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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Everything is Possible - 13:12:11

Words of Wisdom

Everything is Possible
13th December 2011 (13:12:11)

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Namaste Great Beings,

What a huge week it has been! Well, lately when haven’t we had a massive week? We certainly are experiencing weeks or months worth of ‘stuff’ in one week and it is incredible. With this is coming almost instant manifestations, which really ramped up since 11:11:11!!

So here are some thoughts I shared earlier that I wanted to share here with you too... I trust it is helpful to you in this moment, as anything – if it isn’t then just cast it aside!

Since the full mOOn / lunar eclipse a couple of days ago we have been rapidly moving into another NEW VIBRATION! Many people are really struggling to keep up to speed with this, and for you I remind you to let go of ALL resistances and if you want to explore and really ALIGN further, please look into my 2nd book - Aligning with the Speed of Light - it was written to help you during these times...

So on one hand we have many people struggling badly, they say that they just can’t seem to get a break from their pain and nothing seems to be going right for them... and on the other hand we have people thriving like never before... we have people almost instantly manifesting their dreams and goals and people who are so aligned that they feel they could fly!

Why is there such a difference? People who see life as getting better and better and others who see life getting worse and worse!!! Huge contrast in this.... IF you are struggling, it is likely to get louder to help MOTIVATE YOU to change... Like I shared on a you tube movie about using fear as motivator ( ) ... How are you approaching your life? How stuck are you in your belief structure or control? How much are you resisting a happy life? It's time to really be REAL about how you feel and put into practice EVERYTHING you have ever learned to help you!!!

For those of us thriving, it will just continue to expand from here... continue to let go all the time of everything that is limiting you, and step deeper and deeper into your freedom! Manifestations are EVERYWHERE... there has never been a better time than NOW to cast aside your doubts, to welcome in your dreams... to bring your ideas into fruition... take action steps and TRUST! Trust your intuitive impulses to contact people; it is likely they have been sending out a call to the Universe that you are hearing. Continue to thrive in this miracle of Manifestation... and as you do so, more and more manifestations flow to you OR FROM YOU!!

Embrace EVERY potential you have in this moment - and ALLOW yourself to SHINE BRIGHTLY!!

"I let go of ALL resistances and welcome the FLOW into my moment!" ~ Lee-Anne

| New Temple of Balance news:
We are putting into place many ‘new’ resources for you starting as soon as I get them together, which will most likely be February 2012, although some may be ready a little earlier.

I love to connect with you more personally, so I will be doing a weekly video / audio webstreaming to you starting early February!

Coming soon to our TEMPLE are unique subscriptions to help you remember, be motivated, activated, nourished, healed and enlightened ~ look out for more info here or on our website in the coming weeks.

My Twin Flame and I wrote an eBook which is NOW available freely to the public! Please register and claim your copy HERE

Your Temple of Balance team wish you a perfect and peaceful transition into 2012!! The year of the Dragon!

Available worldwide now! – Free Shipping throughout Australia on books only!
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Coming soon!
Healing Energy Cards eBook! View
From Lack to Abundance – Keys to Manifesting Your Success!! View
Ascension Mastery Series Part I – I Am Shaman: Let go and Allow Flow! View
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~ Thursdays – Temple of Balance & Meditation Hour

Building Momentum ~  Reflect Radio!
All you need is internet access...

Meditation Hour – Soul Purpose with Whale – on Reflect Radio
Sydney – Thurs 15th  Dec  – 8pm
London – Thurs 15th  Dec  – 10am
Pacific (US) – Thurs 15th  Dec  – 3am
HOST: Lee-Anne
Length: 60 mins
Cost: FREE

Temple of Balance – finale for 2011 on Reflect Radio
Sydney – Thurs 22nd Dec  – 8pm
London – Thurs 22nd  Dec  – 10am
Pacific (US) – Thurs 22nd  Dec  – 3am
HOST: Lee-Anne
Length: 60 mins
Cost: FREE

Reflect Radio 1st Birthday Celebrations – Mon 30th Jan 2012 – more details coming soon

Temple of Balance – Welcome to 2012 – Mass Healing Event on Reflect Radio
Sydney – Thurs 2nd Feb  – 7pm
London – Thurs 2nd Feb  – 9am
Pacific (US) – Thurs 2nd Feb  – 2am
HOST: Lee-Anne
Length: 120 mins
Cost: FREE

**Temple of Balance 2011 broadcasting ends on Thurs 22nd Dec and returns 2nd Feb 2012

More upcoming programs See here
Listen to the archives of Lee-Anne’s Programs here

| Guidance

Guidance from our friends in spirit
Pre-Order your pack today HERE

Created by: Lee-Anne Peters

SWAN - Entices

“Swan is calling you forward, she is enticing you to take peaceful action and allow your intuition to guide you. Smooth sailing ahead, mixed with lots of love in your heart! Keywords: Persuasion. Action. Peace. Intuition. Smooth.” Lee-Anne

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards – Learn more information HERE

| Tips to help you this week:
·         Stop making excuses – it’s time to be REAL
·         Keep flowing
·         Awaken your ideas
·         Take Action
·         Let go of ALL doubts with Manifestation
·         Choose Happiness

| Confirmed Events (in order of event):

Awaken Your Spirit! The Great Mergence of the God à Goddess!
Melbourne, Australia - 6th – 12th Oct 2012
7 events over 7 days!
Basic info:
Travel information (International or national): see here

Day 1 Sat 6th Oct 2012
Sacred Crystal Gridsa crystal healing day
Base chakra activation – physical / grounding

Day 2 Sun 7th Oct 2012
The Sacred Goddessheal and nurture your feminine side
Sacral chakra activation – feminine energy

Day 3 Mon 8th Oct 2012
            Awaken the Warriorstep into your personal power
Solar Plexus chakra activation – masculine energy

Day 4 Tues 9th Oct 2012
Balance Your Liferemember your ancient connections
Heart chakra activation – remembering

Day 5 Wed 10th Oct 2012
Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Coursenew & refresher tickets available
Throat chakra activation – expression, giving / receiving

Day 6 Thurs 11th Oct 2012
Enhance Your Psychic Talentstrust your intuition
Third eye chakra activation – intuition, trust

Day 7 Fri 12th Oct 2012
Expanding with Sacred Geometryraise your energy vibrations
Crown chakra activation – mass healing energy, oneness

Registrations are open now.
Inquiries please email

If you want to experience change, healing and growth in a loving and nurturing space, then why not book and experience first hand what we have to share. We have feedback signed by attendees, and attendees who repeat events because they love soaking up the atmosphere. Check out our feedback, view our previous events gallery and the events we currently have on offer. If you would like to propose an event in your area, please email

| Confirmed Appearances:

>>>Psychic Tee Radio
Sharing about Spirit Magazine & Faeryworld Magazine
When: Wed 14th  December 2011
Where: HERE
Times: 1pm Sydney time

>>>Angel Heart Radio Network
Sharing about my work
When: Tues 20th  December 2011
Where: HERE
Times: 12pm Sydney time

"If you want to compare your self to me, and through that comparison you feel threatened, jealous, envious or judgemental - I am just letting you know now that it doesn’t worry me... I can sense it, and I back off and reclaim MORE of my POWER and SELF!! I refuse to give my power away to this sort of thing any longer...” Lee-Anne Peters

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