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Monday, 2 July 2012


By Lee-Anne Peters

This morning there seems to be a HUGE force pushing forth... wanting us to EMBRACE - I mean REALLY EMBRACE who we are!!

For some this may mean resting and being at peace with this.... For others it may be focused action and trusting this...

Trust your FLOW in the moment!

What IS important is that you TRUST your body and your intuition and step fully IN TO the ebb & flow that is underlying EVERYTHING!

It really is time to DROP all excuses, to release all illusions and lies and to STEP UP!!! These illusions that you may hold yourself in cannot be supported in the high vibration we are quickly expanding into! If you are not being completely honest, open and real about yourself and your life, you will quickly fall into imbalance, turmoil and most likely ill health.

We’ve heard every excuse in the book that halts you from EMBRACING YOU… burn this book, drop those excuses…. No one is going to save you – EXCEPT YOU! No one is going to fulfill your dreams – EXCEPT YOU! No one is going to make your life better – EXCEPT YOU!! Do YOU see the pattern here? It is all about fully and deeply EMBRACING YOU so you can fully BE the Master Creator of Your Life!!

To join in true UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS we must first be UNITED with SELF.... then we can expand that UNITY forth into EVERYTHING WE ARE!! The expansion is moving quickly, so use those tools you guide others with or look around for resources to help you LET GO & EMBRACE FLOW. There is only one person holding you back right now and that is YOU!

What is next for you? What makes your heart sing? What motivates you right now? Are you resisting or flowing?

Don't waste another moment in agony, pain, hurt, suffering, denial of the truth.... EMBRACE ALL & EMBRACE YOU!!!

We EMBRACE who you are and we WELCOME YOU into UNION with ALL!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is a passionate Goddess out on the leading edge encouraging you to let go, to follow your passions in life and to LOVE who you are. You can learn more about Lee-Anne’s work at   

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  1. Lee-Anne,
    What an incredible post! It just lets me know I am in the flow as I just sent out a "thought of the day" to friends and family regarding this same thing! Thank you for all you do!