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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Temple of Balance Interview by Caithe Cameron

Temple of Balance Interview by Caithe Cameron
Monday 2nd April 2012

Lee-Anne & Caithe
Melbourne 2011

Temple of Balance the book - learn all about Temple of Balance,
self-healing, spiritual teachers and so much more...
Temple of Balance has an extensive range of published items, what do they include?
We began self publishing back in 2007 with a Meditation CD and the following year we released our first edition ‘Healing Energy Cards’ – having 500 printed I wasn’t sure if we would ever sell all of them, however right now we are 2 packs short of selling out! In 2011 we evolved into books with the release of ‘Temple of Balance the book’ and ‘Aligning with the Speed of Light’ that year. By November 2011 we released our first professional deck of cards: ‘Temple of Balance Oracle Cards’ which are being used by professional readers worldwide.

How is the motto of Temple of Balance reflected in creating tools for empowerment?
Our motto: Specialising in letting go, creative therapies, self healing and inspiring your inner strength and freedom – reflects into everything we do and are. Whether it is through our publications, events, services or artwork we are passionate about helping our clients let go of what’s holding them back so they can grow and stretch into new areas of their life. Our creative therapies (healing art, art therapy, aura drawing etc) are a signature of Temple of Balance. There is this incredible ability to tap into unexpressed emotions, raw creativity and to acknowledge who we are as the Master Creators of our life – when we get creative! Self-healing is a concept we have been promoting since day 1! We are determined not to allow anyone to hand over their power to us, but we help remind them of their own personal strengths and to use them in their life. We have found that through letting go, connecting with the creator within, self-healing and increased personal power that FREEDOM flows forth – and it’s that freedom that drives us into our life’s purpose and passions in life!

What issues do you feel people are primarily dealing with in today's world? How does your work help them address these issues?
Some of the issues we see primarily during this time are people struggling financially, having trouble aligning themselves with their life’s purpose or a lack of balance in their life. In this world of a seemingly struggling economy and people finding it hard to hold a job, it’s no wonder so many people have lost hope. Many dream of winning lotto or finding a million dollars, however these fantasies rarely materialise. At Temple of Balance we help others ALIGN with their life’s purpose, and when you align with this purpose in life, Abundance flows easily forth and your wildest dreams manifest into reality.

Join Lee-Anne and other fantastic hosts at Reflect Radio
If someone were to ask: "Lee-Anne, where do I start?"; What would your recommendation be?
I always like to present a few options for people, as I understand everyone responds to different methods of learning and is at a unique level of understanding. For free resources, I always highly recommend Reflect Radio – which is full of amazing archived and live programs. There’s also my You Tube channel – full of meditations, guidance and information, and my daily blogging! The next recommendations will be the books and card decks as these feature a lot of my teachings rolled into one place – some find this method very helpful. Others prefer more one on one time focused on their concerns – for this I recommend a mentoring session over the phone or to attend one of our popular local events. As I have said many times in recent months – there has never been a better time for people to self-heal and follow their life’s purpose for their are resources everywhere!

What's does the future hold for Temple of Balance Publishing?
Temple of Balance and all of who we are, including the publishing side is evolving into a spiritual empire. We see many being empowered, appreciated and renewed through our work – which reminds them of who they are and what their passions are in life! We envision a self-sufficient healing temple and retreat in nature for guests to come and be held in a space of pure love and high vibration. More unique publications are in the works, world tours are in the pipeline too… really - the possibilities really are endless as we expand further.

Contact details:
Temple of Balance Australia – Lee-Anne Peters -

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Caithe Cameron from Celticai Studio for conducting this interview today –


  1. It was such a pleasure to interview you, Lee-Anne. Finding out more about the wonderful resources that you have on offer at Temple of Balance was so informative and FUN! <3

  2. Good golly, Ms. Molly ~ er, I mean Ms. Lee-Anne, and Ms. Caithe! I see I'm going to really start hustling if I want to catch up/keep up with all the wonderful info you have everywhere(not just the radio show). You Reflect Radio ladies really keep me on my toes in the greatest of ways. Thanks for doing this interview, for sharing your beautiful gifts, and for giving so much of yourselves all the time. I'm ever so grateful to know you both, and the wonderful Ms. Shelli ~ Abundant returns from the universe to all of you for your wonderful efforts. Namaste'