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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

GoodBye and Greiving Mode ~ 25th Oct 2011

‘Goodbye & Grieving’ Mode!
25th October 2011


It is my honour to bring these words into your heart today. If you are struggling right now, please take a moment to breathe and quieten your thinking, while taking all the love and support you need from these words to you. You are supported!

We are moving through energy spaces rapidly right now and just as I feel what is happening something new quickly flows in, so I have been allowing this flow for these past weeks and sharing what comes up through my facebook pages. However, I felt that this recent wave of energy needed to be shared more in depth.

Right now, the energy is moving at such a fast pace, that if you aren’t aligned with your truth you may be struggling. ALIGNMENT is important right now, not only alignment with this moment, with our heart and with our truth, but also the place where we currently are in our life. If we have been putting up with or tolerating an expired situation, you may be struggling right now. The amplification will continue to get louder and louder. Work out what is your truth and take the action needed to release, surrender and welcome the new into your life. Pull on the resources you have within you, those tools to help you let go... if you don’t feel you have any, reply to this email, I have many resources available to share. YOU are not doing this alone!!

For the last few days there has been an increase in the need to say ‘goodbye.’ I have done this without much conscious thought, thanking specific people for their guidance, influence and work. Almost like those ‘last goodbyes’... then last night for me I went into massive grieving mode, where I thanked EVERY PERSON from my past for helping me be who I am today. I thanked them all, I cried and I sang them all a song of compassion and gratitude from my heart. I Feel that this old world is getting closer to its end, and as this old world of duality comes closer to an end, you too, may feel you need to say your ‘goodbyes.’ Move through this emotion by taking the action needed. Either by saying thank you to people, writing letters of thanks or holding a ceremony (like I did last night) thanking everyone.

Thank you old world, old friends, my old life... I am grateful for everything and for every moment that has led me to NOW... Thank you and Goodbye!!

For many months we have had one foot in the old world and the other in the new world. Sometimes playing the old world games, and other times being at peace in the glimpse of the new world. Now the balance is tipping and we are spending more of our day in the new world. How do you imagine this NEW WORLD to be? How do you envision PARADISE? Hold that vision in your heart, and do everything you can in these moments to maintain your ALIGNMENT. If you are struggling to get into alignment, then something isn’t balanced in your life, so, as eagle teaches us; step back and expand your viewpoint, look further than what is right in front of you, or see the bigger picture.

Another energy that is quite big right now is SUPPORT. Being the giver and receiver of SUPPORTIVE energy! As we support others, we also support ourselves. As others support us, we also support them. If you are feeling unsupported, look deeper into that feeling, and WELCOME this beautiful support into your life. Allow yourself to be SUPPORTED, and KNOW that no matter where you are, what you are doing, what you are going through there is always someone sending you LOVE and SUPPORT... Allow this knowing to help you during current times and if you need more help then ASK someone, or ask the Universe!

These are HUGE times for us ALL... Please go gently, allow yourself to change WITH the changes and THANK YOU for being YOU! YOU are appreciated, loved and supported at ALL times! Let’s journey onward into this new paradise Earth together! LOVE

Please share your thoughts and experiences below or on my facebook wall at

All my LOVE & shared with a lot of emotion,
Lee-Anne Peters

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, radio host, and founder of the award winning Temple of Balance. She is passionate about helping you LOVE who you are and follow your passions in life! Learn more about Lee-Anne’s work at

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

11:11:11 - Coming Together as ONE

It’s time to come together and celebrate our uniqueness – our greatness and our potential! It spirals upwards from this moment now - as the 11:11:11 will go down as the greatest alignment of ALL TIME!!


Thank you for connecting with this movie today!

On behalf of many 11:11:11 event organisers, we are extremely excited about this Aligning 11:11:11 day and the EXPANSION of our ONE WORLD from this moment!!

