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Thursday, 1 December 2011

1st December 2011 - New Vibration!

1st December 2011

HEALING ENERGY CARD intuitive guidance


The *NEW* is upon us.... and as the world transitions into the new month of December, we also transit into a new vibration. Every month brings with it a essence of *NEW* so today is no exception at all!
Reflecting on the 11th month of this 11 year may be productive for you. You may see that the 11th month was FULL of healing, growth and activation!! It may seem like months ago since we were in October! Time has continued to stretch and warp as we step deeper into this space of No Time! The more people who ALIGN with their truth and passions and follow through with ACTION, the more we start to change the collective consciousness - thus changing the world! As people ALIGN deeper with these things they step into their OWN time reality and have endless energy from moment to moment to get things done, to act on projects or ideas and to pursue happiness! You have done a fabulous job, and if you dont feel quite as ALIGNED as you could be, then dont be hard on yourself about it, just step back and expand your viewpoint of your life and make the necessary physical, emotional, mental or spiritual changes! If you want to change your experience, you MUST change your habit!!

As we journey into this NEW VIBRATION of the 12th month, we are guided to spend some time today reflecting, nurturing and flowing! To feel and strengthen your connection to the EARTH / this moment and to the UNIVERSE / your higher self!!

It's time now, more than ever before to GET IN CHARGE of your mind thoughts; to release ALL doubt, fear, excuses, denial, unhappiness and to step fully IN TO who you are!! You cant fully do that if your mind is doubting or getting in the way!!

Do you sense my urgency? Every moment is an opportunity to change these things... maybe your moment is NOW!! I KNOW you can do this, every day the opportunity becomes easier.. let your resistance GO and ALLOW FLOW!

TIP | A great day to meditate, reflect and contemplate *New Vibration*
"Every Moment is an Opportunity to change - My Moment is Now!" ~ Lee-Anne

Infinite LOVE,
Lee-Anne ~ Creator of Healing Energy Cards

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