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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The GIFT of GRATITUDE! 28th Sept 2011

Words of Wisdom

The GIFT of Gratitude!

28th September 2011

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Good morning,

I have just awoken on this Wednesday morning here in Southern Tasmania, Australia. I spent a few moments outside under the sun and in the stillness of the new day, reflecting on a dream I just experienced, a dream that had me teaching an important, yet very simple perspective about gratitude. So before I check anything online, I feel I want to share this with you.

How grateful do you feel right now, in this moment? Observe your thankfulness and notice how far it stretches. Does your gratitude include; being thankful for you, your efforts, how far YOU have come? Does your gratitude include; others around you who have contributed something special to your life? Does your gratitude include; nature and the surroundings upon which you reside? How far does your gratitude stretch?

The vibration and frequency of gratitude is very interesting to me, and something I have been practicing EVERY DAY for many years. As a parent of two you adolescent children I have NEVER had to tell them to say thank you or to be grateful for something. You know why? Because I have ‘embodied’ the gratitude energy and I am a living and breathing example of a grateful person. And being a parent my children look to me as a role model, as their teacher often unconsciously! The best way for me to teach my children about gratitude is for me to have a genuinely grateful heart, then they soon become automatically grateful. It is heart warming to see.

When we hold the intention of being thankful, for no matter what it is, but we feel that gratitude deeply within our heart, we send out this beautiful energy into the Universe. It is such an organic and compassionate energy that can potentially assist you feeling more complete and appreciative of everything in your life. In my dream just now, I was teaching a group of people about gratitude. And I was saying that when we simply hold the intention of being grateful something happens in the Universe. WE receive what we have given out as an intention, because we have noticed what we are thankful for, and we have held that intention, or better yet verbalised it, WE RECEIVE A BEAUTIFUL GIFT from the Universe.

I saw this gift as a neatly wrapped present with a huge bow on it. And linking this with my experience, I KNOW this is truth. As many of you know I am an active creator of my life and this whole time I have always been thankful. I thank my self EVERYDAY for being me. I thank my spiritual helpers for their help with my work being of service. I thank my children, my husband for the joy they bring into my life or even the little action or word they have said that is lovely. I thank people who are building up so much courage to face their fears and the unknown in their life. I thank the person in the shops for holding the door open for me or letting me pass. You know from time to time I imagine my gratitude so large around me, that when I drive my car, EVERY person or car I pass I am thankful for.

When we hold this space of genuine gratitude, meaning when we are genuinely grateful for whatever that is... and not just pretending to to maintain our world of illusion and there is a big difference – then we step into a force of energy that is so powerful and can help us manifest anything we require in life to help us with our purpose and mission on this planet.

When we are genuinely grateful we put an amazing energy into our force field that takes so much conflict out of how we see ourselves, others or our world.

Gratitude really is a GIFT! A gift that returns to YOU! YOU who hold the intention or embody the action of GRATITUDE! When you do this, you not only become a living inspirer – inspiring others to be grateful too; but you also allow the gifts from the UNIVERSE to flow back to you - which gives you even MORE to be grateful for. The energy of gratitude builds momentum and grows.

With ALL of my heart I THANK YOU for being you, for connecting with these words and welcoming gratitude further into your life. I also encourage you to THANK others who are helpful to you, or do things for you or just for being in your life. We all know how wonderful it feels when someone thanks us and recognises the hard work we have put in, so why not EMBODY GRATITUDE and start to really express that gratitude out to the world! The intentions of gratitude are good, however, the ACTIONS of gratitude are even better and help spread this amazing energy around our world in amazing ways! Thank YOU!

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