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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Using facebook pages efficiently ~ just 30 minutes a day!

Using facebook pages efficiently
~ just 30 minutes a day!
By Lee-Anne Peters

I started my ‘business page’ facebook journey in 2009. One turned into two and before I knew it I had in excess of forty pages all with a different focus, some for each product I created, others for my professional profile, things I am passionate about and so on...

Over these past four years or so I have seen many changes to the way pages operate and have had to continue to be on the ball and innovative with the way I work it. Having such a niche market I decided to try and work with facebook as effectively as possible to get results, and it continues to work. Facebook is one wonderful voice and platform for the work that I do, events I host and even the artwork I create.

I have a pretty good method of time management, not only throughout my daily activities but also my mental approach – which is essential. So spending three to four hours a day managing, posting, replying etc to my facebook pages was the norm for me.

Recently I cut my page number down to thirteen of my top pages. Then I post daily on about six of my ultimate main pages, the others a couple of times a week.

Then I learned something from beautiful Melissa at ‘Australian Psychics’...

We have an even more efficient way of getting the most out of our facebook pages. We can schedule posts! This has now cut my three to four hours on facebook down to only thiry minutes a day! That is a LOT of time to save.

Check out the screen shots below to see HOW you can schedule your posts and make it so much easier for yourself.

It's so simple - how to schedule your facebook page posts!

There is absolutely no excuse now not to bring your services, product or event out onto facebook. If you aren’t utilizing this wonderful social tool, then you are missing out! Take a chance, learn how it all works and get yourself out there!

The world is calling for new people, entrepreneurs, creatives, lightworkers, pioneers, inventors, self funded authors, artists, musicians and creators to get out into the world. With such incredible tools like facebook there really is no excuse. Your time is now!

How are you using facebook or other social media platforms to help you increase exposure of your work, product, service or event? Please share your thoughts and experiences below or on my facebook wall at

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, radio host, and founder of the award winning Temple of Balance. She is passionate about helping you LOVE who you are and follow your passions in life! Learn more about Lee-Anne’s work at

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