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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Surrendering your Power to the Mind

Surrendering your Power to the Mind
By Lee-Anne Peters

Are you often tired and exhausted?
Do you feel physically drained, tired and exhausted – even after a full night’s sleep? Many people spend so much of their day stuck ‘in’ their mind, with worries, fears, negative or useless thoughts rolling around in there. When this happens the mind needs more energy for its survival and starts drawing on the body’s energy reserves. Next thing you know your mind becomes even more active and your body more exhausted! The great news is that this vicious cycle can be changed so that YOU can restore your personal power into your body and quieten your mind.

I can see and sense auras, and for many years I have seen this issue as one of the biggest effecting people in general – from that auric perspective. With the world becoming more demanding and with more people worrying and living under stress than ever before, it’s no wonder the everyday person is surrendering their power to the mind and often – without even realising it! 

With my latest book (From Lack toAbundance) at the front of my mind, let’s look at this power giving to the mind and how this could possibly affect you living abundantly! What is going on in your mind will absolutely affect how you live! For one, in the book I encourage you to follow your dreams and passions in life. Let’s imagine you are so actively worrying or living in negative thinking that you don’t know WHAT your passions are and you may not even have much energy in your body to find out – as all of your body’s energy is keeping your mind active! So let’s break this down...

The most essential first step is to be AWARE of what you are thinking. This will mean that you will be listening to every thought you have. I suggest not judging what you notice, but observe and notice IF what you are thinking is: 
  1.   In alignment with your truth
  2.   Is nourishing you
When you listen to your thoughts you will then be able to DO something about where you are investing your energy. Yes, it’s time you restore the power into your body, so you can enjoy more motivation, enthusiasm and energy there. By listening to your thoughts you will also get to know who you are on those deeper – and sometime hidden levels. Now what do you do now you have been observing your thoughts (over at least a few weeks)?

Throw those unwanted thoughts out!
This is where you decide WHAT you want to think and let the rest of the useless and unproductive thoughts go. To let the unwanted thoughts go I like to imagine that I grab those thoughts with my hand and throw them out of my mind (that area around your head). I imagine I am throwing a ball as far as I can. If the thought keeps returning, then I continue to throw it out. You WILL need to persevere!

Once you have let the thoughts go, you can start reprogramming your thoughts by replacing negative ones with a positive alternative, or working with simple affirmations that MEAN something to you. 

My mind is a clear crystal!

YOU can get back in charge of your thinking, and YOU can restore your personal power back into your body. When you do this, you will enjoy MORE energy and motivation to explore what your passions are in life, and THIS is how you will begin to live more abundantly and more happily! This is when you will be living your dream! However getting your mind thoughts in check is an essential step in this process.

Do you give your power away to your thoughts? Is it difficult for you to persevere and establish that switch in focus from your mind to your body? Are you feeling content with your mind energy right now and if so what has helped you reach this peace of mind?

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne is currently launching her third and best book yet: From Lack to Abundance! This little book is FULL of abundance and manifestation tips that are extremely practical and doable! Pre-order your copy online today at
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