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Friday, 30 December 2011

Give Rise to the Phoenix - 30th December 2011

Give Rise to the Phoenix
30th December 2011

Namaste to You!!

What a ride this is – such incredible opportunity within now! We have travelled so far during such a short time. We each play our part within this ebb and flow of life, and for your part I extend deep and sincere THANKS! I am honoured to be sharing with you during this time, during these ‘end times’ (end of separation).

Yesterday I slipped into an interesting space and have come out the other side, I just wanted to share a few words with you, as I see many are also experiencing something similar. As many of you may know I have been aligning and expanding all year, however yesterday afternoon I felt like I was stretched as far as I could go, like a rubber band about to break, however a part of me wasn’t allowing it to be released and for the tension to expand into freedom. I could feel Ancient and amazing life experiences and connections with special souls, but could not quite reach the full depths of them. I could feel my origin in the stars, my home with my Pleiadian brothers and sisters, however I could not quite reach them. I was stretching to connect, but there was too much ‘hold’ I had to be able to feel it. So this made me feel disconnected and separate. I cried and slipped into healing mode.

After some reflection, and discussion, I felt like I was building great energy. I could sense the awesome connections to All that I AM (which at the time felt just out of my reach), and when the hold was released and the tension broken a great increase of energy would take place – like an Implosion! With this implosion masses of energy forces would come together and force EVERYTHING old from my being! Then massive amounts of focused and concentrated energy would build... and this is where black holes are created... as an individual I step into my Greatest Role – As the TRUE Master Creator of my Life! This is where galaxies are formed, and where they are held into place with the vastness of Self. 

I had some physical work to do, my physical body felt sore, like I had been running uphill for lifetimes. So I retreated to one of my most Sacred Spaces, a warm salty bath! This is a great place for me to honour myself and to meditate. As I entered the bath I wanted to wipe down my body. It was like I had died and this was a Sacred Ritual of cleansing the Old Body before it transitions into the new ‘plane’ of existence. I did this with honour, gratitude and love. After this Sacred Ceremony, I laid back and my mind drifted to things from the past, things from now, and I just continued to Thank these people and situations and released my hold on them. Even if I didn’t feel anything other than LOVE for these beautiful people, I still let go of my hold. Images flashed in my mind and I let them go. My body was twitching and I let this all go. I freed myself of ALL chains that had been binding me, all pain that had been holding me, all beliefs that had been trapping me. Then I slipped into meditation!

Upon re-emerging, I felt like a foetus in fluid. I felt new, reborn and free. My heart started to fill with so much gratitude and LOVE, as I knew that I was being initiated into something very sacred. I feel this energy expand for the coming days too, as we become reborn into 2012!

I feel like Phoenix, after bursting into flame and dying, was then reborn from the ashes, and soars with incredible force, power and love into the new and true!

After my death / rebirth experience I wanted to personally thank everyone important in my life. I will continue with this ritual over the coming days, during this time of transition.

These end times are HERE... your body may be feeling it... please go gently, and PLEASE pull on resources you have learned to help you let go and be reborn! Welcome the energy of ‘death / endings’ into your life, there is nothing to fear... It’s when you welcome this energy that you can full be free and reborn into the most amazing and powerful YOU possible! Be willing to release and let go, nourish yourself and be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions!

We hold hands together during these often chaotic end times; knowing that it is through this apparent ‘chaos’ that order will unfold! We all play our perfect part right now! Thank you deeply for being here during this time now - All my LOVE.

~ Lee-Anne Peters

I have shared my experience, now I will paste my good friend Bill Ballard’s message that was born out of this experience shared above yesterday. Thank you Bill!

The End of the Great Awakening ~ Separation of the Wheat and the Chaff

We have finally reached the end of the Great Awakening. Energies are shifting and realigning everywhere. Those persons who have chosen to be vertically aligned for ascension seem to be having similar situations occurring in their lives, all at the same time, watching as those they love fall away.

This is not because these persons don’t love you anymore, or you them. It is all about vibration and the vibration each person choses to reside in. There is no higher, no lower, no better and no worse. It is all a learning experience that each individual chooses for their learning experience and soul’s growth. WE ALL have done this over many lifetimes. Here at the End of 2011, again this is occurring but is the final separation of the wheat and chaff.

Don’t think of these things as bad or good, for it is not. It simply just is, and is magnified now because of the vibrations that Mother Earth has around as both she and humanity prepare for ascension. Actually ascension for many has already occurred, is occurring and in reality will always occur. As we raise our frequencies, our consciousness returns and the veils are dropped to who and what we truly are.

