly guidance will be typed up below. I trust this resonates. Please, like always, take on board what feels right, and let the rest go.
I will select cards like I usually do on the video for you – one for each day, and two cards for the theme of the week.
This week I will be using my Temple of Balance Oracle Cards (
Elephant - Stand your ground, yet be
flexible and not stubborn.
Look for clues
that will confirm your stance.

MONDAY 20th January
Stand your ground on Monday. This may not necessarily mean speaking up for your self or defending yourself either. I am feeling this is more about BEing who you are, in that sense of strength and confidence. Avoid allow others to pull you down, but stand strong in your own energy field.
Dolphin - The dolphin calls to you, listen to those
stirrings within your heart. A time of great emotional

TUESDAY 21st January
Emotions may be high today, so avoid putting yourself into extreme situations (extreme negative especially) as it will likely affect you deeply and personally. Of course, if you are affected then it is safe to say there is a deeper issue worth exploring, however as you listen to how you feel and honour that for yourself, then you will feel more balanced emotionally - thus more IN the flow.

Janoya - Your past experiences are full of wisdom.
Meditate, you will find your answers within.

WEDNESDAY 22nd January
A day of reflection as you are reminded of how valuable your past is for you. No regrets, but instead remembering the wisdom you have gained from those experiences that have helped you be the person you are today. If you are not comfortable with yourself, then you have the power within you to make changes. Changes to help you be more of a happier person who lives the values and truths that are important to you.

Allison - let go. Release your hold on this situation
and watch your life transform in miraculous ways.

THURSDAY 23rd January
A day of release and letting go. Be cautious of holding on too tightly to parts of your life that arent working today. Release your grip and LET GO... when you let go you allow the situation to free up. And with no expectations on the outcome, the Universe will then bring everything to be in perfect alignment with everyone involved - their highest truth. Let your grasp go.
Twin Flames - An increase of love & connection
in relationships, including relationship with self.

FRIDAY 24th January
There is a 'coming together' feeling for Friday. Relationships may deepen and you perhaps will feel more comfortable with self on this day too. I feel a deep sense of love for life and contentment - enjoy this feeling.
WHALE – Sacred Song
Gather more momentum and motivation in your life.
Dive into the depths of the unknown.
SATURDAY 25th January
The love and contentment feeling from Friday will overflow over into Saturday's energy as you gather momentum and begin to take further action on your dreams, goals and projects. It doesnt matter how much is done, as long as you make some dedication time to move forth. Your soul is calling you further into your mission and purpose - hear the call, and take action accordingly.
Akaya - things may be magnified for you right now.
This is helping you open your perceptions.

SUNDAY 26th January
Sunday sees an increase of your intuition and lessons of trust coming forth. Things may seem amplified and in some ways extreme on this day, so take it easy, and if it gets too much, take a deep breath and step back for a little bit if you can. Things are shifting for you, allow, trust and adjust to this flow.
 Overall theme for the week ahead
Kimika - Ignite your passion for life.
Take action to get out of your present rut.
Eagle - Soar above pending changes &
worries and be the great observer.
Fly, explore & have fun.
Avoid getting into a rut this week, by finding things to focus on (or distract you) to help you stay peppy and passionate. If things get a little too 'choppy' and challenging for you, eagle reminds you to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and be the observer. Do your best to step back from pending changes and any worries you carry as they will likely seem larger and worse for you from time to time this week. Some time in nature and doing things you are passionate about - that makes your heart sing - may be of great help!
Have a wonderful and passionate week,
Much LOVE always,
Lee-Anne Peters
~ founder of Temple of Balance
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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Words of Wisdom - January TRANSITION - Lee-Anne Peters

January 2014
By Lee-Anne Peters
Welcome to 2014, I trust your transition was full of love and what you enjoy. I know it has been quite a challenging time these past weeks, and I trust you are moving out of any heaviness you may have been experiencing. I trust you find some comfort in these words of love to you.
The energy flowing into the new year was very focused around the old door closing and the new door opening, and that transition period (with one foot in both worlds) which seemed to last quite a while (and still continues to a degree) as time warped and we were in many ways pushed to step back and go within.
This within time hasn’t been easy as we face difficult things about ourselves and as we learn brand new lessons. Many of us went through a ‘dark night of the soul’ for a while (and some are still there).
The energy has started to shift as we regain some clarity and direction gently. However many of us still remain relatively unclear about what’s next. Some of us have started to create our plans and heart intentions for the coming months, however not all of the pieces have come together yet. It feels like there is no rush with this as we MUST ensure what we put our energy into is what we really want to do… well not just do, but to become! We MUST make sure that what we are planning or intending continues to stay in harmony with our hearts and our truth. This can be a little tricky to notice if we are kind of bogged down with negative thinking, doubts, fears, insecurities etc.
Many of us are learning the power of DETACHMENT – as we take our self love and self honouring further. Loving ourselves enough to say ‘no’ and to not take others opinions or judgments personally. It really is an art that requires dedication and commitment to really see the results. Tests continue to come in reminding us how important detachment really is – so perhaps sit with this word and discover its lessons for yourself.
As the new year hype dies down, around the middle of January we are guided to reflect and reassess our goals for the year (or 6 months at least) and adjust them if required. Let’s get our goals working for us – not out of obligation, necessity or agenda – but because our heart wants to and our SOUL calls to also.
We flow through January with a constant reminder of holding BALANCE. Well first we need to find that unique balance for ourselves. Remembering that everyone is different, their likes / dislikes are different, different bodies, lifestyles and purposes – so with this in mind, we all find our balance in different ways. Finding ours by becoming aware of what’s happening with our body, our mind, our words, our actions and in our environment. Paying attention to what brings us a sense of contentment, harmony, happiness etc and doing our best to hold that as we journey through moment to moment.
I feel new doors will open in succession soon and we will start getting a glimpse of these towards the end of January. As we continue to let go, close those old doors that no longer work, those old dreams that aren’t right for us any longer, and those old ways of being – we free ourselves and open ourselves for the perfect doors to open in accordance with our highest truth at the PERFECT TIME!
As we continue to go gently, find and hold our balance, set our clear heart based intentions and let go… this will ensure everything is where it needs to be as we move into a deeper sense of truth and flow than we’ve ever experienced!
HINT: Print up your words of wisdom and read it from time to time throughout the coming month.
Lee-Anne Peters
Please feel free to share with respectful credit to source – thank you.

