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Monday, 3 October 2011

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards - Pre-Orders open!!

Special Announcement!

3rd October 2011

Temple of Balance Oracle Cards ~ Guidance from our friends in Spirit!

This is an update to let you know that after 2 years in creation... over 50hrs drawing time... over 60hrs digital graphic time... over 20hrs guidebook writing... over months of fine tuning and thousands of readings (maybe even for you) Temple of Balance Oracle Cards are NOW officially available for pre-order!

Arrival of the cards will be sometime in November!!

Containing 44 hand drawn cards, represented by spiritual teachers, power animals, crystals and others, these cards offer great potential for you to grow in all areas of your life!

Including an easy-to-use 72pg guidebook and packaged in a sturdy Sacred Box, Temple of Balance Oracle Cards have the potential to bring incredible guidance and assistance into your life. Don't allow yourself to be limited in anyway. Stretch outside the box and the cards will stretch with you too.

Within this deck is a very unique card; QUARTZ AMPLIFIER. This card enhances the cards around it, but it also can be used on its own to assist healing work, raise energy vibrations, to store energy or boost your projects or intentions. The Quartz Amplifier has been infused with clear quartz vibrations and can be used in unlimited ways.

Enjoy working with these unique and very accurate oracle cards.

There are two options if you are interested in working with these cards:
·        SPECIAL EDITION (valued at over AUD$85) for only AUD$39.95 + P&H (this offer is available until our launch day in November).

·        Order the basic deck for only AUD$29.95 + P&H!!!

Learn more about the cards or order your own pack HERE

You can’t wipe the smile from my face... this has been a LONG time coming!

Thank you all for your support!

Our next Words of Wisdom will be coming up another day! This is just a one off announcement!

In Excitement,

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