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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Lee-Anne's Up-to-date profile!

Lee-Anne Peters

Founder of: Temple of Balance, Temple of Balance Publishing and Reflect Radio

Lee-Anne Peters; Author, Visionary Artist, Motivational Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Marketing Manager, Publisher, Distributor, Modern Shaman and Clairvoyant.

Products Available now:
·         Aligning with the Speed of Light (book)  
·         Temple of Balance the book
·         Healing Energy Cards
·         Grounding Meditation Journey’s CD

Products Coming soon:
·         Temple of Balance Oracle Cards
·         Ascension Mastery Series Part I – I AM Shaman (book)
·         Awakening Affirmations (pocket book)
·         Energetic Tarot – A Return to Balance

Lee-Anne is passionate about helping others learn to love and accept who they are, while following their dreams and passions for life! Many people connect with Lee-Anne for help in moving forward, because they are feeling held back in any area of their life.

‘When Lee-Anne found out I was going through a very dark patch in my life she stopped all she was doing to help me. With her full attention and her heart she gave me a healing right there and then. The loving power of her work was phenomenal and its lasting effects have saved me alot of pain and anguish. I just find Lee-Anne so trustworthy, so giving and full of love that it inspires me to be them same... Thankyou from my heart Lee-Anne, you dont know this but you saved me... literally. I feel stronger and more in control of my life again.’
D. Roberts, QLD

In early 2005 Temple of Balance was founded. It was created as a safe place for people to be themselves and to learn about Self Healing and returning back to Balance. With the philosophy that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, many people naturally gravitated to Temple of Balance’s beautiful grounding and down-to-earth energy. 

Noticing that so many people needed help and that she couldn’t help everyone (because there weren’t enough hours in the day), Lee-Anne created her first two products; Grounding Meditation Journey’s CD and her popular Healing Energy Cards. The Healing Energy Cards continue to amaze Lee-Anne at how wonderful they are in helping people heal. Created as tools to help you self heal on all levels, they sure are just that - containing amazing amounts of healing energy!

‘My friend recently bought some of them and she showed me them and I felt very strongly the energy. She showed me your page on face book and your website and I was very strongly drawn to order them. I have many oracle cards which I use and I love them but I like these cards for their ability to heal. I got the feeling I had something very special in my hands.’ H. Robinson, United Kingdom

During a workshop Lee-Anne facilitated in Sydney later in 2010, she was shown by her guides to stop teaching workshops until she had written and released her first book. So with little persuasion, Lee-Anne got to work and wrote her first book Temple of Balance the book in which Lee-Anne shares about her journey in starting Temple of Balance and offers many tools and tips to help the reader let go and self heal. Before her 1st book was released, Lee-Anne started writing her 2nd book, which was written in 4 weeks and sped into creation. Aligning with the Speed of Light is full of truth, wisdom and guidance during these present times on Earth. With these two books being released, Lee-Anne founded Temple of Balance Publishing, which is growing with publications and shops where the publications are available locally.

After hosting online meditations for a few years online, Lee-Anne was urged to expand and start an Internet Radio network. This is how Reflect Radio was born on the 11th of November 2010. Now featuring 3 hosts – hosting their own shows, Reflect Radio is building momentum and helping people worldwide most days. Lee-Anne hosts Temple of Balance and Meditation Hour every Thursday. And also, Healing Guidance LIVE every other Wednesday and other special featured programs in between. 

Lee-Anne is available to speak at your event, be a special guest at your meditation group or spiritual church / gathering around Australia.

Don’t miss Temple of Balance’s event series of the year coming up in Melbourne from the 5th – 11th November 2011! Enjoying Chakra Activations, lots of healing, meditation, creative therapies, and the special event: Spirit Guide Drawing Workshop! Learn more HERE

Order your spirit guide drawing, come to an event, order a book to read, some cards to play with, subscribe to Lee-Anne’s E-newsletter or read Lee-Anne’s articles at Spirit Magazine, Faery World Magazine, Inspirit Magazine or at Use Nature!

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