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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Heal yourself with Art!

Highly Energetic Art to help you Heal Yourself!
By Lee-Anne Peters

Have you ever looked at a piece of artwork and felt emotional, curious or happy? Art has this wonderful element of mystery, magic and healing. Art can move us and propel us forward past fear and into our freedom.
At the You Can Heal Yourself Lifestyle Expo coming up in Caloundra Queensland I will be drawing live from my booth (#36 – Temple of Balance). I have been drawing spirit guide drawings full time for the past eight years. I am self taught and just love bringing spirit guides to life!

A spirit guide drawing Lee-Anne recently did at an expo!

At the expo I will be drawing your piece right there for you - observe it transform from a blank piece of paper into your highly energetic spirit guide. Something interesting I love about this is that EVERYTHING within your drawing will mean something and will be unique for you! After your drawing is complete I will share details about your guidance and what special connections you can make with your drawing!
I recommend getting in early to book your drawing as I often book out at expos like this! Our Temple of Balance table will also have five dollars off my range of books and oracle cards. We will have meditation CD’s, Crystals and so much more!
On Sunday I will be hosting a mini workshop – Your Soul’s Purpose Uncovered – from workshop room #2 – grab your tickets online at or at our stand!
My husband Cory and I look forward to meeting you at the expo! 

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, radio host and founder of the award-winning Temple of Balance. Look out for Temple of Balance at booth #36.
You Can Heal Yourself Lifestyle Expo, Events Centre, Caloundra QLD – Sat 25 & 26 May 2013 - $10 admission

Friday, 19 April 2013

What are your Talents?

What are your Talents?
By Lee-Anne Peters

Many people feel like they aren’t here for a reason and that there is nothing ‘special’ that they can do. I hear this all the time, and it is sad for me to witness such a stifling of creativity and imagination in our world. There are many tools of entertainment that are completely squashing this and it’s time for us all to acknowledge our gifts and talents and to also support those who do self fund new ideas, show initiative and use their imagination!

I feel we all have some sort of talent or gift. This won’t necessarily be something ‘stereotypical’ like something artistic – you can look further than that!
Your talent may be something that you can physically do, it may be your listening ear, your ability to say the right words at the right time. Perhaps for you it is your caring nature, your ability to remember things easily, your skill with numbers or perhaps something else. 

How do you see the world? What is your gift that you can contribute?

If you are unsure what your talent may be, then perhaps reflect back to your childhood and what worked easily for you, what did you enjoy or love to do? Often what we loved in childhood became pushed aside thanks to other tasks and duties or perhaps it wasn’t nourished by those around us. We enter into adulthood the talent becomes forgotten and then we roll on with life, and the cycle of working to pay the bills pushes to the forefront. 

Exercise: Spend some time reflecting on what your talents or gifts are. Remember they may not even feel like a gift right now – so look past that and into how certain things make you feel, bring joy and motivate you. 

Is there anything you can plan soon that would have you start utilising your gift? Can you volunteer your time, start a hobby or study further? Take steps to bring your passions to the forefront of your life! The world needs you!

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, radio host, and founder of the award winning Temple of Balance. She is passionate about helping you LOVE who you are and follow your passions in life! Learn more about Lee-Anne’s work at

#Talents #TheWorldNeedsYou #Imagination

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Using facebook pages efficiently ~ just 30 minutes a day!

Using facebook pages efficiently
~ just 30 minutes a day!
By Lee-Anne Peters

I started my ‘business page’ facebook journey in 2009. One turned into two and before I knew it I had in excess of forty pages all with a different focus, some for each product I created, others for my professional profile, things I am passionate about and so on...

Over these past four years or so I have seen many changes to the way pages operate and have had to continue to be on the ball and innovative with the way I work it. Having such a niche market I decided to try and work with facebook as effectively as possible to get results, and it continues to work. Facebook is one wonderful voice and platform for the work that I do, events I host and even the artwork I create.

I have a pretty good method of time management, not only throughout my daily activities but also my mental approach – which is essential. So spending three to four hours a day managing, posting, replying etc to my facebook pages was the norm for me.

Recently I cut my page number down to thirteen of my top pages. Then I post daily on about six of my ultimate main pages, the others a couple of times a week.

Then I learned something from beautiful Melissa at ‘Australian Psychics’...

We have an even more efficient way of getting the most out of our facebook pages. We can schedule posts! This has now cut my three to four hours on facebook down to only thiry minutes a day! That is a LOT of time to save.