A Special Thank you to:
Kosmic Evolution for allowing us to feature their amazing song: Higher Plan from their Be Here Now album! Available now at: OR

Most of the Artwork was created by:
Lee-Anne Peters (Willson) - OR

This movie was created by:
Lee-Anne Peters

Coming Together to Celebrate 11:11:11

Register your event, or find an event in your area here:

Register your event, or find an event in your area on our facebook event here:

11:11:11 Event with Temple of Balance in Melbourne, Australia:

The sun is rising, the wind is cool!
The air is fresh, there is no school!
I wake early from my deepest slumber,
Coming to you now on this aligning number!
The Alignment is strong, the connection is deep,
Are you ready to wake further from your deep sleep?
Lift your body out of your slumber today,
Restore your inner power as you awaken and say:
'I can do this, yes I can,
I am here, I am all I am.
I stand tall and LOVE every part of me,
I LOVE every part, even parts I cannot see!
I step up now, I am ready,
To shake that old bark from my body!
I am ready to make a stand,
To be me and hold out my hand.
I am supported, yes I am,
I support you too with all I can!'
As we support and help each other,
We merge as One large sister and brother!
Thank you for journeying at this time with me,
Fly high now, Let's All Fly FREE!
Welcome to 11:11:11!!
A day when we merge Earth with Heaven!!
Much LOVE Always

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Special Update - Soul Activation Series 11:11:11

Usual Words of Wisdom returns soon


I trust all is well in your life. We sure are riding on some rough terrain right now, however if you can do your best to stay in Absolute Alignment you may receive a lot out of this time period. If you are struggling, please remember to surrender the old and let go of that which is holding you back. Be aware of any resistance you are having in allowing yourself to be free!!

It’s only 21days till my husband and I present the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11 in Melbourne! We have a huge 7 events over the 7 days leading up to 11:11:11 on the Friday. Each day we will be activating a chakra – making our way to the crown on the 11:11:11! During the days we also have a focus. For example; on the Throat Chakra activation day (day 5) we are also working closely with sounds to help you remember your true potential!

The featured event of this series is the Spirit Guide Drawing Workshop on Monday 7th November. If you are interested in attending, please let me know as soon as possible because on Monday I will be putting in my last order of art supplies.

Bookings for any of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11 would be appreciated as soon as you are able, as bookings close the end of October!

See more information about this series below or on our website here:

We look forward to connecting with you very soon,
Namaste, Lee-Anne

Truly THE event series of the Year!!

Unlock your soul’s purpose, power and potential, connect with like-minded friends and enjoy this incredible week nurturing and giving to you. If you are meant to join us you will feel a pull, so please trust and honour your inner guidance so we can ensure everyone who needs to come along will.

Journey with us through the chakras enjoying; Returning to your core (base chakra), Re-create your life (sacral chakra), Spirit guide drawing workshop (solar plexus chakra), Nurture your heart & soul (heart chakra), Harmonic Sounds (throat chakra), DNA activation (3rd eye chakra) and topping it all off with a huge mass healing event; Rainbow Light activation and alignment (crown chakra).
Each day is dedicated to each of the seven chakras, where we deeply cleanse and activate them, along with hold the empowering event for each day.

If you really wanted to come to any Temple of Balance event to date, this would be the one to come to. Never before have we seen such powerful and uplifting energy, and the energy of the 7 day build up to 11:11:11 will be the highest seen yet.

You can come to several days or all seven and when you register for them all you will not only enjoy the whole experience, very deep chakras cleansing and alignment, learning new skills and tools for your self-healing, but you will also receive $41 discount and a $50 crystal voucher to spend during the series.

Where:Hotel Cavalier, Stud road, Wantirna South, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Learn more

When:Sat 5th - Fri 11th November 2011

Hosts:Lee-Anne and Cory, from Temple of Balance - Learn more

What’s on:
1. Sat 5th Nov - Return to your core - Learn more / book
2. Sun 6th Nov - ReCreate you life - Learn more / book
3. Mon 7th Nov - Spirit Guide Drawing Course - Learn more / book
4. Tue 8th Nov - Nurture your heart - Learn more / book
5. Wed 9th Nov - Harmonic Sounds - Learn more / book
6. Th 10th Nov - DNA Activation - Learn more / book
7. Fri 11th Nov - Rainbow Light Activation - Learn more / book

T: (03) 9005 6588 - Melbourne
M: +61 (0) 428 110 725

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Amplification! 8th Oct 2011

Words of Wisdom


8th October 2011

Within this Message:
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Namaste ~ Thank you so much for connecting with these words and energies in this moment!

