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Friday, 27 July 2012

Drop the Excuses - Release the Beliefs - YOUR TIME IS NOW!!

Drop the Excuses - Release the Beliefs - YOUR TIME IS NOW!!

By Lee-Anne Peters

Set the 'tone' of what sort of relationship you deserve, what career/work you wish to be a part of, the type of people you wish to be around by looking VERY closely at your belief system, your negative thinking, your old programming etc!!

Many may ask - how would my belief system determine how my life is? Well, based on my experience it does - so play with it and see how it sits for you! Don't take my word on it, but explore YOUR beliefs, YOUR programming, YOUR thinking to determine what is happening for you!

Illustration from 'I Am Shaman' - Lee-Anne Peters

Often when we talk about BELIEFS we go back to childhood and those sentences we heard a lot from our parent figures in those first years of this life. 'Only speak when you're spoken to' - 'No-one wants to hear what you have to say' etc etc.. These things were 'common place' in the generations of parenting - however now, I see the way we parent our children is changing.
I would LOVE to share with you more about BELIEFS connecting with religion. There are MANY people who claim to NOT be religious, however they may have spent a few years with religious role models, at Sunday school or even in a religious school. We (my husband and I) are seeing a LOT of people who are far from religious now, still continuing the old programming / beliefs that were drummed into them from those earlier years.

I am not saying that religion is bad, however I do feel that it LIMITS some people. After all, we are here to EXPAND, and religion doesnt nurture this, so this is why I choose not to embody any of it!

All I ask is that YOU listen to your thoughts, listen to your words and catch yourself on any beliefs / thoughts / programming that is limiting!

If your belief around LACK is louder than your desire for ABUNDANCE - then Lack will play out every time!!

Do you want to be in a job you LOVE? To be with people who you resonate with? And be in a relationship with the best reflection of your wonderful qualities? Then.... drop the beliefs, drop the excuses, no 'man in the sky' will punish you for you wanting to LOVE who you are! No 'evil' is going to take over the world.

Please dont waste another moment in these illusions... I know what I am sharing is blunt and straight to the point, but please, do yourself a massive favour and let everything that limits you go!!

If you have an uncomfortable reaction about these words and you suddenly want to defend yourself, please know this is first signs of limitation. Be real about your feelings and start peeling these limiting things back!

The world is at your fingertips... drop the armour and STAND TALL IN YOUR PERSONAL POWER AND BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE EVERY MOMENT!!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Founder of the award winning Temple of Balance Lee-Anne is passionate about reminding others how important they are and to encourage them to let go of all limitations!

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

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Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is known for her uncanny and accurate readings she does weekly on her Internet Radio show and her ability to sense the energy within your body and where you are currently blocked, along with how to move that energy out. You can learn more about Lee-Anne at

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

You don't HAVE to suffer for a GIFT to be revealed!!

You don't HAVE to suffer for a GIFT to be revealed!!

By Lee-Anne Peters

It's during times of exploring our Deepest Darkness that a true gift of light can be revealed!

However, be cautious not to believe that this is the ONLY way things can get better - by reaching the pits. If that's what you believe that is what you will create...

Transform that limiting belief into a positive TRUTH.... A TRUTH that shines so brightly - louder than any belief, any limitation, any suffering!

My thoughts are that within EVERY moment Great Light is Being revealed!! I don't 'have' to suffer to be able to thrive!!!

Do you belief you 'have' to suffer in order to thrive? Is that belief working for you?

YOU deserve to THRIVE!!! So start THRIVING!!!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is a passionate Goddess out on the leading edge encouraging you to let go, to follow your passions in life and to LOVE who you are. You can learn more about Lee-Anne’s work at  
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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Be willing to.... Let it Go!!

Be willing to.... Let it Go!!

By Lee-Anne Peters

From time to time some old wounds surface - these wounds we may have thought were long gone and hello - they rear their ugly head. This can bring forth fear, worry, negative thinking and anxiety. It can be 'out of the blue' when these old wounds reappear.... so when they do - what do we do about it?

Firstly, if you can and if you think about it look to your tools and resources for self healing. If they dont come to mind then try this...

1. Do your best to let these thoughts and fears go. Continue to persist - they are likely to be very stubborn and persistent too.

2. During this time of persisting, do your best to continue setting into place supportive visualisations, requests for help (especially in the area that is of concern).

3. Reflect on WHEN you have felt this similar feeling, fear, resistance in the past... what is the connection to your current concern? Don't look at the people involved, look at the FEELING.

4. KNOW that your truth, your knowing that everything will be okay and your visualisation of this WILL be what occurs.

5. Look at what is happening, even if the feeling subsides - which it likely will. Explore and be ready to surrender old fears, patterns or beliefs that hold you in this issue.

6. Reflect on blood ties and connections through generations (especially if you are worried about others, particularly in the family)

7. What can YOU do to break the patterns, to bring forth peace of mind or to heal these wounds?

8. KNOW you are LOVED, supported and you have the mental and emotional strength to see this through.

The best time to explore these sorts of ideas is when the emotion is strong, ripe and at the surface!!

Sending you waves and waves of strength, LOVE and support through these words, and one of the most beautiful freeing songs I LOVE to work with:

Feel Free by Pia

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is a passionate Goddess out on the leading edge encouraging you to let go, to follow your passions in life and to LOVE who you are. You can learn more about Lee-Anne’s work at  

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