Check out the screen shots below to see HOW you can schedule your posts and make it so much easier for yourself.

It's so simple - how to schedule your facebook page posts!

There is absolutely no excuse now not to bring your services, product or event out onto facebook. If you aren’t utilizing this wonderful social tool, then you are missing out! Take a chance, learn how it all works and get yourself out there!

The world is calling for new people, entrepreneurs, creatives, lightworkers, pioneers, inventors, self funded authors, artists, musicians and creators to get out into the world. With such incredible tools like facebook there really is no excuse. Your time is now!

How are you using facebook or other social media platforms to help you increase exposure of your work, product, service or event? Please share your thoughts and experiences below or on my facebook wall at

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, radio host, and founder of the award winning Temple of Balance. She is passionate about helping you LOVE who you are and follow your passions in life! Learn more about Lee-Anne’s work at

#FacebookPages #TimeManagement #30minsADay

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Monday, 15 April 2013

How to HOLD your protection in a volatile world!

How to HOLD your protection in a volatile world!
By Lee-Anne Peters

Have you been feeling drained, exhausted and really affected by other’s actions, thoughts and words lately? Do you become super affected by people who are depressed, angry or negative? Are there situations in your life that aren’t exactly nourishing right now?

Many of us are feeling this. A part of the reason is because of the raising of our energy frequency, and at the same time there seems to be a loud negative energy trying to hold the ‘light’ (or higher frequency) back. As we become MORE sensitive to subtle energy, MORE of this heavy and negative energy from people or situations affects us. Living in a new vibrational frequency will mean shifting the way we live and this is something we are all needing to re-learn right now.

Holding your energy high!

I am a clairsentient (clear feeler or empath) and we tend to be ultra sensitive to energy and if we are not protected in our energy field we can really be affected by outside energies. You see our aura’s tend to naturally be quite soft and open around the edges, making us a little more susceptible to attack and negative people / situations leaving an impact on us. We can walk into a hospital and almost faint at the intense energy in there.

So what to do? Whether you are an empath too, or perhaps your energy vibration has raised and you are becoming more sensitive to the subtle energy – you may need to learn more effective ways of holding your energy space and not falling prey to others negative energy.

Here are my top tips for protecting and maintaining protection for yourself:

1.       Become aware that what you think, feel and how you live IS important. It is not selfish of you to take a step back from negative people / situations in your life. In fact, it is you respecting self.

2.      Do your best to accept that you are a sensitive person, and this is okay. Be at peace with who you are – you are not different or strange – you are you, and this is perfect!

3.      Avoid negative situations. If you know a certain person is negative – then step back a bit from them. Perhaps don’t get so emotionally involved. If you need to help them, then perhaps do so from a third person perspective.

4.      Say ‘NO’ – if someone is constantly asking you to do something that is not in your heart to do, then learning to say that simple word can help you immensely.

5.      Meditate regularly to help keep your mind clear and your connections to your self and your spirit strong.

6.      Invite your spiritual guides / teachers / masters / power animals / angels / loved ones in spirit / star beings etc in to help you on a regular basis. They can help you on those subtle energetic levels often before you are even aware of what may be happening.

7.      Visualise yourself being held within a protective sphere / egg / bubble of light. It doesn’t matter what colour it is, as long as it feels protective for you. Visualise this strong and impenetrable.

8.      Wear a protective talisman or pendant. This must feel protective for you – it may be a stone, symbol or even your grandmother’s pendant (and perhaps you saw her as a protective and strong person). As soon as you feel some form of negative attack, pop it on, and then trust it is working for you.

9.      When in the shower visualize the water washing through your aura and clearing out all negative energies, entities, cords, hooks and attacks – visualize it all leaving you. Then focus on sealing your protection shield (out in your aura) all the way around you, as a light or shell etc.

Once you become aware and conscious of your energy and holding it as high as possible (without being negatively affected by others / situations) you will likely move into a space of simple KNOWING that you are protected from unwanted energies. This knowing is unwavering and will then leave you clear to focus on your day and your work.

Have you been affected by other’s negativity or negative situations lately? Have you worked out a way to combat this? Please share your thoughts and experiences below or on my facebook wall at

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, radio host, and founder of the award winning Temple of Balance. She is passionate about helping you LOVE who you are and follow your passions in life! Learn more about Lee-Anne’s work at

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