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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 23 June

Saturday Sale – Ends midnight 23 June – Sydney time (GMT+10)

Today’s Special – MP3 Meditations – Buy 1 and get 1 FREE! (Only AUD$2.50ea)

With 29 highly sought after meditations to choose from, you can double your connections with every 1 you order you get another of your choice free. You can order any amount – so if you 10 interest you, then buy 5 for AUD$12.50 and get the other 5 free.

 Lee-Anne has been hosting and sharing meditations for over a decade now. Facilitating local meditations in groups, being a guest meditation host, creating meditations ‘on spot’ during her national events and on her weekly internet radio show – you are sure to find several at least that can really help you.

There are meditations that help balance your body, to help you step into your mission, to connect with your spiritual guides and animals and to bridge the gap between you and your Twin Flame.

Loving to meditate with the guidance of animal medicine there are many animal focuses you can connect with like: dolphin, eagle, phoenix, elephant, wolf, bear, snake, bat, panther, caterpillar, magpie, whale, elk, ant and owl. Each of these amazing creatures have something quite valuable to share with us.

Lee-Anne highly recommends two very intense meditations. ‘These are the most powerful meditations I have ever recorded’ says Lee-Anne – as she highly recommends 10. Awakening to Pyramid Power & 27. Face your fears with Bat Meditation.

All of these meditations are all or partially guided – which means Lee-Anne will guide you with beautiful music in the background and will lead you on your meditation journey. The partially guided ones will also have some time within the meditation to help you explore using your own intuition.

If you have been considering taking your own meditation commitment to the next level – then this may be your opportunity to embrace meditation.

“Meditation to the mind is like pure water to the body” ~ Lee-Anne (from her soon to be released book: Meditation: Simple & Effective!)

Learn more about Lee-Anne’s MP3 meditations HERE

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To Take advantage of this SALE read below:

See the full list of available meditations on our website HERE

Order what you want on that page (payment MUST be made immediately and only through paypal) HERE

After you have purchased and gone through checkout – please send Lee-Anne an email at specifying the details of the BONUS meditations you wish to enjoy with the ones you paid for.

This offer strictly ends at midnight Sat 23rd June 2012 - Sydney time (GMT+10) - if you are unsure about this sale being active or not - please email and ask.

A reminder – pay for 1 – get 1 free OR Pay for 5 – get 5 free etc

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What You will receive: A .zip file secured by a password for every meditation purchased and the bonus. This will be forwarded to your email address provided with purchase (paypal email).

Please note: we are not responsible for any possible issues with downloading based on your computer’s software, operating system etc. It is very rare for people to have issues, please know we provide all of the basic information you need to download your .zip file and start enjoying your meditations straight away.

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne hosts regular meditations via internet radio at  

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