We have entered into a ‘new speed’ of vibration in these past 24hrs, and it is amplifying us to the max!! If you are struggling to feel it, then I have some suggestions for you. We are being guided more than EVER before to consciously switch our focus from a MIND BASED REALITY and into our HEART BASED REALITY!! This can often be easier said than done, however, KNOW within the very depth of your being that you have the inner strength to make this conscious shift! Become aware of where you are placing your awareness (mind or heart) and then make the decision to change it if it isn’t working for you. If you are feeling stuck or held back right now, there are so many tools available that can help you. Not just from me, but others too. Here are a few tools I have available to help you:
·        Internet Radio broadcast archives – listen freely any time to a past program – see list HERE
·        Select a Healing Energy Card for the day freely HERE
·        Connect with my sharing on my various facebook pages – See list of them HERE
·        Browse my dozens of You Tube Movies HERE
There are also books, Healing Cards, private consultations, meditation downloads, events and more. Depending on what suits your budget and needs. So there is so much help out there for you, and much of it is freely available, so please start taking more advantage of these tools (and others provided by others) and USE them to help you through times of struggle!! KNOW you are supported!

For those of us who have actively released our ties to the heavy burdens carried from the past, are now accessing an energy vibration that is far beyond anything we may have ever dreamed. And this is all being amplified NOW, during this time period. I KNOW that this is only going to continue building to the 11:11:11 alignment, but its not ALL about that one day, it is an amplification, that will then continue to build momentum afterwards... We are moving MORE into this amazing space in our daily life and less into the old heavy patterns from the past. As I was sharing with a friend yesterday, EVERY moment someone releases their heavy energy (made up of fear, resistance, doubts, insecurities, limitations, etc) they help LIGHTEN the WHOLE! What we as individuals do – affects us ALL!! WE are all connected! If you are feeling separate or disconnected, this may not resonate in your current reality... however, for those of us in our heart space and who are actively letting go of limitations and EXPANDING... we see it, we experience it, we are it!!

Let go and surrender ALL of your limitations, ALL doubts, ALL mind based reality... and CONSCIOUSLY choose to step INTO your greatness, YOUR Expansion, YOUR Highest and most Amazing Potential! When you are IN this space of ABSOLUTE ALIGNMENT ~ YOU are attracting EVERYTHING you could ever desire into your life!! This is truth... You are HERE – You are READY!!!


Pre-Orders are now OPEN!
Temple of Balance Oracle Cards View
There is so much excitement around our Publishing office, as we have now sent our artwork and files to the printer and await word on printing time. At this stage we estimate delivery of our shipment towards the end of November, however we will have more information as we journey through printing, shipping and customs! So stay tuned for updates. If you would LOVE to order your own pack of these long-awaited cards, please visit our wonderful website HERE
Other Temple of Balance Publishing news is that our first co-authored eBook is going through its last stage and will be ready for release at the same time as the Oracle Cards launch!! This eBook is called: Eternal Love: A True Story about Twin Flames! Authored by Lee-Anne & Cory Peters. You can follow its development on our website HERE, or on Facebook HERE

Available worldwide now! – Free Shipping worldwide on books!
Aligning with the Speed of Light (book) – A Guide to Ascension! View
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Coming soon!
Eternal Love – A True Twin Flame Story! eBook View
Ascension Mastery Series Part I – I Am Shaman View
Energetic Tarot (Lee-Anne & Shelli) View
~ Wednesdays (every 2nd) –Transference of Light Codes Series AND Healing Guidance LIVE
~ Thursdays – Temple of Balance & Meditation Hour

Building Momentum ~  Reflect Radio!
All you need is internet access...

Transference of Light Codes Series on Reflect Radio
Sydney – Wed 12th Oct  – 9pm
London – Wed 12th Oct  – 10am
Pacific (US) – Wed 12th Oct  – 3am
HOST: Lee-Anne
Length: 60 mins
Cost: FREE

Healing Guidance LIVE on Reflect Radio
Sydney – Wed 12th Oct  – 10pm
London – Wed 12th Oct  – 11am
Pacific (US) – Wed 12th Oct  – 4am
HOST: Lee-Anne
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Cost: FREE

Meditation Hour – Flying with Eagle on Reflect Radio
Sydney – Thurs 13th Oct  – 9pm
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Pacific (US) – Thurs 13th Oct  – 4am
HOST: Lee-Anne
Length: 60 mins
Cost: FREE