We ARE NOT MERE MORTALS! We never have been, but the knowledge of who we truly are would have kept the game and learning experiences from happening, and that is exactly what we came to Earth School for. Remembering who we are, our powers, and how to manoeuvre though dimensions is occurring now and we find that many of those who were drawn into our lives so we share with each other for these learning experiences and Karma are now falling away. WE are moving to where we need to position ourselves, being with those of the same vibrations, and the soul families we came to earth with in the first place. And too, this placement depends on the individual’s decision to where they wish to go after ascension.

We are all explorers, seeking these experiences we have in this so called life as that is what grows our soul. We repeat these experiences until our soul, or ourselves have learned all we can, and we advance to the next level of learning, or going back to source to achieve our next higher levels of learning. As we expand our consciousness by increasing our vibration, allowing higher understandings to come in, we change not only ourselves but the world around us, or our illusion… It is an illusion! Everything on the outside is an illusion we create both individually, or in small groups or as a collective, joining in experiencing the lessons we can learn from that illusion we create.

The coming dimensional shift that Earth and humanity is going to is another illusion we are all creating by our thought and emotions. There will be many new illusions created with the coming New Earth as so many persons are on different levels of soul growth. The main ingredient here is to realize that you and I are creating what we wish to experience next. Be careful at where you choose to focus your thought if you wish to have a peaceful existence in the future.

The 5th dimensional energies here on Earth at this time are causing manifestations to occur instantaneously for those of us who have reached the highest of vibrations available on Earth. This too is going for those persons who are not realizing the illusion still playing in the lower vibrations. As we are creating our Heaven on Earth, many are creating their Hell on Earth. Neither is better or worse, but gives that individual their experience of being the creator. At the base of it all, WE ARE GREAT CREATOR GODS… Each of us created our own reality… That IS the Awakening and Higher Teachings!

With that, so many persons are experiencing ones they have spent this lifetime with, and many lifetimes with fall away as we near the next cycle and are choosing the places we shall go.  This is all part of the process, and we must let these others go with the LOVE they deserve. It is time to cut all cords that allow those of the lower vibrations who draw the light, or attempt to suck you into their lower vibrations and let them go. It is their learning experience and if you are complete with your karmic issues and learning lessons, say thank you for being my teacher, and lovingly let them go, floating away.

Many of us are like rockets with our consciousness in a fully vertical way. That is only one level of experiencing what is. The more vertical one is in their thought forms the more connected to source and disconnected from the illusion they are. Linear thinking and existence is playing in this illusion. Some choose to do both. Some choose to be vertical in their consciousness and watch all that is going on around them from the standpoint of an observer rather than a player in the game. But even that, the information we share makes us a player as we continue to awaken other and share our higher truths.

This sharing of higher truths is and will be always an ever and ongoing process as we all are truly ONE, vibrating at different levels and with various levels of understanding and all experiencing this universal illusion. Each atom, each mineral, each plant, each planet, each and every animal and entity in form are all connected and a part of you as you are a part of it. There truly is no separation, only different levels of comprehension and experiencing what we call life. On the greatest levels of understanding, life is eternal and ever growing. Death is an illusion as well as physical death. It is a choice.

As we come nearer this dimensional shift, the old paradigm collapses. Persons not aware of this change, who are still in a linear thought form, focused on the illusion will have many disappointments as the external realities collapse. This is why the higher messages have been to prepare for the release of all things in your life. If you hang on to it, controlling or manipulating it, it will most likely fall away. Releasing all is key this time as everything in this world is being shaken and will realign in the frequencies that it is attuned too… There will be many realities of the illusion playing out at the same time. Isn’t it so very wonderful! What an adventure and fantastic time to be on Earth!

By releasing, you are not attached to the outcome. Again, we are all going to different places. Ascension coming is not going to be the same for anyone. Each will be different as it must. Remember on the higher levels we are all supposed to experience everything there is to experience thereby feeding our souls, and the mind of God… WE each attribute to that Akashic Records and when the proper attunement is made by each individual, we can also read from them. YOU have all the information in the multiverse available to you, if you learn to raise your consciousness and vibration to that level…

As this plays out on Earth in these End Times, it will look as if Earth is going to be destroyed. It looks as if World War III is about to happen. Of course those who have been anchoring the dark polarity so that this 3rd and 4th dimensional illusion could be experienced are trying to maintain the illusion we all have participated in. That illusion is collapsing as we wake up to what we have been doing. Each of us will experience this in a different way. Yes the ones who have been holding on to power don’t want this illusion to shift. They are in their own heaven as they manipulate and control others. As humanity wakes they are individually taking back their power… Some individuals will not wake because of various reasons and will continue to play the illusionary part of being victims… There is nothing farther from the truth. There are no victims, only karmic games in this illusion.

