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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Being stung by the past!

Being stung by the past!
By Lee-Anne Peters

Have you been stung by your past?
Have you been feeling stuck, blocked or held back? Maybe you have this unspoken shadow over your mind and emotions that is hard to find words to describe! Perhaps your past wounds are so sensitive that you struggle to think of anything else. During this time of, what I like to call – THE END OF KARMA – these sorts of things are becoming louder. They are becoming louder in an attempt for all Karma to be removed from this planet! Did you know, that there has never been a better and more supportive time than NOW to release this stuff for good?

After my little family went bankrupt early last decade, we didn’t know what we would do, how we would do it and if we would ever be happy or financially okay in the future. There was a massive ‘unknown’ cloud hovering over us. However, as I share in my new book From Lack to Abundance, for me, I pulled myself out of the downward spiral and I turned a challenging situation into an opportunity for massive growth – and growth I did! During this time there was a lot of reflection as I began to see just how deep my wounds went. At times I just didn’t want to go there, however I used that resistance to push me deeper, and I am so glad I had the courage to do so. 

It can be so difficult to see deeper into self. It can bring forth a lot of fear, confrontation and truth. One of the biggest realities is that we see that our hurt and pain from the past – as real as it is for us, is actually illusion holding us back from expansion! Is it possible for you to take one step at a time and explore your deepest darkness? Would you know how to do it or where to start?

How to remove the sting:

There are no rules with the removal of the hurt and pain from the past. So please ALWAYS trust your intuition and what you feel. For me, journal writing has been my saviour - a safe place for me to write down my thoughts, emotions and dream visions. Here I have shed many a tear and a place where I have accessed some truly amazing inspiration. My journal is full of scribbles, letters to people and poetry. I personally find that I can express and journey through this through poetry. I just sit and write what I feel, and the journey shifts something phenomenal.

Other ways you may like to remove the sting are through spending time in nature, exercising or moving your body (this helps shift buried blocks), a healing meditation, asking your spiritual teachers to help you – maybe through your dreams, in meditation or through your daily activities. 

If your sting is deep, then you may like to also consider these tips:
* Be real about how you feel
* Allow yourself to cry
* Are you really ready to remove this? Until you are fully ready and allowing on ALL levels it will not go yet. Some people may be waiting for someone to say sorry or for something external from another that is likely not to ever happen. If you are waiting – you can not remove it.
* Take one step at a time

With all embedded stings aside - YOU can be free, YOU can be happy. If you are stung from the past, and when you are ready – face it, release it and welcome freedom. Sometimes it takes peeling back the layers bit by bit, but it will so be worth it. I have discovered that anything that brings forth resistance or fear is actually going to reveal something AMAZING on the other side! 

It’s a decision YOU and only you can make – do you choose the same as what you have always had? Or do you choose something new and more freeing?

We have all been stung in the past – however I encourage you to step out of that mindset by sharing what you imagine your freedom will feel like. What steps do you intend to take or how will you attempt to free yourself of this? 

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is passionate about helping you LOVE and accept who you are while stepping into your passions in life. Learn more about Lee-Anne at 
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  1. Emotional stingers, the more stubborn ones usually resist being pulled out especially, if the pain resulting from the painful experience of someone saying something very painful to you or have "wronged you" in a very personal and ugly confrontational manner. How you suggest someone releasing pain or anger dealing with people who have said something spiteful in the heat of the moment? Letting go and releasing it sounds all nice and dandy, but is it even attainable if one cannot even make peace with the other person, much less with one's own self?
    I have found out, that in life, people have two versions of themselves, one private face and one public face. The public face will masquerade everything to be all hunky dory, while the private self secretly feels all these nit-picky self-preservation feelings and feel not so "kindly" towards others. And, time and time again, the people I have trusted and have been kind to have paid me with nothing, but downright mean comments that should have been kept to oneself. People have a superiority complex and they only feel that they deserve all of life's abundance and riches for themselves, and don't want others to be happy even if you try to be nice to them and do more for them, than you do for your own self.

  2. Thank you for sharing this article. I have been strugling to escape the sting, but everytime I try I end up further into it. I have realized that I just need to sit back and let the sting set in.. and I need to fully feel it. and then it can begin to heal. Sometimes it gets scary and I can feel panic start to set in, but it's in these times that I close my eyes and remember that there is a path for me, and I am on it... there is sunshine after the rain.