Temple of Balance News & What’s on!
My newest book – I Am Goddess (part 2 of the Ascension Mastery Series) is out and working closely with those who are ready to connect further with their inner feminine, emotions and sensuality. Learn more about this awesome book at
Our Australian Tour is scheduled and we now have 2 x cities confirmed (Sydney & Melbourne) with tickets moving fast. Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth require min numbers by the end of January to confirm. For tickets and info, please visit
My card deck – Speed of Light Oracle – was not picked up by Hay House, so I have accelerated this deck and am currently doing the final fine tuning and perfecting before this deck heads to the printers in the next couple of weeks. Pre orders will open then, and the deck is estimated to be available from March/April. This is exciting news and you can learn more about this deck at
My 2nd book – Aligning with the Speed of Light – has been introduced to kindle at the special of US$2.99 – check it out here:
We are down to our last couple of dozen decks of Healing Energy Cards 2nd ed. We are still unclear about our intentions with the next print run – it will be happening though, just working out the best timing for this. Learn more at
I wish to extend a big THANK YOU for all of the support we have at Temple of Balance from our international customers supporting a self published, self funded, self distributed creative small business. This means our small profits come back to us so we can keep bringing you publications, events and other wonderful heart based things. I produce my work from the heart and based on my truth and not ‘for the market’. Thanks again.
All info for the above and everything else happening at Temple of Balance is regularly updated on our website if you can’t find what you are looking for – please contact us through our website.

Temple of Balance Events coming up:
JAN 8 | Chat Meet Up free event |  Topic: Balance | In our community chatroom
Australian Tour:
MAR 22 Sat | Course |  ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ | Ashfield, Sydney | MORE
MAR 23 Sun | Healing day |  ‘Wisdom of the Modern Shaman’ | Ashfield, Sydney | MORE
MAR 25 Tues | Course |  ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ | South Brisbane| MORE
MAR 26 Wed | Healing day |  ‘Wisdom of the Modern Shaman’ | South Brisbane | MORE
APR 5 Sat | Course |  ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ | Attwood, Melbourne | MORE *tickets selling fast
APR 6 Sun | Healing day |  ‘Wisdom of the Modern Shaman’ | Attwood, Melbourne | MORE
APR 8 Tues | Course |  ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ | Adelaide | MORE
APR 9 Wed | Healing day |  ‘Wisdom of the Modern Shaman’ | Adelaide | MORE
MAY 3 Sat | Course |  ‘Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course’ | Perth | MORE
MAY 4 Sun| Healing day |  ‘Wisdom of the Modern Shaman’ |Perth | MORE

Temple of Balance Radio this month: (Sydney time – AEDST – GMT+11)
Radio has ended for 2013 – Returns Thurs 6 Feb!

Publications at Temple of Balance
I Am Goddess: It’s time to Shine (new release - paperback)
Temple of Balance the book – Are you ready to be inspired? (paperback – save 30% & kindle)
Meditation: Simple & Effective – Enjoy more worry free days! (paperback – save 20%)
Create your own Crystal Grids (eBook, Video, Meditation) (ePackage – everyday $1.99)
I Am Shaman: Let go and allow flow (paperback – save 30%)
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Healing Energy Cards eBook – Companion to the cards (eBook – everyday $4.99)
From Lack to Abundance: keys to manifesting our success (paperback - save 30%)
Temple of Balance Oracle Cards: guidance from our friends in spirit (Cards - save 10%)
Eternal Love: A true story about Twin Flames (eBook - free)
Aligning with the Speed of Light: A guide to Ascension (paperback - save 30% & kindle)
Temple of Balance the book: Are you ready to be inspired? (paperback - save 30%)
Browse all of these at

Weekly You Tube Guidance
Uploaded on Sunday/Monday at

Message for you!
Ignite the magic and power within you and your life. Watch your life magically transform.

Much LOVE always,
Lee-Anne Peters
~ founder of Temple of Balance
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