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Saturday, 7 April 2012



FOCUS: Great cleansing, clearing, cleaning, letting go, burning the bridges.

Welcome the new by clearing out the old first.

Create the new vibration together...

Twin Flames - Lee-Anne & Cory are preparing to focus on a Great Cleansing for themselves as individuals, a couple, humanity and the world.

Before the NEW - that so many speak of can enter - the OLD must be cleared away first. THIS is the focus for Lee-Anne & Cory for the next 12+ hrs and they would LOVE you to join in a similar intention if you feel the urge.

Whether you hold an intention for 5 mins or for the next few hours, it doesn't matter, it is the intention to be pro-active that they are interested in right now as the OLD energies must GO as the NEW energies are wanting so eagerly to BE...

What can you do?
* Trust what you feel motivated to do or create
* Hold intention to join in for the FREE Healing List
* Meditate, prayer, call in your healing energies, spiritual teachers etc to help
* Light incense, smudge stick, candle
* Use crystals, Healing Energy Cards, healing tools, Sound, drums etc
* Visit nature and hold the intention to cleanse, purify and remove limited / controlling energy
* Be you!!

Join our facebook event HERE

There is nothing you can do wrong, please hold the intention to join if you want to, spread the word... It's time we ALL become pro-active as best as we can to CHANGE THIS WORLD before it is too late!!

Many are feeling the critical-ness of NOW... Let's not wait until tomorrow or next week... Let's DO THIS NOW!!

Thank you

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