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Monday, 1 April 2013

Passing the test and moving forward!

Passing the test and moving forward!
By Lee-Anne Peters
I trust this message finds you well and if not, please breath IN some comfort from these words of LOVE to you.
The month of March sure saw everything tossed into the cooking pot! How did you fair up? Did you set some simple and doable plans or goals for yourself, and if so did they work for you? We did some great shifting and aligning with our goals in Sydney at the Aligning with Abundance Retreat early March. Check out the pics and feedback HERE
So now we charge head on into April and these past days and even weeks we have been setting things up for a month of connections and taking our wildest dreams further.
During March many of us faced incredible tests – these tests were there to confirm for us that we had learned from the past and that we decided to stand in our power and align with our truth. We chose not to fall under the same spell that we fell under too many times past. As we passed the test, a new large white door opened and we became initiated into another avenue of our journey!
We are learning a lot right now how we MUST focus on our own goals and dreams, and even though we may want to help others any way possible, we must be cautious not to live their dream for them. Our dreams are Sacred and Special to us as individuals and this we are learning how to fully Honour for ourselves.
A quickening of time has started as we take these first steps into April. So you will do well this month to become ever so mindful – as the lower mind can carry us away with time. Devoting regular time on a daily basis to meditation and maintaining a positive mindset will do wonders for you this month.
Friendships are likely to deepen this month!
Caithe from Celticai Studio & myself!

Relationships of all types that are based on authenticity will continue to deepen this month and we will likely hear of many who have recently reconnected with their Twin Flames. Relationships based on agenda or that are unbalanced will likely continue to crumble in April. Trust that this is happening to shift frequency gears. We can no longer hold as true as can be to ourselves if our friendships are false. More substantial friendships will replace those that crumble – but most importantly our relationship with self will deepen.
In March we saw much talk about ancient lives, times and memories, I feel strongly that this will continue into April as more people awaken to their ancientness. The point of this is to help you acknowledge your vastness, but most importantly to help you remember who you are and to reestablish connections, tools and skills you learned eons ago. This is very exciting, and if it is something that calls you, then proceed to learn – remembering one of the best ways to reconnect with this ancient part of you is through meditation and self reflection!
The magnifying glass will be focused on untruth, inauthenticity and illusion this month (as it has been for many months now). So if something is just not working for you – step back and see what is truly being revealed. It may be time to let any struggle go and align further with your truth and who you are. On the other side of the magnifying glass will be peace. So take note of anything amplified (through your emotions, thinking and your body) and do what you need to do to learn from this.
Self nourishment and spending good quality time with you will be very beneficial this month, especially as the seasons cycle into the new phase.
I trust this helps and wishing you a blessed and happy April!
All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters
Please feel free to share with respectful credit to source – thank you.

Temple of Balance News & What’s on!
We have lots of stuff always happening at Temple of Balance. On the event front we have our Queensland Tour with various workshops, appearances and expo coming up from 18 – 26 May. If you are in the area we would LOVE your support.
Last week we announced our next Spiritual Surgery Practitioner’s Course which is coming up in Sydney on Sunday 22 September. We MAY open other locations possibly in Melbourne and Adelaide (and depending how our tour in May goes to QLD we may also add Brisbane) in September. As we are self funded here, we wanted to open up Sydney first, see how bookings go before opening other areas.
All of our current printed books have now been welcomed to Amazon – this is great news for those of you outside Australia.
Due to popular demand I have been working on a special digital package to help YOU create your own Crystal Grids (a grid made of crystals). An eBook is almost complete, it will also include a video and meditation. This package will be available in the coming weeks for about A$1.99 … Keep an eye on our facebook pages or website for updates.
My next book – Meditation: Simple & Effective is in the final stages of editing and is estimated to be released by early June via Amazon in paperback and kindle.
All info for the above and everything else happening at Temple of Balance is regularly updated on our website or for publications please visit

Temple of Balance Events coming up:
ONLINE SEMINAR - Mon 8 April - How to Love who you are! Learn more
ONLINE SEMINAR - Mon 6 May - How to inspire yourself and be your own mentor! Learn more
QUEENSLAND TOUR - 19 - 26 May - See flyer
-- > BRISBANE - South | Sat 18 & 19 May | Healing Energy Cards Certified Course - Learn more
-- > SUNSHINE COAST - Caloundra | Sat 25 & 26 May | Stall at YCHY expo - Learn more
-- > SUNSHINE COAST - Caloundra | Sun 26 May | mini w/shop | Your Soul's Purpose Uncovered - Learn more
ONLINE SEMINAR - Mon 17 June - How to live your life's purpose! Learn more
SYDNEY - Sun 22 Sept - Spiritual Surgery Practitioner's Course! Learn more

Temple of Balance Radio this month: (Sydney time – EDT – GMT+10 – time change throughout April)
Thurs 4 April at 9pm *new time - Meditation Hour (Violet) - LINK
Thurs 11 April at 8pm *new time – Temple of Balance & on-air guidance - LINK
Thurs 18 April at 8pm – Meditation Hour (green) & on-air guidance - LINK
Thurs 25 April at 8pm – Transference of Light Codes - TBA
Fri 26 April at 8.30pm – Full Moon Celebration (Scorpio) - LINK
See complete and free archive list at

Publications at Temple of Balance
I Am Shaman: Let go and allow flow
Healing Energy Cards 2nd ed – Tools to help you self heal
Healing Energy Cards eBook – Companion to the cards
From Lack to Abundance: keys to manifesting our success
Temple of Balance Oracle Cards: guidance from our friends in spirit
Eternal Love: A true story about Twin Flames
Aligning with the Speed of Light: A guide to Ascension
Temple of Balance the book: Are you ready to be inspired?
Browse all of these at

Message for you!
Allow new and surprising directions to arise for you. Consider all options and trust that you are ready for whatever is presented.

Many Blessings always!
Lee-Anne Peters
~ founder of Temple of Balance
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