A friend has asked me if I was too experiencing this falling away of others as we are increasing our vibrations like a UFO kicking in hyperspace and traveling at speeds beyond the speed of Light… YES! WE are experiencing so many persons falling away that cannot keep up. Our learning lesson at this time is to realize the truth of that which is going on. That our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins and friends are not our real families… Some are yes, but for the most part, they were ones we chose to incarnate with to be properly placed this lifetime to learn the lessons we needed to learn. Our real families are on much higher levels, and definitely can be in our lives at this time too. But again, realize that we are all each individual fragments of God here to experience feeding our souls growth. WE may be choosing to experience completely different real illusions on the next level we are going to.

Therein is the point of what I feel needs to come out at this time… Be at peace, as all this illusion is fragmenting, breaking apart and being tossed in the air… where it falls, when it lands is up to each of the individual fragments… It is all of Vibration, Holy Spirit, and has its own fragment of consciousness feeding the whole in its experience… Let it go… Let it be. When the shift is over, attune to the new at that time. Keep your focus on that which you choose to manifest in the future of your experience. WE each will have different pictures of that in our heart’s mind. That picture will become the manifestation of the new illusion we each desire to play in. Maintain your focus on that you wish to manifest!

I also have been asked by others why I am so watching these End Times to play out. Well, that IS what I came here to do. I am asked if my focus even as an observer of that is bringing more of the darker and lower energies into existence… Being an observer does not do that. Only by focused intent of thought picturing that illusion and adding emotions to it creates that illusion. I came here as an observer, and as one who remembers my personal connection to share my understandings with others. I have done this all my life. It is funny as so many persons cannot hear or see the truth in what I have shared, but rather been more amused at these things I speak from my heart as truth. I see no good or bad in what is playing out but as a mechanic, I watch how all parts fit together forming the whole of the Big Picture. What I choose to experience next will not be effected by that which humanity creates as a whole… My focus of next is truly vertical and complete connection to source and ALL THAT IS.

I am excited about what all is going on at this time on Earth… Yes, it can look dark or bad to those who don’t see the big picture, but this cycle, unlike last in Atlantis, I see so many souls incarnate taking back their power, raising their vibration, expanding their consciousness, manifesting their new realities that I know Earth will not be destroyed as it has in the past cycles… WE are becoming the Sons and Daughters of God, again, and that which we always have been, as we forgot in this illusion we have just played out…

With Unconditional Love for ALL THAT IS
Bill Ballard
As always, it is my Higher Self of what I AM coming through.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Great Flow - 24th Dec 2011

The Great Flow!
24th December 2011


I sit here on the evening of the 24th of December surrounded by thunder and lightning. It is summer here, but we are lucky to have 3-5 storms during summer as our climate in Southern Australia is not known for its humidity or heat for that matter. I LOVE the charging of the air, as these storms activate me in all ways! As soon as I hear some thunder I am up and active!! Now seemed like a perfect moment to share the next update in what has been occurring collectively since the 16th of December. If you haven’t read my other Words, please find them here on my blog (16th Dec & 20th Dec).

We have been talking about ‘The Great Pause’ and waiting for Green Lights to signal us into the next space of our life. Many of us ‘sense’ something waiting on the other side of these lights that we can’t quite grasp. Many of us hold this space of Pause while others ‘catch up’ by releasing doubt, fear, old beliefs and programming and step into the ‘zone.’

The waves of Action started slowly rolling in a couple of days ago, around the solstice, where many of us became ripe again with motivation, however, still not the Green Lights we have been waiting for. I see us standing on the line, with a very lightly packed bag on our back; positioned ready to charge full steam ahead the MOMENT that light turns Green!!

Meanwhile, others are tasking us with work to do, our own ‘to do’ list grows, however most of it remains on Pause for now! We are reminded to only ‘do’ what we feel motivated to do, and KNOW that the rest really can wait. It is not important right now or we WOULD have the enthusiasm and time to ACT!

Each day since the solstice our motivation increases. Each day the WAVES of motivation wash over us, slightly increasing in momentum! We are stepping into the Great FLOW! The Great Flow consists of total alignment with who we are and the direction we are going. We rarely look back to our past within the Great Flow, but instead we accept, allow and trust! We KNOW within our whole being that everything from the past contributed to who we are today. We learnt valuable lessons about how we want our life to be, and who we want to be. Embrace all of the important lessons and shift your focus from the past. Those remaining so fixated on the past and the pain, trauma, drama from there will struggle to step into the flow, and I see them mesmerised by what happened back then. For them time will quicken to a very rapid pace and they will not know where the time is going every day! These people are aging and deteriorating quickly! The good news is, is that this isn’t the way it has to be. And anytime anyone is LOCKED within the time lock of the past, they have a CHOICE to switch out of the hypnosis and turn and face their life now, embrace the lessons from the past and step into the flow. If you feel you are trapped in your past, PLEASE ask for help, look or ask for resources that can help you let go. You are not alone in this!