*REFLECTIONS* Talk Back on Reflect Radio
Sydney – Mon 17th Oct – 1pm
London – Mon 17th Oct – 3am
Pacific (US) – Sun 16th Oct – 7pm
HOST: Caithe, Lee-Anne & Shelli
Length: 90 mins
Cost: FREE

Meditation Hour – Protected with Turtle on Reflect Radio
Sydney – Thurs 20th Oct  – 9pm
London – Thurs 20th Oct  – 11am
Pacific (US) – Thurs 20th Oct  – 4am
HOST: Lee-Anne
Length: 60 mins
Cost: FREE

Please note: There will be No Temple of Balance programs on Thurs 27th Oct  ~ Thurs 3rd Nov ~ Wed 9th Nov... I am hoping to do an ‘on location’ broadcast from the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11 in Melbourne on Thurs 10th Nov – I will confirm this in the next few weeks.

More upcoming programs See here
Listen to the archives of Lee-Anne’s Programs here

| Guidance

Guidance from our friends in spirit
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Created by: Lee-Anne Peters

Quartz Amplified - Enhances

‘Everything around and within you now is going through an uprising of energy. This card represents an energetic boost for you. During this boosting make the time to get tasks done; focus your intentions on what you want in life; say things that need to be said; meditate / pray more, or focus on your good health. Do your best to hold this high vibrational space for as long as possible!’ Lee-Anne

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards – Learn more information HERE

| Tips to help you this week:
·        Get into consciousness alignment with your HEART
·        Drink lots of water
·        Spend some time being grateful for everything you are and have in your life

| Confirmed Events (in order of event):

>>>Empowering eCourse
In progress – join in anytime – ends Monday!
Based on the book – ‘Aligning with the Speed of Light – A Guide to Ascension!’ 4 parts over 4 weeks! Come to all, some or one part! Includes a MP3 copy of the session AND a unique meditation / healing exercise for you to download to help you integrate the energies!
When: Starts: M19th Sept >> Ends: M10th Oct 2011
Times: There are 2 time options to choose from to suit your time zone! Learn more HERE
Where: On Skype / Internet!
Learn more HERE
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Unlock your Soul’s Purpose, Power & Potential
27 days to go! Bookings close at end of October!
Melbourne 5th – 11th Nov 2011
7 events over 7 days!
Basic info:
Travel information (International or national): see here

Day 1 Sat 5th Nov 2011
Return to your Corea shamanic healing day
Base chakra activation – physical / grounding

Day 2 Sun 6th Nov 2011
ReCreate your lifeunlock your creative abilities
Sacral chakra activation – creativity and emotions

Day 3 Mon 7th Nov 2011
Solar Plexus chakra activation – personal power

Day 4 Tues 8th  Nov 2011
Nurture your heart and soulbalance your body, mind and emotions
Heart chakra activation – love of self

Day 5 Wed 9th Nov 2011
Harmonic Soundsawaken to higher consciousness
Throat chakra activation – expression, truth, sound

Day 6 Thurs 10th  Nov 2011
DNA Activationunlocking your true potential
Third eye chakra activation – intuition, trust

Day 7 Fri 11th Nov 2011
Crown chakra activation – connections, oneness

Registrations are open now.
Inquiries please email

>>>Tasmania Healing Retreat – 5 nights, Live in!
If no bookings received by 1st Nov – retreat cancelled
When: Sat 10th – 15th March 2012
Where: South Eastern Tasmania, Australia
Limited numbers: 3 max
Learn more HERE
Register HERE

If you want to experience change, healing and growth in a loving and nurturing space, then why not book and experience first hand what we have to share. We have feedback signed by attendees, and attendees who repeat events because they love soaking up the atmosphere. Check out our feedback, view our previous events gallery and the events we currently have on offer. If you would like to propose an event in your area, please email

| Confirmed Appearances:

>>>Spiritual Friends Meeting – Lee-Anne Guest Presentor
Sharing about Spiritual Surgery! Will have products available too.
When: Sat 3rd December 2011
Where: Glenorchy Library, Tasmania, Australia
Times: Starts 2pm – ends 4pm

'I Am Here because I Am Ready!' Lee-Anne Peters

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