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Thursday, 19 June 2014

In the power of Silence

In the Power of Silence
By Lee-Anne Peters

When I lived in Queensland several years ago my friend and I visited White Eagle Lodge for a gathering. While enjoying the sunshine outside for a short break we were drawn to a lady in attendance who seemed to radiate golden energy. We introduced ourselves and chatted for a short time while drinking down our lime water. Then, as if timed so perfectly, one of the ladies who ran the lodge walked over to the lady and because we happened to be there she asked if we would like to visit their Sacred Room (I forget the actual name she used). We all agreed.
On my walk towards the room, which only the four of us entered, I was taken aback by many tingles and a sense of breathlessness. When the room was reached the energy in there was phenomenal.
We were invited to sit within a sunken seated area. During our time in this place, which may have been five minutes, it may have been forty five, I recall not the time - everything was incredibly loud - but there was no sound. I recall thinking that the sound of silence there was as loud as a plane flying overhead. We sat in silence for the time we were in there and it opened me to something profound, something often secret and ‘hidden’ within the sound of silence.
A little closer to home - it resides in between the beats of our heart, in between our IN and OUT breath and in those moments of stillness before drifting into sleep. Within this space of sacredness resides everything and yet nothing at the same time. 
Tapping into the realm of SILENCE is like capturing a photo of
something - holding that split second memory.
So even though silence may not contain any sounds like we know them to be - what if there was an incredible ‘world’ or ‘landscape’ within this silence? What if this is where the magic of creation resides? Is there something sacred about it?
Do you have experiences of silence that etched into your memory? Have you ‘tapped into’ your sacred space within your breaths - holding your breath as comfortable - but tapping into that moment where you pause?
On my radio show / podcast today I shared some further experiences and perspectives on ‘SILENCE’ with a healing meditation to help you. It’s a free listen and is only 60mins in length. Here’s the link if you’re interested: 

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