The Great Flow is here now and it sweeps us up into its magic and vastness! The Great Flow is an ebb and flow that gently pulsates from moment to moment; a smooth and rhythmic dance of FLOW. To step further into this FLOW, work with music, sound, colour and art to ALIGN further with the Great Flow. The Great Flow is increasing momentum. You step into the Alignment of this Great Flow gently to start with, and then it builds and builds in its intenseness! Once you have been swept into the Great Flow, you will not easily exit. You will not easily be fooled by those trapped mesmerised by their pain from the past. You will not easily slip into doubt or under the excuse that you need to find answers from others, when you can easily now TRUST your own inner knowing and make THAT count!

The Great Flow is building and it will continue to build into January! As we ‘enter’ and while we are ‘in’ it, we empower others to align more with their Great FLOW too... We are being swept into the Great Flow from the line we have been waiting on,  and we expand into ever expanding consciousness. Similar to a large giant Vortex, we are now turning our own lights on! We are paving our own way. We prepared, we retreated, we cleared and we waited... now, we are swept into the Greatest Flow ever known. And it’s here we realise that the Green Lights turning on was not about a linear path going straight ahead, but was our porthole into this ever expanding Vortex of FLOW!

Hold your position, hold your stance,
Let go of your pain, move to YOUR dance!
As you are swept into the flow,
And you let all hurt go,
You are not aimlessly tumbling, through the victim of time,
But you are perfectly dancing and swaying in rhyme.
The Great Flow has you within her expansion,
Here you safely awaken your dreams and passion.
You look out from your FLOW of the vortex within,
And you see trillions of others who too, have let go of sin.
Trillions of souls, aligning with FLOW,
Trillions of stars who are ready to GLOW.
Hold your position, move deeply inside,
Let go, Align and Enjoy your Sacred RIDE!

Soon we will not need to speak of fear, it will be no more. Shift into your truth and shine with your love. We are all here together FLOWING on our ride during this Great Shift in consciousness!

Thank you SO much for being you, and for stepping into your Great FLOW! I appreciate your efforts, your growth and your commitment, YOU help us ALL!


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All my LOVE,
~ founder of Temple of Balance

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Clear It Out! - 20th December 2011

Clear IT out!
20th December 2011

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The energy right now is loud, intense, very specific and is affecting many! As we ALL prepare to SHIFT into a new year (we did the same last year) many are being affected and I will do my best to keep you up to date with what’s going on to help you flow through this!

For the past 12hrs especially many have been going through a Great Purging! Where deep purification and cleansing is needed! The clutter is called to be removed, and the old is wanted to be released from your grasp! We are ‘still’ with the Great Pause (see my last words on my blog – I Am I Allow! Here: ) however we ARE starting to shift out of it! The energy IS moving, even though many people still feel stuck (or in a ‘holding pattern’ as one friend described). It’s the ‘stuck’ that is the problem – let the stuck feeling go and ALLOW yourself to BE in this space! Just because things are moving slow and you feel unmotivated, isn’t BAD – in fact it is essential during this phase – do let go of the need to control how you feel, and ALLOW the feeling to take place!

For those of us NOT resisting this Great Pause, we have moved into a Great Purification, where a catalyst (being a person, situation or trigger) may have motivated us to CLEAR IT OUT!! These people / situations have been essential today in inspiring much needed cleansing. You see, this cleansing is SO important in this moment! Why? Well, we are about to go Full Steam Ahead when the Green Lights turn ON – and it won’t be long when they do (a couple of days max!)... so HOW can we fully be ready for the steaming ahead if we trail baggage? Well, the truth is we can’t! SO cleansing is essential right now! But only if you are motivated to do so.

Look at our planet in these past 36hrs... full of wind, rain, storms, and electrical storms too... when our weather does this, it tells us that this is a COLLECTIVE PAUSE, Purification and soon to be Full Steam Ahead! THIS is affecting us all – so it’s time to get into full Alignment with who you are and to allow the FLOW IN! Resist less and Flow more... Fear less and Love more... worry less and Feel more... I KNOW within my WHOLE essence that YOU are ready for this, that you have the strength to move through this and that when the GREEN LIGHTS turn on – that you will be so prepared in EVERY facet and form! You will already have your light bags packed, you will already have the knowing, and you will have ALL of the support you need to journey into what is in front of you!

You have all the resources at your finger tips... so it’s time to drop the excuses and start pulling on the resources and USE THEM! You have NEVER had more help than NOW – so find what you need and adapt it to suit your needs in the moment! It’s time to step up together, hold this space for each other and be so very excited for everyone as the Green Lights turn on and it’s Go Go Go! I can see as all lining the path and CELEBRATING every individual following the calling! You deserve this and YOU ARE READY!!!

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