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Monday, 30 April 2012

Guidance for the week | 30 April – 6 May 2012!

Guidance for the week 30 April – 6 May 2012!
Every Monday! By Lee-Anne Peters

Let’s look at the week ahead... 
I have selected two Temple of Balance Oracle cards and two Healing Energy Cards (1st edition). 
Let’s look at these closer...

SIAMM | COMPANION – Siamm speaks of friendships and connections with people this week - a great week to get together with friends and to support each other. We are reminded through Siamm to be grateful for those amazing friendships we share with people in our life and how comforting it can be to know that we have a friend to call if we need to. You are LOVED, supported and safe. (Temple of Balance Oracle Cards)

MARIA | ACCEPT – An interesting card that reminds us to LOVE and ACCEPT what is happening in our life. The appearance of this card may suggest that we need to work hard to move into that space of Acceptance this week – sometimes this can be very difficult. I recommend using positive affirmations focused around the situation you are struggling to accept. Some ideas are: I LOVE and Accept who I am. I am willing to change. I see the beauty in this situation. (Temple of Balance Oracle Cards)

21. 3rd EYE OPENING – A great week to open and focus on your 3rd eye chakra, thus increasing connections in meditation, to your spiritual helpers and your mission on Earth. However, another aspect of this card is TRUST, and here we are reminded of the importance of trusting what we feel and sense, and trusting in the flow of life. This week would be fantastic to look further into any trust blocks that may be surfacing for you. This card itself is very helpful and can clear blocks with trust and open your 3rd eye chakra. See if you can gaze at it using your 3rd eye chakra and see what you feel. (Healing Energy Cards)

38. NEW VIBRATION – Will you nurture the New as it grows within you? This may be an idea, dream of passion. This card speaks of the raising of your energy vibrations and the welcoming of new ideas and new energies into your body and life. (Healing Energy Cards)

This week will see the importance of genuine friendships and feeling the support from others, as well as balancing that by being a support to them too. Some issues may come forth this week around trust and acceptance, and you are reminded to do your best to release any blocks you have and step further into your ever-expanding flow. Through the release of trust and acceptance blocks comes a boost to your energy, a great OPENING and raise in your energy vibration. The energy will be high at times, and when it does feel high, ride that wave and flow with all you can to make the most of it. A great time to meditate and deepen your connections as well as consider new things for your life / projects etc.

I trust your week is fantastic as we journey into the 5th month and into a new vibration. Please share how your week is flowing and if you would like to pull a card or two and add it in the comments. Thank you and Namaste

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is the creator & illustrator of Temple of Balance Oracle Cards and Healing Energy Cards – both accurate, highly energetic and sought after card decks for our current times. 

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  1. Thank you Lee-Ann. For those of us on the twin flame path, I have pulled two cards - Attraction -You attract romantic love by enjoying this moment fully. yes indeed, even while we are waiting for our reunion, there is so much happening for all of us, so we must enjoy our days on our own and move with flow of our spiritual path, to grow in love and strength for when we are together and remember what we do for ourselves, is also helping our twin. The second card is Heart to Heart conversations - if we are lucky enough to be in contact with our twin, this may relate to that relationship, but many of us are in seperation mode at this point, so maybe conversations with people in our lives on a day to day basis need to be had, or indeed we can speak to our twin spiritually, on a soul level. Love and Light xx

    1. Wonderful Guidance Goddess... Thank you for sharing :) Lee-Anne