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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The pursuit of Balance – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually!

The pursuit of Balance – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually!
By Lee-Anne Peters 

Balance tends to be a popular ‘desire’ right now. Many of us are easily being pulled into one area more than others, or having fluctuating energy, or experiencing testing relationships and living conditions. For us, we are on a quest for balance – however, there is so much to consider, how do we reach and maintain a sense of balance without being overwhelmed?

A quest for Balance!
I started my conscious balance quest late in 2004. It was high on my focus as I become as aware as possible about what was knocking me off balance and what was holding me in that space of harmony. The energy continued when I founded Temple of Balance in early 2005 and attracted clients from all around the world who were also craving this sense of balance. I have played with many things that work, and many things that didn’t. What I did learn is that while everyone will require different things to get into balance, there are several things that seem to be able to help many on this quest.

Listen to your Intuition | Everyone is intuitive – many in different ways, however it is there for everyone. It is an instinct, just like a wild animal has instincts – we are the same. The problem is that for thousands of years this intuition has been squashed by many institutions, and then usually reinforced at home, so it can feel like you have no instincts! Becoming aware of your subtle energy around you and the gentle force that pushes and pulls you every moment is a great place to start. Your body and emotions will hold the key here too. So I highly recommend listening to your body more and honouring your emotions – it’s okay to feel! Allow your intuition to guide you forward in your life – trust it!

Find out who you are – your truth | One of the greatest questions of all time is ‘who am I?’ This quest has left many with no answer and many with a great new view on life. For me, I feel that discovering who you are and what your truth is, will be essential to help you find balance. I see many people wandering around aimlessly to find themselves, however many search so far away from the source. Where you will find yourself is within, and when you listen to your intuition, your feelings, your thoughts and your body, THIS is when you will find out who you are. This is when you establish your truth. When you know who you are and what you do and don’t want in life, then you become more focused and less scattered – thus balanced!

Let go of self-doubt, fears and what isn’t working in your life | Being real about what is holding you back can be super tricky and very confronting! However it is essential if you wish to have harmony deep within your core. By being willing to let go and to see these things, is the best first step forward. Once you know what you are dealing with (not that you always need to know) then you can do something about it.

Here is a letting go meditation I posted on you tube a few months back – it may get the ball rolling for you: 

Be the spiritual you within everything you do | Balance between your physical and spiritual worlds can be difficult for many, as some don’t like others to see them being spiritual or ‘woohoo.’ If you are hiding anything about yourself in your life, this will cause a rejection within and imbalance immediately. If your spirituality is important to you, then BE this spiritual being that you are in everything you do. This doesn’t mean you need to go around converting everyone to your beliefs, as everyone has a right to believe what they choose. However it does mean that you can glow and be spiritual within in every moment.

Leaving the statistics behind | Many people get caught up in the statistics of not eating certain foods because they can cause cancer. Or not doing things this way because it will hurt your back and so forth. The truth behind many of the statistics is false – I am not saying ALL, just many. Many people who create these statistics are trying to make their brand or product look better. Some examples are the food pyramid we all know and love from school – that was created by the bread / grain companies (so mis information)... a similar thing about the margarine / butter debate – margarine was first created to fatten animals, but the animals wouldn’t touch it. So the margarine company changed the name and marketed it for humans and discredited butter! These are just two classic examples, so my point is – be careful about what you believe from these sorts of things and ALWAYS come back to your body and ask it what feels the best. Sometimes I find it best to ignore these things and always come back to how something sits within my body. If you believed every statistic like this you would likely go crazy!

You are your best truth detector for everything and especially when it comes to balance. There is a lot more information I have regarding balance that I have not even touched on here. If this is an area you would like more info about, please comment or let me know and I will happily share more in the future.

Finding the Balance within...
To help you remain BALANCED physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually do your best not to reject any of those aspects. LOVE each part as it makes up the wholeness of who you are. Pay attention to slight changes to your balance and notice what tipped it and take steps to bring things back into harmony for you. When you are balanced on all of these levels, you have unlimited energy and motivation to do so much! Happy Balancing!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is the founder of Temple of Balance – specialising in creative therapies, letting go, self healing and inspiring your inner strength and freedom. Explore Temple of Balance’s vast free and paid resources at
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