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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Temple of Balance Subscriptions - Month ONE

Temple of Balance Subscriptions

Month ONE of Memberships

Hi everyone!
My aim is to update you each month about the focus of these recordings and writings. Within these messages are detailed descriptions about meditations, audio recordings, video and writings that are included in specific subscriptions this month.

Please look for direct links to them all as they come forth on this webpage:

This update will always be in alignment with you whenever you begin your Temple of Balance Subscription! 

Thank you to you for diving into the unknown and stepping into the FLOW of this process with us. We have been coming to you for almost 6 years from all different angles and perspectives, in aim to help you align with who you are, to love yourself and to follow your dreams and desires in life!

The general focus around these first parts within the membership is getting back to basics and focusing on clearing your mind of worry, doubt and fear!

Let’s look at each membership closely:

1. Healing Temple Membership (AUD$5.99p/m) – Includes; one unique healing meditation:
This beautiful partially guided meditation has soothing running water in the background and is quite long; running in total for over 29 minutes. I focus at the beginning to help you relax and let go of any worries you carry with you. We work with Archangel Raphael who is helping you heal your mind. You welcome in Life Force to help build your personal power and confidence. This is a calming and relaxing meditation for you. (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 1st month membership) LEARN MORE

2. Nourishing Temple Membership (AUD$11.11 p/m) – Includes; one unique nourishing meditation AND one nourishing video message:
The meditation aspect of this subscription is very relaxing and nourishing. A partially guided meditation, this one contains the nurturing drum in the background and goes for 18 minutes. There is some focus around letting go and helping you release old and unwanted energy within your body, mind and emotions. A direct connection with the Earth and drawing love and support from her up into your body to help soothe any tension within you. You meet one of your spiritual teachers who takes you on your own unique journey during the meditation so you can receive specific guidance for you! You are likely to feel lovely support from this meditation! (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 1st month membership) LEARN MORE

The nourishing video is full of help and tools to assist you let go of your mind worries and to reclaim back your personal power. Lee-Anne also selected a Healing Energy Card for extra guidance also. Running for 13m34s this video will help you connect directly with Lee-Anne's teachings.  (This video arrives on day 14 of your 1st month membership)

3. Motivational Temple Membership (AUD$16.66 p/m) – Includes; one unique motivational audio recording; one motivational video message AND one writing words of motivation.
The motivational audio recording comes to you as an MP3 recording. I share with you for over 16 minutes with a specific focus on clearing your mind thoughts, and what happens to our body when we focus on our worry, negative thinking or doubts. There is a direct connection here with the loss or giving away of our personal power! By the end of this recording you will be ready to take steps in helping you reclaim your personal power! This is the base for most blocks people carry with them from their everyday life! (This meditation arrives on day 1 of your 1st month membership) LEARN MORE

The motivational video is full of assistance to help you reconnect with your body and to reclaim your personal power. A energetic healing is included in this video that exceeds 15 minutes in length. Lee-Anne pulls a Temple of Balance Oracle Card to help provide extra guidance, as she shares with you the importance of building a relationship with yourself to help in every area of your life. (This video arrives on day 9 of your 1st month membership)

The motivational writings are not ready in this moment! When they are, I will share specifics about it here. (This writing arrives on day 21 of your 1st month membership)

4. Multi Dimensional Membership (AUD$25.25 p/m) – Includes; Everything from above (1,2,3) LEARN MORE

As you journey through your membership this month, please keep notes in your journal and do everything you can to clear those mind thoughts that are holding you back from living happily, freely and abundantly!

Please send any content questions to

All my LOVE,

Lee-Anne Peters
Sunday 18th December 2011

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