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Monday, 15 April 2013

How to HOLD your protection in a volatile world!

How to HOLD your protection in a volatile world!
By Lee-Anne Peters

Have you been feeling drained, exhausted and really affected by other’s actions, thoughts and words lately? Do you become super affected by people who are depressed, angry or negative? Are there situations in your life that aren’t exactly nourishing right now?

Many of us are feeling this. A part of the reason is because of the raising of our energy frequency, and at the same time there seems to be a loud negative energy trying to hold the ‘light’ (or higher frequency) back. As we become MORE sensitive to subtle energy, MORE of this heavy and negative energy from people or situations affects us. Living in a new vibrational frequency will mean shifting the way we live and this is something we are all needing to re-learn right now.

Holding your energy high!

I am a clairsentient (clear feeler or empath) and we tend to be ultra sensitive to energy and if we are not protected in our energy field we can really be affected by outside energies. You see our aura’s tend to naturally be quite soft and open around the edges, making us a little more susceptible to attack and negative people / situations leaving an impact on us. We can walk into a hospital and almost faint at the intense energy in there.

So what to do? Whether you are an empath too, or perhaps your energy vibration has raised and you are becoming more sensitive to the subtle energy – you may need to learn more effective ways of holding your energy space and not falling prey to others negative energy.

Here are my top tips for protecting and maintaining protection for yourself:

1.       Become aware that what you think, feel and how you live IS important. It is not selfish of you to take a step back from negative people / situations in your life. In fact, it is you respecting self.

2.      Do your best to accept that you are a sensitive person, and this is okay. Be at peace with who you are – you are not different or strange – you are you, and this is perfect!

3.      Avoid negative situations. If you know a certain person is negative – then step back a bit from them. Perhaps don’t get so emotionally involved. If you need to help them, then perhaps do so from a third person perspective.

4.      Say ‘NO’ – if someone is constantly asking you to do something that is not in your heart to do, then learning to say that simple word can help you immensely.

5.      Meditate regularly to help keep your mind clear and your connections to your self and your spirit strong.

6.      Invite your spiritual guides / teachers / masters / power animals / angels / loved ones in spirit / star beings etc in to help you on a regular basis. They can help you on those subtle energetic levels often before you are even aware of what may be happening.

7.      Visualise yourself being held within a protective sphere / egg / bubble of light. It doesn’t matter what colour it is, as long as it feels protective for you. Visualise this strong and impenetrable.

8.      Wear a protective talisman or pendant. This must feel protective for you – it may be a stone, symbol or even your grandmother’s pendant (and perhaps you saw her as a protective and strong person). As soon as you feel some form of negative attack, pop it on, and then trust it is working for you.

9.      When in the shower visualize the water washing through your aura and clearing out all negative energies, entities, cords, hooks and attacks – visualize it all leaving you. Then focus on sealing your protection shield (out in your aura) all the way around you, as a light or shell etc.

Once you become aware and conscious of your energy and holding it as high as possible (without being negatively affected by others / situations) you will likely move into a space of simple KNOWING that you are protected from unwanted energies. This knowing is unwavering and will then leave you clear to focus on your day and your work.

Have you been affected by other’s negativity or negative situations lately? Have you worked out a way to combat this? Please share your thoughts and experiences below or on my facebook wall at

All my LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, radio host, and founder of the award winning Temple of Balance. She is passionate about helping you LOVE who you are and follow your passions in life! Learn more about Lee-Anne’s work at

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1 comment:

  1. i live with a person that is the polar opposite of me..
    its a constant everyday challenge to be protected and to stand my ground... i too have found the higher i vibrate, the more negatives scramble to unbalance a moth to a flame...
    i have been blessed with glimpses of what my life will be like once this person leaves the nest and instead of seeing me as an obstacle/challenge, will be able to see me for 'me'..
    til then amulets, protection and surrounding my path with people like myself <3