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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Goodbye Wheel of Karma!!

Goodbye Wheel of Karma!!
By Lee-Anne Peters

It wasn’t too long ago (years wise) that we (as individuals) were kind of ‘trapped’ on the wheel of karma. This wheel of karma would have things occur in patterns – we would find ourselves in similar situations, with similar people and going through those same things again and again. Wondering if there was any relief at all – our request for this was recently granted. 

The wheel of karma!

As little as 15years ago we have had MORE opportunities than ever (and it becomes easier every day) to free ourselves from karmic ties / chains. This is a huge relief for many of us, especially if we are ‘in the know’ because it means for the first time in a VERY long time we can productively heal ourselves, let stuff go that has been holding us back for eons, and finally enter into the Spiral of Grace!

Approximately 5 years ago I was told clearly that karma has ended and that there was no new karma being created! When I voiced this, there were many who got very defensive, so I learned to keep that sort of truth to myself unless someone asked. What I do know is that we now have the power of choice – we CHOOSE if we continue to suffer through the wheel of karma or IF we want to free ourselves from that ‘cause / effect.’ The CHOICE is ours!

I see that we are still clearing residual old hurt and pain, however it is the NEW karma that we are NOT creating – unless we believe we are! Letting go of the old stuff can be very challenging, I wouldn’t be the first person to tell you this, and I am sure you know this for yourself anyway – however it does become so much easier. 

From my understanding and experience I see that our soul wants us to be free and expand, so it continues to present situations, scenarios and people into our lives who reflect our deepest darkness. The more we ignore and resort to the same reactions or denial, the louder this opportunity will become (many wont see it as an opportunity - but more a challenge).

The BALANCE of nature!

Look at nature – it is a perfect example of BALANCE! With man’s influence aside, if there is too much of something, then nature creates something to balance that and reintroduce harmony. It is the same with the desire from your soul – on those higher levels the greater / larger part of you wants to be BALANCED and in harmony with itself. Are you in harmony with you?

It’s time to look at your beliefs and let any limiting ones go – they will likely hold you in this wheel of karma! It’s time to let go (I mean deeply let go) of your hurt and pain – thus lightening your energy vibration! It’s time to CHOOSE your freedom as you EXPAND from the wheel of karma and exist in the ever-expanding SPIRAL OF GRACE!

Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne has been working on herself and others for many years helping free their old hurt and pain. A passionate woman who loves to inspire others to self-heal and recognise their greatness, Lee-Anne can help you one on one (over the phone) with your letting go needs – if you need an extra boost of support or assistance. Learn more about the Intuitive Energy Healing at
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