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Friday, 19 April 2013

What are your Talents?

What are your Talents?
By Lee-Anne Peters

Many people feel like they aren’t here for a reason and that there is nothing ‘special’ that they can do. I hear this all the time, and it is sad for me to witness such a stifling of creativity and imagination in our world. There are many tools of entertainment that are completely squashing this and it’s time for us all to acknowledge our gifts and talents and to also support those who do self fund new ideas, show initiative and use their imagination!

I feel we all have some sort of talent or gift. This won’t necessarily be something ‘stereotypical’ like something artistic – you can look further than that!
Your talent may be something that you can physically do, it may be your listening ear, your ability to say the right words at the right time. Perhaps for you it is your caring nature, your ability to remember things easily, your skill with numbers or perhaps something else. 

How do you see the world? What is your gift that you can contribute?

If you are unsure what your talent may be, then perhaps reflect back to your childhood and what worked easily for you, what did you enjoy or love to do? Often what we loved in childhood became pushed aside thanks to other tasks and duties or perhaps it wasn’t nourished by those around us. We enter into adulthood the talent becomes forgotten and then we roll on with life, and the cycle of working to pay the bills pushes to the forefront. 

Exercise: Spend some time reflecting on what your talents or gifts are. Remember they may not even feel like a gift right now – so look past that and into how certain things make you feel, bring joy and motivate you. 

Is there anything you can plan soon that would have you start utilising your gift? Can you volunteer your time, start a hobby or study further? Take steps to bring your passions to the forefront of your life! The world needs you!

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, radio host, and founder of the award winning Temple of Balance. She is passionate about helping you LOVE who you are and follow your passions in life! Learn more about Lee-Anne’s work at

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  1. once i disassociated myself from the concept that my talents/life purpose had to do with money/financial acclaim/wealth... i found a billion things about me that bless and better this world..
    may not be the same for others, but for me personally it was a massiving lifelesson <3