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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Here and Now! 18th Sept 2011

Words of Wisdom

Here and Now!

18th September 2011

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for connecting with these words and energies today. If you are a new subscriber, please know that these words are not shared on a specific day or over a specific time period. They come forth to you when I am intuitively guided: sometimes in a week or two or even a month. Please take from these words and this energy anything that feels right to you in this moment.

Awaken to Your Passions! To Your Potential! Awaken to who YOU are in this moment! Not who you were 10 years ago, not who you were in a past life. Not who you will be in 5 years time or 10 years time or 20years time, but who YOU are right Now! Who YOU are right now is what is important and what is your mission in this moment in time? What is your mission here and now? Allow yourself to open, open up deeper and further, further and deeper... YOU are not here by any accident! YOU are here because YOU are ready!

Awaken your Goddess within YOU. Whether you are male or female it doesn’t matter; you are Goddess; allow yourself to shine as the feminine beauty that you are! Allow yourself to shine! Allow yourself to feel! It is time... Awaken Dear Goddess, Awaken and Be Free. Let those shackles go, drop those chains, don’t punish your self any longer, set your self FREE... Yes, YOU ARE FREE!

Turn those light switches on now and awaken yourself... Awaken... Awaken... Awaken... Awaken... Creating solid foundations... YOU have everything YOU need within YOU to fulfil your mission, your purpose, your reason for being here; YOU have solid foundations! Foundations that are based on your experience – not only from this lifetime, but past lives too! You have the foundations, you have ALL of the wisdom, ALL of the experience, ALL of the energy, EVERYTHING that you need now to accomplish your mission! Don’t bother searching, there is no need to search... YOU have it ALL, YOU have it all within you! Yes YOU do!

YOU have all of the qualifications you need to Live! YOU have all of the qualifications you need to Love! YOU have all of the qualifications you need to be YOU! No-one can do it better! No-one can do it better than YOU! Believe in your SELF. You have everything you need. Just remember... yes remember... remember that YOU have everything YOU need within you now. YOU have solid foundations!

Transcribed from ‘Awakening to Pyramid Power’ (as heard on Reflect Radio – Pyramid Power - 15th Sept 2011 – see link: )  

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Building Momentum ~  Reflect Radio!
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Meditation Hour – Creating with Phoenix on Reflect Radio
Sydney - Thurs 22nd  Sept  – 8pm
London – Thurs 22nd  Sept – 11am
Pacific (US) – Thurs 22nd  Sept – 3am
HOST: Lee-Anne
Length: 90 mins
Cost: FREE

Healing Guidance LIVE on Reflect Radio
Sydney – Wed 28th  Sept  – 8pm
London – Wed 28th  Sept  – 11am
Pacific (US) – Wed 28th  Sept  – 3am
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Temple of Balance – Speed of Light on Reflect Radio
Sydney - Thurs 29th  Sept  – 8pm
London – Thurs 29th  Sept  – 11am
Pacific (US) – Thurs 29th  Sept  – 3am
HOST: Lee-Anne
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Cost: FREE

Temple of Balance – The Shaman on Reflect Radio
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*REFLECTIONS* Talks Back on Reflect Radio
Sydney – Mon 17th Oct – 1pm
London – Mon 17th Oct – 4am
Pacific (US) – Sun 16th Oct – 8pm
HOST: Caithe, Lee-Anne & Shelli
Length: 90 mins
Cost: FREE

More upcoming programs See here
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Guidance from our friends in spirit

Created by: Lee-Anne Peters

Wolf - Nurturer

‘ Wolf is here for you. She nurtures and protects you during challenging times. She sits by your side and will never leave you. Feel yourself being nurtured and loved, and know you will get through this phase very soon. Spending time with animals, nature or your family and friends may be very nourishing for you right now.’ Lee-Anne

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Tips to help you this week:
·        Expand beyond your limitations
·        Let go and release
·        Embrace your passions and dreams
·        Live your best life in every moment
·        Get creative – activating your ability to create your life

Confirmed Events (in order of event):

>>>Empowering eCourse
Starts tomorrow!
Based on the book – ‘Aligning with the Speed of Light – A Guide to Ascension!’ 4 parts over 4 weeks! Come to all, some or one part! Includes a MP3 copy of the session AND a unique meditation / healing exercise for you to download to help you integrate the energies!
When: Starts: M19th Sept >> Ends: M10th Oct 2011
Times: There are 2 time options to choose from to suit your time zone! Learn more HERE
Where: On Skype / Internet!
Learn more HERE
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Unlock your Soul’s Purpose, Power & Potential
48 days to go!
Melbourne 5th – 11th Nov 2011
7 events over 7 days!
Basic info:
Travel information (International or national): see here

Day 1 Sat 5th Nov 2011
Return to your Corea shamanic healing day
Base chakra activation – physical / grounding

Day 2 Sun 6th Nov 2011
ReCreate your lifeunlock your creative abilities
Sacral chakra activation – creativity and emotions

Day 3 Mon 7th Nov 2011
Solar Plexus chakra activation – personal power

Day 4 Tues 8th  Nov 2011
Nurture your heart and soulbalance your body, mind and emotions
Heart chakra activation – love of self

Day 5 Wed 9th Nov 2011
Harmonic Soundsawaken to higher consciousness
Throat chakra activation – expression, truth, sound

Day 6 Thurs 10th  Nov 2011
DNA Activationunlocking your true potential
Third eye chakra activation – intuition, trust

Day 7 Fri 11th Nov 2011
Crown chakra activation – connections, oneness

Registrations are open now.
Inquiries please email

>>>Tasmania Healing Retreat – 5 nights, Live in!
If no bookings received by 1st Nov – retreat cancelled
When: Sat 10th – 15th March 2012
Where: South Eastern Tasmania, Australia
Limited numbers: 3 max
Learn more HERE
Register HERE

If you want to experience change, healing and growth in a loving and nurturing space, then why not book and experience first hand what we have to share. We have feedback signed by attendees, and attendees who repeat events because they love soaking up the atmosphere. Check out our feedback, view our previous events gallery and the events we currently have on offer. If you would like to propose an event in your area, please email

‘Don't let anything hold you back! Commit and focus on what you need to do and take the necessary action! You have all of the Universe behind you helping when you are in line with your truth.’
♥ Lee-Anne

Please share your stories, and journey anytime,

Remember everything within this newsletter is a guide only and should never replace your intuition, medical or legal advice and what feels right within your heart.

Please share this newsletter with whomever you feel may benefit.

Thank you so much for connecting,

In Wholeness & Harmony,

Founder of: Temple of Balance

Sent from Headquarters of Temple of Balance
Wantirna South, Melbourne, Victoria and
Dodges Ferry, Tasmania, Australia

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