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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My daily question - how can today be purposeful?

My Daily Question that I ask myself --
How can I tend to my nest / Temple today?

Good morning friends!
Several months ago I was working a lot on the power of detachment. At the time I was learning how to detach from others opinions, judgement and sabotage of my work at Temple of Balance. A part of this was my realization that my work and who I am is like a NEST… and it is essential that my focus be on this nest - not what people think about it - but basically I just wish to focus on doing my work! So most days and anytime I feel weighed down with others opinions I remind myself to just ‘tend to the nest.’
An Eagle's Nest we found in our travels - outback, South Australia

So I’ve decided that for as long as I feel it is important I will ask myself this question each morning and will add a few things to the list, which I will tick off when completed as a sense of personal achievement. I will keep this as a daily blog post for now to help keep me personally accountable for tending to my nest and as a reminder. I wish to dedicate each day to contemplating this!
If you would like to join me, then please do. I encourage you to share your ‘goals’ in the comments below. One thing I remind you is - please ensure your goals are doable - you want to be able to achieve them or make a start on them at least. Keep it simple, doable and comfortable for you. When you’ve got into the rhythm you may like to add a few ‘harder’ goals on your daily list to set yourself something a little more challenging - see how you go!

How can I tend to my nest / Temple today?
- Walk - just do it - even 5 mins
- Create some pendants
- Tai Chi

- Take a sunrise photo for my facebook profile

- Share in a blog (in progress)
This is all my list is today as I get into the swing of things, and I am comfortable with this. What I achieve on my list is a personal thing, I don’t need to boast or wait for anyone else to acknowledge it! I can see the ticks and feel a sense of personal accomplishment when I see them!
Please share - what will you ‘tend’ to today that will help you feel your day has been of purpose? 

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