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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Special Update - Soul Activation Series 11:11:11

Usual Words of Wisdom returns soon


I trust all is well in your life. We sure are riding on some rough terrain right now, however if you can do your best to stay in Absolute Alignment you may receive a lot out of this time period. If you are struggling, please remember to surrender the old and let go of that which is holding you back. Be aware of any resistance you are having in allowing yourself to be free!!

It’s only 21days till my husband and I present the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11 in Melbourne! We have a huge 7 events over the 7 days leading up to 11:11:11 on the Friday. Each day we will be activating a chakra – making our way to the crown on the 11:11:11! During the days we also have a focus. For example; on the Throat Chakra activation day (day 5) we are also working closely with sounds to help you remember your true potential!

The featured event of this series is the Spirit Guide Drawing Workshop on Monday 7th November. If you are interested in attending, please let me know as soon as possible because on Monday I will be putting in my last order of art supplies.

Bookings for any of the Soul Activation Series 11:11:11 would be appreciated as soon as you are able, as bookings close the end of October!

See more information about this series below or on our website here:

We look forward to connecting with you very soon,
Namaste, Lee-Anne

Truly THE event series of the Year!!

Unlock your soul’s purpose, power and potential, connect with like-minded friends and enjoy this incredible week nurturing and giving to you. If you are meant to join us you will feel a pull, so please trust and honour your inner guidance so we can ensure everyone who needs to come along will.

Journey with us through the chakras enjoying; Returning to your core (base chakra), Re-create your life (sacral chakra), Spirit guide drawing workshop (solar plexus chakra), Nurture your heart & soul (heart chakra), Harmonic Sounds (throat chakra), DNA activation (3rd eye chakra) and topping it all off with a huge mass healing event; Rainbow Light activation and alignment (crown chakra).
Each day is dedicated to each of the seven chakras, where we deeply cleanse and activate them, along with hold the empowering event for each day.

If you really wanted to come to any Temple of Balance event to date, this would be the one to come to. Never before have we seen such powerful and uplifting energy, and the energy of the 7 day build up to 11:11:11 will be the highest seen yet.

You can come to several days or all seven and when you register for them all you will not only enjoy the whole experience, very deep chakras cleansing and alignment, learning new skills and tools for your self-healing, but you will also receive $41 discount and a $50 crystal voucher to spend during the series.

Where:Hotel Cavalier, Stud road, Wantirna South, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Learn more

When:Sat 5th - Fri 11th November 2011

Hosts:Lee-Anne and Cory, from Temple of Balance - Learn more

What’s on:
1. Sat 5th Nov - Return to your core - Learn more / book
2. Sun 6th Nov - ReCreate you life - Learn more / book
3. Mon 7th Nov - Spirit Guide Drawing Course - Learn more / book
4. Tue 8th Nov - Nurture your heart - Learn more / book
5. Wed 9th Nov - Harmonic Sounds - Learn more / book
6. Th 10th Nov - DNA Activation - Learn more / book
7. Fri 11th Nov - Rainbow Light Activation - Learn more / book

T: (03) 9005 6588 - Melbourne
M: +61 (0) 428 110 725

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